Best Friends Ch. 07


Please remember that this story is completely true. Oh, and those wondering why it’s been so long, I’ve been a bit swamped. Sorry for the wait. My next chapter should be a bit longer than this.


Yeah. Right. I wasn’t too sure about that look, but I didn’t have time to wonder. I drove over to John’s house, pulled into the driveway, and got out of my truck. I was going to end this fucker’s life, or atleast put him in the hospital if he tried anything on me. No one is allowed to hit any woman in my life. I was pissed enough as it was, and I wasn’t going to hesitate if he tried to attack me.

I knocked on the door a few times, and after no answer, I kicked it down. John was on the couch, and immediately got up. He was doing coke. This guy is really fucked up.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He yelled at me as if he didn’t know.

“I’m here to get Allie’s stuff.”

“What the fuck? Why did that bitch send you here to get her stuff?”

“She didn’t send me here. I came here on my own, for one. For two, you’d better not call my sister a bitch again.”

“And what are you going to do about it? Look, kid, I’m older than you, I mardin escort own a gun, and I’m also stronger than you. That bitch’s shit is staying right where it is.” And he threw the first punch. You know how rage gives you super strength? Well, I was fired up as it is, and he just called my sister a bitch. Twice.

I caught his fist in my hand with almost no effort. He started to get that ‘I’m fucked’ look in his eyes, but he continued his assult. After dodging all of his punches and kicks, I pulled out my blade from my side and held it to his throat. I wasn’t too pleased with his attitude. And I definitely didn’t have time to mess around with him.

“Now, you have two options. Option A is you either get up and walk out that door and don’t come back until tomorrow.”

“And option B?”

“I make you.”

Now, I admit, I got those lines from The Rundown, but I still used them. They came in handy a lot. He slowly got up and walked out of the house, got in his car, and drove off. I packed as much of Allie’s stuff as I could into my truck and left. I’d get the rest later.

When I got home Allie was at the front door. She smiled and ran over nevşehir escort to hug me. Her breasts pushed up against my chest and she kissed me hard on the cheek, then on my lips.

“I got as much stuff as I could. John won’t bother you anymore. He knows what’ll happen if he does.” I said, hugging her tightly.

“Thanks Michael. I love you.” She said, then hugged me back, nuzzling her head into my chest. I gently rubbed her back and said “Well I’d better get you inside and cook you and Erin some dinner.”

She didn’t have time to say anything. I picked her up in my arms and carried her inside. Erin was still on the couch. She was probably really sleeping this time. I cooked dinner, and Erin got up to eat something and then went to her room and slept. Allie also went to bed. They both had a long day.

I washed the dishes and went to bed myself. The cabin had 4 bedrooms, so we all had our own room. Sometime around Midnight I woke up to hear the doorknob squeak. It always had that squeak. The door opened slowly and I saw a figure at the door.

“Michael?” It was Erin. I only lifted the covers and she closed the door and walked niğde escort over to get in. She got into the spooning position and gently nestled her head on my arm. She was asleep quick.

A few minutes after she got in bed, the doorknob squeaked again. It was Allie this time. “Michael? You awake?” She said quietly

“Yeah. Erin is in here with me but c’mon in.” I said, just as quiet.

She closed the door and got in on the same side Erin was on. Erin woke up just enough to register Allie was there, so she lifted her arm and the covers to let her in. You can imagine how I felt. Three people, all spooning. One of them I’m in love with, the other my sister.

I put my arm around both of them. Allie took my hand and put it against her face. At the same time Erin took my other hand and slowly put it down her panties, and started to fuck my fingers! This was insane.

Let me try to explain what I was saying to myself in my head.. ‘My Cock is between Erin’s ass cheeks, and she is slowly riding my hand, which is down her panties, while Erin is spooning my sister, which had my other hand on her face, which she is putting it down to her breast and my hand automatically is starting to squeeze them. Wait, what?’


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