Bar Story


We meet outside a theatre in Covent Garden. We see each other approaching and smile at each other. I go to say hello and kiss you on the cheek, but you immediately kiss me full on the mouth. We kiss for a minute or so, but it’s very public and people are watching. We hold hands and walk around the corner into a quiet street. There is a dark doorway that we can stand in. I push you against the wall and we start kissing again. We kiss hard and deep.

I can feel your tongue pushing against mine. I softly bite your bottom lip. Your hands run down my back and pull me against you. I’m already hard, and I love feeling your body pressing on me. I hold the back of your head as we kiss even deeper.

We keep kissing for what seems like hours, but only a few minutes have passed. I look at you and suggest that we go for a drink. I take your hand and we walk into Soho. We find a quiet cellar bar and go down the steps. At the bottom of the steps we kiss again before going in. It’s quite dark inside, and we go to a table at the back in the corner. We can see the whole place, but it feels private and intimate.

We order some drinks and as soon as the waiter has left I tell you that I think you are beautiful. You smile and look away. I see that you keep smiling and that you’re breathing Gaziantep Escort Reklamları heavily. When we have our drinks, we talk for a while. We talk about our jobs, where we live and our friends, but we find it hard to concentrate on what we’re saying. We order another drink.

The bar is quiet, and there are only a few people sitting on the other side of the bar. Most are couples, so they’re too distracted by each other to notice us. I move around on the bench to sit closer to you. I kiss you on the cheek and put my arm around your waist.

We talk some more, but it’s obvious we’re both distracted. We’re sitting very close to each other, and I can feel your breath against my cheek when you talk. We decide to order one more drink. Once the drinks arrive, I move my arm further around your waist so that my hand is resting on your thigh. Because of where we are sitting, the table hides us, so no one can see as I slowly slip my hand under the waistband of your skirt.

You don’t stop me, and you keep talking as if nothing has happened. I notice that your breathing gets heavier. I keep slowly moving my hand down until I find the waistband of your panties. I lift the waistband with my fingers, and slide my hand down between your legs. I whisper into your ear for you to open your legs, and I immediately feel your thighs part. I push my hand down between your legs until my fingers rest over your pussy. I can feel how hot you are. With my middle finger I push until you part and I can feel your wetness. You gasp loudly, and one of the couples at a far table glance around. You laugh as if I had made a joke, and you rest your head on my shoulder. The couple go back to their drinks, so I push another finger against you.

I slowly slide the tips of my fore and middle finger inside you. Your breath is so heavy now that your breasts are heaving. I can see how hard your nipples are through your blouse. I slowly move my fingers in and out of you. With my thumb, I find your hard clitoris and slowly circle around it. You are so wet now that I can feel your juices running down my wrist.

You try to say something, but you choke on the words and gasp again. I say, “Don’t talk. Just stay there and let me make you cum”. You start to tremble, and I feel your pussy tighten slightly on my fingers. Your breathing gets faster, and you gently kiss, and then bite my neck. I tell you to stay still and let me fuck you with my hand. I tell you that I won’t stop until you cum for me.

I can feel your body tensing as I start to move my fingers faster in and out of your pussy. Your legs start to tremble as you get close to orgasm. Your breaths are now short and sharp, and you are letting out little moans as you bite on my neck. You suddenly tense and I know you’re about to cum. You hold your breath for a moment and I can see you close your eyes and bite your bottom lip. You slide down in your seat and push yourself against my hand. You start to gasp. Still no one seems to have noticed, but when a low moan starts in your throat I kiss you hard to muffle the sound. Your tongue pushes hard into my mouth and your hand goes down to meet mine through the fabric of your skirt. You shudder once, then seem to melt before you tremble and shudder again. You moan into my mouth and bite on my lips. I feel juice pouring out of you and flowing down my hand. I move my fingers around inside you and you gasp before kissing me harder and deeper than ever.

I slowly pull my fingers out of you and slide them up against your pussy and over your clitoris. You shudder again before falling against me and burying your face in my neck.

We sit like that for several minutes before you look up at me and smile. You are still breathing hard, and you finish your drink in a few gulps. We get the bill, and as soon as I’ve paid I take your hand and lead you outside. The air is cool and fresh. You hail a taxi and tell me that we’re going back to our place.

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