Birthday Present Pt. 02


Her Side

I ran my fingers into Victoria’s beautiful blonde hair and pulled her glossy lips against my labia, pushing up to meet her soft tongue as she probed my wet slit. She knelt beside the sofa, her face buried in my nest, her blonde hair spilling across my stomach, her silky blouse tight against her breasts, her jeans outlining the curve of her luscious buttocks, one knee in the air with the toe of her high heels dug into the carpet, the other knee on the floor, her foot pointed back with sole upward, heel pointing towards the ceiling. I couldn’t see her crotch, but could guess what was going on inside those black panties. I could see and feel the wonderful lesbian kiss on my mound and, at the same time, had the knowledge that this was my wonderful husband performing this service to me.

I glanced up at the scene on the television, three beautiful women making love while two of them were tied almost impossibly together and hanging from a bar in the doorway. Just as they started climaxing, I climaxed, the strong current rushing through my head, exploding into a gushing waterfall as it hit the top, and running, like warm water, back down across my mind and out to cleanse my body of all tension and strength. I collapsed back onto the sofa as Victoria lovingly lapped up my love juices with her beautiful tongue.

I guided her face to mine and deeply kissed her, our lipsticked lips engaging each other, tongues intertwining. I could taste my own juices in her kiss and felt an immediate desire to taste her love potion. Having her stand, I knelt in front of her and unzipped her jeans, rolling them down off of her hips, exposing the lovely black silk panties. Her penis was extended above the top of the panties and I pulled the silky things down below her full testicles and took her into my mouth. I could smell her perfume and feel the smoothness of her shaved stomach. I ran my hand under the garter straps and cupped her hips in my hands. I lowered and lifted my head, sliding up and down on her turgid penis, licking her with my tongue as I sucked on her. She grabbed my head and steadied herself as she almost lost her balance on her heels.

I held her tightly to steady her and let the middle finger of my right hand slide into her crack and brush her rose bud. I felt her respond to the stroke and slightly push back onto my finger, her head laid back on her neck, her mouth open, gasping for air. I stroked deeper with my mouth, taking her into my throat while I pushed deeper into her anus with my finger, finding her prostate and massaging it. I felt her start to tremble and then her legs tense as she erupted into my mouth. I moved back a little and sucked and drank her love lotion, relishing the slightly salty taste and holding some in my mouth as I drained her to softness.

Pulling her down, I gently but deeply kissed her lovely mouth, sharing her own juices with her. Her eyes opened and she looked at me as I pushed it into her mouth, but she accepted it and swallowed as I tongued her mouth. I pulled her down onto the carpet and we lay side by side, her laying in the crook of my arm as I stroked her nipples through her silky blouse. I would have never dreamed that my Vic could be so sexy and tender and feminine and such a wonderful lover. I was enjoying being the leader in our love making and in stretching Victoria in the area of imagination and feelings. She had only resisted slightly and had taken to the domination and discipline with unexpected acceptance. I could see that Vic was enjoying the abundance of new sensuality as much as I and wondered what kind of things that we could do to extend this pleasure without getting out of control. I did not want to fall into some kind of routine with this play acting because I was sure it would get boring if we did. Nor did I want to get into any kind of abasement of either of us.

“Victoria, what kind of things would you like to do to continue this role playing, if you want to?” I asked him.

“I was lying here thinking along the same lines.” he said. “From some of the e-mails we have gotten, it seems that a lot of guys get a rush dressing in public and shopping for clothes. I know that I’ve been terrified the times that we were out, but there was a dangerous thrill at the same time.”

“I was thinking along the same lines, dear. I love the sex, but I think there is more than that to explore the kinkiness of cross dressing. Why don’t we plan a shopping trip, maybe on the other side of town.”

Victoria grinned, her lipstick smeared and her hair mussed up.

“I can’t believe I am agreeing to do this. I must be out of my mind. But I feel that you’ve started me on a trip that is going to be hard to return from. I hope you like female companionship, because it is hard to be masculine wearing all this.”

He nuzzled closer into my arms and gently kissed me, a very feminine and tasty kiss.

Chapter Nine

As we finished our coffee and pastries, Donna said that she was going to get cleaned up and ready for sikiş porno a shopping trip. She suggested that I fix my makeup and add a little fresh perfume. She went into the other bathroom to shower and I went into the one off of our bedroom. I took a tissue and wiped the smeared lipstick off and then, picking up the tube, reapplied it, carefully outlining my beautiful lips and then filling in the rest. Then I realized what I was thinking. I wondered when I had started thinking of my lips as beautiful. Before Donna had started putting lip gloss on them, I had never even noticed them in the sense of describing them. Now, all of a sudden, I’m thinking of them as beautiful.

I slowly ran my pink tongue over my lips as I partially open my mouth. I shook my head and let the blonde hair fall naturally back into place. Unbuttoning my blouse and couple of buttons, I sprayed some of Donna’s perfume into the cleft of the black, lacy bra and watched, transfixed, as it evaporated in the cleft of my breasts. The rich scent drifting up to my nose, I deeply inhaled its fragrance. I straightened up and reached into my blouse, slipping my hand into my bra and pinching my own nipple. I felt a flush come over my body and my dick start to get hard again. It pulsed with the rush of blood into it and I adjusted myself with my other hand.

Suddenly, I realized what I was doing. I was making love to the woman in the mirror, but, at the same time, I was that woman. I stopped caressing myself and buttoned up my blouse. “My blouse” I thought, “my lips, my breasts, my bra, my panties, my garter, my nylons, my high heels.” What had I done? Where had I gone? Who was this woman staring at me seductively from the mirror?

I was falling in love with Victoria, but where was Victor? As Victoria became more and more real, Victor seemed to be fading away. This can’t be happening. I am Victor. I have a wife, Donna. I have a career. I play handball. I’m athletic. I’m not a woman. I put my hand on my now softening dick. Not even close to being a woman.

I love good sex, but I realized that I had let a sex game get out of hand. I took off the wig, then the blouse, laying them on the counter. Bending over with difficulty, I unfastened and slid the high heels off of my feet and set them on the counter. Unzipping the jeans, I wiggled my hips until I could get them below my butt and peeled them off of my legs. I stood back up and looked at myself. Full makeup and black, lacy bra, black garter belt and hose, and black silky panties. I wavered slightly in my determination. Steeling myself, I slid the bra down and turned it so that I could unfasten it and laid it with the other clothing. I slid the panties off and tossed them onto the pile. I reached down and unhooked each of the tabs on the garter, releasing the black, shimmering hose. Reaching behind me, I unhooked and removed the garter and laid it reluctantly on the counter. Sitting on the stool, I slowly slid the delicate hose off of my smooth legs and added them to the pile.

I looked at myself in the mirror, completely naked and hairless but with perfume reeking from my chest and full makeup on my face.

“Goodbye, Miss Vickie. It was fun while it lasted but I’ve got to have myself back.” I turned and stepped into the shower, turned on and adjusted the water, reached up and grabbed the cold cream and, opening it, started to clean off my face. As the water rinsed off the last of the makeup and I soaped and washed off the perfume, that famous line from the horror movie ran across my mind.

“I’m back!” I said, in my best Freddie voice and grinned as I finished my shower. Going into the bedroom, I pulled a pair of BVD’s from the drawer, and my jeans and tee shirt and a pair of white crew socks. I quickly got dressed and pulled on my tennis shoes. Looking into the mirror, I thought that I didn’t look too bad for all the wear and tear I had gone through in the last few days. I grinned and thought that it didn’t take near as long for a guy to get dressed as it does for a woman.

Her Side

I finished my shower and makeup, got dressed and went to the den where Victoria was watching TV. I stopped short when I saw Vic sitting on the sofa in jeans and tee shirt. I shouldn’t have thought a thing of it but I was looking forward to buying clothes for Victoria and making a game of it. I figured I could keep him aroused all day by teasing him and occasionally embarrassing him in a store.

I started to voice my disappointment and quickly thought better of it. He must be having a male/female crisis and I did not want to set him in defense of his manhood. I love him in either persona, but it has been very stimulating to feminize him.

“I see you decided to be Vic today, honey. Are you still going to go shopping with me?” I smiled, hoping he would not back out.

“Sure I’ll go with you. I just got to feeling really funny about going out dressed as a woman. I mean when we are here having sex it is one thing, but running şişman porno around town like I’m some kind of female impersonator is not my idea of a smart thing to do. I’ve got customers and friends all over town and I can’t afford to lose either one. Let’s just keep our little game between ourselves, ok honey?” and he stood up to go.

“That’s fine, Vic. I just thought you might get a kick out of shopping in femme. But we can still have fun.” I took his hand, with his pink nails, and started for the door. I find myself making little plans all the time, and one was starting to form in my mind for today. We’ll see, I thought to myself, as I got into the passenger seat of the car.

We walked into the front entrance of the new mall across town and Vic spotted a sporting goods store right away. Drawing me into the store, he soon had purchased a new handball glove. As we left the store, I spotted a Victoria’s Secret store and drew Vic to the window. there was a mannequin with a beautiful peach colored bra, panty, and garter and hose set. I saw Vic do a double take.

“That is a gorgeous underwear set, isn’t it.”

Vic agreed as his eyes traveled over the ensemble, taking in the lace and delicate feminine design. I could see that it had more than taken his attention and I wondered what he was thinking. His face seem to be slightly flushed and, as he turned to go, I stopped him.

“Come on, baby. Let’s at least go in and see how much it is. I can tell you like it.” I took his hand and pulled him into the frilly store. A beautiful sales girl approached us to help.

“Where is the peach set that is in the window?” I asked her.

She smiled and said that she thought that was a beautiful set as she led us to the display. Vic reached out and picked up the lacy bra. I saw the girl look twice at his manicured pink nails and wondered what she was thinking.

“I love it,” I said. “Vic, do you want to see it on?”

“I’m sorry, but store policy is that you can’t try on these undergarments” the pretty girl said, in apology.

“Oh, we are going to take them, for sure. We’ll bring all the tags out to ring them up” I assured her.

“Oh, ok. In that case, let me help you find your sizes. The dressing room is right over there” pointing.

“I can get them, but thanks” I said, and indicating a lady who was looking like she wanted some help, “I think she needs some help.”

She left to assist the lady and I quickly gathered up the ensemble in sizes that I knew would fit Victoria, but didn’t let him know what I was doing.

“Come on Vic, let’s see how this looks.”

“I know you’ll be beautiful in them. Why don’t you go on and I’ll wait in the mall.”

“Come on,” I said, taking his hand. “I really want your opinion.”

Reluctantly, he accompanied me into the tiny dressing room, shutting the door and sliding the latch behind us.

I tuned to face him and sexily snuggled up against him.

“Isn’t this cozy,” I said as I ran my hand across his crotch.

“Mm, very” he responded and pushed his penis against my hand.

I rubbed my hand up and down on his penis and gave him a sexy french kiss. I felt him start to harden. Running my hands up his chest, I pinched his nipples, hard.

“Ouch!” he said “Not so hard.”

He pulled me into his embrace and kissed me deeply, running his hand down to my hips and pulling me into him.

I gently broke away from his embrace.

“Whoa, big boy, let’s try this outfit before we loose control here” I teased as I grabbed his tee shirt and started pulling it up from the bottom.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he started to stop me.

“You can’t try this bra on with your tee shirt on, dear. Raise your arms.”

He blushed as he realized what I intended to do. Reluctantly, he raise his arms and I slid the tee shirt off over his head. Tossing it on the bench, I picked up the beautiful peach lacy bra and removed the tags.

“Hold your arms out.”

As he complied, I slid the straps over his arms and slid the bra up to his breasts, turning him around so that I could fasten the delicate item. Turning him back around, I pushed his breasts up into the cups, filling them out and creating cleavage. I slipped to the side so that he could see himself in the mirror. I saw his eyes slightly glaze over as he drank in the beauty of the bra. I knew that Victoria was back and that I had her for the rest of the day. Our shopping trip was going to be fun after all.

Chapter Ten

I could feel the blood rushing to my face and to my dick as I looked lovingly at the beautiful peach bra that I stood there modeling. I felt my back straighten and my chest stick out as I captured the image in my mind. Despite my resolve earlier, here I was, back in a woman’s garment and having all kinds of conflicting feelings surge through me. I desperately wanted the rest of the garments. I wanted to feel them caressing my body, the silk on my privates, snugging swinger porno against my penis and balls, the nylons tugging at the garter straps with every step, massaging my shaven legs, shaping my calves.

Without Donna even asking me to, I bent over and pulled off my tennis shoes. I stood and unfastened the jeans and slid them off of my smooth legs. I removed the socks and BVD’s and picked up the package of peach nylons and removed them gently from the packaging. Donna watched, a slight smile on her lips, as I rolled first one, and then the other, and worked them luxuriously up my smooth legs, smoothing them over my thighs. I took the tag off of the lacy peach garter and hooked it in front of me, then twisted it around so that the hook was in the rear. I put my hose covered leg up on the bench and leaning to the side, hooked the garter to the nylon tops, adjusting the lovely straps to the correct length, and repeating the process on the other leg.

I picked up the dainty, lacy panties and removed the tag. As I slid them slowly up my smooth legs, I enjoyed the satiny feel of the panties brushing my nylon encased legs and the feel of the satin on my penis and balls and buns as I adjusted them into place. I turned and looked in the mirror at the beautiful ensemble, and although I did not have my wig or make up, I saw the beautiful woman that I was becoming looking back at me. My hand went to my now turgid penis and stroked it lovingly as I pushed against my hand with my crotch.

The sound of the sales girls talking interrupted my reverie and I slowly came to my senses. I took Donna in my arms and kissed her.

“I love it, Miss Donna!” I exclaimed.

“I love it, too, Miss Vickie” she replied. “Consider it just another little part of your birthday present.”

I started to reach behind me to unfasten the bra. She stopped me.

“Leave it on and put your clothes on over it. I get creamy just thinking about what you are wearing underneath.”

I pulled my shirt over my head and settled it into place. You could definitely see the outline of my breasts under the shirt. Pulling up the jeans and fastening them, I reach for my socks.

“You don’t need them” Donna said and put my socks and underwear in her purse.

I slipped into my tennis shoes, which felt funny and loose with only the nylons on. Donna gathered up the tags and opened the door. We walked up to the counter to pay. Another clerk was working the register and looked at the tags as Donna handed them to her.

“Oh, I see you decided to wear them,” she smiled as she looked at Donna. “Would you like a bag for your old undies?”

“Yes, please” Donna replied, and when handed the bag, took my shorts and socks out of her purse and put them in the bag, along with the tags.

The clerk’s eyes widened as she saw the BVD’s and crew socks. She stole a glance at me and instantly saw the bra under my shirt. Keeping her cool, she finished ringing up the garments and handed Donna the receipt.

“That ensemble is quite beautiful and I hope you really enjoy it” she smiled, as she looked me right in the eyes.

I blushed and tried to think of something to say.

Donna saved me, I think, by smiling back and answering.

“I know she will. And I will, too” as we turned and walked out of the store.

Strolling hand in hand down the mall, Donna steered me gently in a shoe store and picking up a tan pair of five inch heels with ankle straps, she asked a clerk for a pair in my size. The clerk looked a little puzzled as she looked at Donna’s feet, but brought the heels out. Seating me, Donna asked her to make sure they fit me properly.

The girl looked at me and noticed the bra outline under my shirt. She untied my tennis shoes and as she slipped them off, she saw the nylons on my feet. Slipping the heels onto my feet, she fastened the straps and stood and held out her hands to assist me to my feet, a slight smile on her pretty lips. I think that she was waiting to see me fall off of the heels.

I stood to my feet and daintily walked across the store and back, swinging my hips as Jenny had taught me. The heels clicked on the hardwood floor. I caught my image in the mirror. Once again, the heels had pushed my calves up and my hips also, so that even in the man’s jeans that I wore, you could see the feminine figure.

Donna clasped her hands together and exclaimed.

“Those are gorgeous! We’ll just wear them out of the store” and began putting my shoes in the box.

The girl rang up the shoes and we paid and walked out of the store.

I immediately started getting stares as I clicked down the mall floor in the heels.

I stopped and turned to Donna.

“Donna, if we are going to do this, we’ve got to get a wig and I’ve got to get back into make up. I can’t stand all of the weird looks that I’m getting dressed in clothing of both genders.”

She smiled and pointed two stores up at the display of wigs. We walked in and a man walked up to us. I was terrified to confront a man dressed as I was.

I needn’t have worried. He flipped his wrist at me, stopping his hand when his finger was pointed at my head.

“Let me guess. Mm… a blonde?” he asked, in an affected manner, arching his shaped eyebrows in question.

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