Azri’s New Patient Pt. 02

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For Women

Azri ascended the stairs to the high wooden dock that served as a back porch for the large three-level craft. The structure was out of sight from most of the docking yard, but afforded a panoramic view of the sea of trees to the northwest. Azri admired it on her way up. As she approached the back door, Mayra emerged, clad in flannel moose-patterned pajamas with her dusky blue hair up in a lazy bun. Mayra was the docking yard owner, a tall, lean andyne woman with iridescent green peacock-like wings, pale freckled skin, and piercing amber eyes. Azri had only seen Mayra fully made-up and dressed in her usual flowing backless sundresses, but this morning she had dark circles under her eyes, and she was clearly a little hungover.

Azri, in comparison, was amphibious with light blue-green skin, shoulder-length curly dark green hair, and sleepy metallic silver eyes. She wore a long white cardigan, which almost looked like a doctor’s coat, over a tie-dyed t-shirt and a denim skirt. She was short, barely reaching up to Mayra’s chest, and looked tiny next to her.

“Miss Mayra Eneko! Hi! Is Pia out?”

Mayra seemed surprised to see Azri for a moment, but recovered quickly. “Doctor Azri The Destroyer – good morning to you too. If Cassie’s not here she’s probably at the scrap yard.”

“She prefers to be called Pia,” said Azri matter-of-factly, pulling out her planner but not opening it. “We had an appointment for 7:30 this morning.”

“That’s why you’re here at 7:42 in the morning?” yawned Mayra. “On my back deck and not at my front door?” Azri felt a little jolt of annoyance from Mayra; she hadn’t had much contact with Mayra, but she could somehow sense a feeling of urgency alongside a growing headache.

“That’s a really exact number,” said Azri.

“I have a digital clock inside, just over my doorway,” groaned Mayra. “Is that all you needed? I have a bit of a morning ritual to get on with.”

“Ritual?” Azri looked Mayra up and down; her pajamas were wrinkled, her hair was messy, and she looked like she’d just rolled out of bed. “Like what? Running? You don’t strike me as the type of person who does runs in the morning.”

“Kind of like running, I guess,” tittered Mayra nervously. The low physical hum of urgency Azri felt from her intensified. “Now if you don’t mind, Dr. The Destroyer, I just polished off a bottle of dagger root infusion last night and I can’t hold it in much longer.”

“Last night? What was the occasion?”

“Today is the last day of my vacation,” said Mayra. She paused suddenly and strode to the waist-high railing, holding her left wing to the side to block herself from Azri’s view, and pushed her hips forward. A torrent of bright gold liquid erupted over the small clearing behind the dock. Azri contentedly looked out over the wide landscape, resisting the urge to comment on how yellow Mayra’s urine was.

“I’m sorry you had to see this, doctor,” sighed Mayra, still going strong after a full minute.

“Think naught of it, my dear lady,” said Azri. “I see everything in my line of work – though I would niğde escort advise you to drink some water after this.”

Mayra laughed and lowered her wing a little to look at Azri. “The last person who walked in on my morning ritual ran away and never came back.”

“I was here before you started evacuating your bladder,” Azri pointed out.

Mayra gave Azri a curious look over her wing. “I started my morning ritual before I got out here.”

“Oh,” laughed Azri, stretching and putting her planner back into her hip bag. “So I did walk in on you.”

Mayra finished soon after, letting herself drip in the wind for a few moments before adjusting her clothes and relaxing her wing.

“Phew, I’ll bet you feel better. I don’t know how you can hold that much.”

“Lots of practice,” Mayra giggled nervously. “Would you…” she hesitated. “Would you like some breakfast? I’ve had so much of your kelp curry that I’d like to pay you back somehow.”

“You don’t have to,” said Azri. “But I *am* a sucker for traditional andyne food.”

Mayra led Azri into the aircraft. She had a wide set of French doors that made it so she didn’t need to fold her wings on the way in. Mayra’s craft was a three-level metal-shelled hovering airship, an andyne vessel shaped a lot like Pia’s air skiff. It was larger and much fancier though, at about 25 meters long with the top level being mostly tinted glass. Mayra’s back door was on the second level. Inside, the curtains on the windows were open, letting in natural light. To the left was a sitting area under the wide window in the front of the bow, and to the right was a kitchen with a spiral staircase leading to both the top and bottom floors.

“Sit,” yawned Mayra, stepping over to the sink to wash her hands. “Do you like tripe citrus soup?”

“Classic hangover fare,” said Azri. “Of course – be gentle on the spice, though, please.”

“Don’t even worry about that,” Mayra replied. “I’m not really fond of spicy food.”

Mayra drank a big glass of water while she cooked. Azri knew that the effects of infusion of dagger root lasted for around forty-eight hours, and once Mayra was well-hydrated Azri felt the low hum of intoxication from her. As the weakest physical empath in her family, it was an unusual experience that Azri found fascinating.

Over the next half hour, Azri slowly tuned into Mayra’s physical sensations while they ate, and Mayra contentedly rambled on about different makes and models of andyne hovercrafts. Without any warning, a strong physical sensation pulsed through the electromagnetic nerves in Azri’s skin. It made her bladder contract sympathetically, and she had to clamp her legs together to stop herself from leaking.

Next to Azri, Mayra stood up suddenly. “Excuse me-“

“You have to pee too?” asked Azri.

“The bathroom is downstairs if you’d like to use it,” said Mayra, hurrying toward the door to the outside. Azri followed, and squatted next to Mayra at the railing, pulling down her underwear and yanking her skirt out of the way. She ordu escort started peeing at the same time as Mayra, and let out a small trickle, followed by a shy stream; her vulva had a wide pair of inner lips and a long clitoris, swollen and violet against the greenish tint of her thighs. Azri’s bladder was still full, but she couldn’t seem to get any pressure. She tried to pull and steer the scant stream by manipulating her labia, but most of it was still running down her thighs. She pushed her butt out over the side of the dock under the railing-

“What are you doing?” Mayra asked, leaning over to pull Azri back by the back of her cardigan. “You’ll fall off!”

“I didn’t want to dribble on your porch,” said Azri.

“Sweetheart, I dribble here all the time. It’s not worth falling off the dock, really,” laughed Mayra. Azri looked up: Mayra wasn’t covering herself. She had a sizable, half-hard penis poking out of her pajamas, issuing an arch of clear liquid over the railing. It seemed to swell as Azri watched; not really surprising, she thought, considering that infusion of dagger root was a mild aphrodesiac. Mayra looked at Azri apprehensively, turning pale.

“You’re much better-hydrated than you were before,” said Azri approvingly.

Mayra sighed. “You seem very fond of that compliment…but before you run away I have a bit of a confession to make. I’m not a man, but I’m not who you think I am-“

“I’m not running away and I knowthe difference between sex and gender, Mayra,” said Azri seriously. “I didn’t really know you before I took on Pia as a patient but you’ve been a fair boss and a good friend to her. She’s thriving out here in this seasonal middle-of-nowhere backwater because of you, and for that I’ve developed a rather high opinion of you.”

When Azri finished her sentence, Mayra’s face had flushed bright red. “Well um…that was nice of you to say and thank you…but there’s more.”

Azri studied Mayra, looking her up and down. Mayra’s stance had stiffened and her heart was pounding. Azri’s bladder picked that time to fully relax: the pressure in her lower belly drained rapidly and she couldn’t help sighing with relief.

Mayra watched Azri relieving herself for a few seconds and said, “Not that long ago I was a guard for a small Haman corporate group. After working there for ten years I found out they were, to put it briefly, part of a much larger and…openly very evil group. I’d just renewed another ten-year contract and couldn’t leave but couldn’t work there anymore, so one night I just walked out of the barracks with only my clothes and my paycheck and never went back.”

“That’s awfully vague,” grunted Azri, pushing on her bladder and dribbling all over the dry wooden plank beneath her. She tried to push her butt over the edge again and Mayra pulled her back.

Mayra sniffed: “If I get caught, the less you and Cassie know the better. Besides, you’ve already seen my penis. That’s plenty of blackmail fodder for today.”

Azri finished peeing, stood up, and leaned bow-legged on the rize escort railing to air-dry. Her clitoris was hard and fully-extended, and she let her soaked panties fall to the ground, stepping out of them to pick them up. Next to her, Mayra stopped her flow and shook off self-consciously.

Azri stood up and dropped her skirt. “May, if anyone gives you trouble, let me know. I’ve been itching for a good fight-“

“Azri, that’s nice of you, but I can’t attract any attention. If anyone notices me enough to give me trouble I’ll have to leave, and I like it here. I like my current name. If you don’t mind, though, I think it would be fun to try sparring with you, see what they teach you amphibious glam wrestlers.”

Mayra adeptly hid her erection beneath the waistband of her pajamas, but Azri could feel it loud and clear. The arousal was so strong it was contagious, and Azri wondered if physical empathy was normally this pronounced for the amphibious people who were more gifted.

“I’d like that,” said Azri. She walked inside and Mayra followed, plopping down on the couch. Azri’s bag was on the end table, and when she picked it up to stow her panties in, her planner fell out. It opened to the current day, with Pia’s appointment for the morning standing out in red felt pen. She picked it up and sat down next to Mayra, who watched idly while she scrawled “missed” next to Pia’s appointment.

“Azri,” Mayra said, reaching over and tapping her finger on the corner of the page. “You didn’t miss your appointment with Cassie. Today’s Thursday.”

Azri glanced down: the page with Pia’s 7:30 appointment had the little box with the day of the week folded over slightly, covering the little box labeling the page “Friday.” She turned back to Thursday, and it showed nothing in the schedule.

“It’s…my day off…?” said Azri slowly. “I could have gone back to bed…” she looked up at Mayra. “I’m sorry for invading your privacy at 7:46 in the morning-“

“Don’t be sorry, it’s been lovely having breakfast with you!” laughed Mayra. “Can you stay for long?”

“I’m open until the minis get out of school at four, but making time for the ferries, I should leave around two.”

“That gives us about five hours,” said Mayra.

Arzi put her planner away and sat back. “Can I make a weird confession?”

Mayra leaned back next to her, stretching her wings behind the couch. Her physical proximity intensified the warm, distracting urgency emanating from her nerves. “If you think it’s weird I’d better buckle up. Go for it.”

“I can feel your arousal,” said Azri. “If you’d be okay with it, I’d like to explore it.”

“Explore it how?” Mayra asked slowly.

Azri took a deep breath. “I’d like to touch you and see how the sensations translate.”

Mayra grinned at Azri for a long moment. “If I say yes, will you promise not to tell anyone about what you’ve seen here today?”

“Mayra,” Azri drew herself up and huffed, “I’m a doctor, not a gossip columnist. If you say yes that would be great, but blackmail isn’t in my repertoire of sexual behaviors.”

“But talking like a textbook is,” snorted Mayra. “Not a turn-off for me though. Want to take this up to my room?”

Azri stood up and held out her hand. “My lady.” Mayra took her hand and let Azri pull her to her feet.

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