Awakening Sarah Ch. 02


David laid in bed staring at the ceiling. He knew Sarah was going to try something dumb. He saw it in her eyes from the beginning. Truth be told, he would have been disappointed in her if she had not tried to escape.

Part of him knew what he had done was crazy, but something about Sarah had triggered an obsession that he could not stop. He had never even had a relationship that had lasted more than a few months, but yet he had watched and waited for her for years.

He’d spent many nights sitting alone in his truck watching over her dark house as she slept. He worried about her being alone. Sometimes he wished that she would have found someone to love her, maybe he would have been able to forget her.

David sat up, trying rationalize things. It had now been almost a week since he left her down there. He’d fought the urge to go to her until this point, but his instincts told him it was time.


Sarah awoke feeling sore and stiff. For a moment, she forgot where she was or why she was hurting. She tried to sit up, but the pain in her back was unbearable. She managed to wedge herself on her side and look around the room once more. The walls and the floor were made out of gray cement. She was lying on a silver piece of metal. The only other objects in the room were a metal toilet and a bright florescent light mounted to the ceiling.

She moaned at the pain in her back and the ache in her breasts. The memory of what had happened returned. What time is it? she wondered. The room had no windows except a small one in the door, but Sarah could only see darkness behind it.

Defeated, she laid down on the bed again until she had to go to the bathroom. She was terrified at the thought of using the exposed toilet. However, the thought of it at all made her have to go even worse.

What do you care what they see? She tried to motivate herself to use it as her need increased. With a frustrated sigh, she forced her body to stand and walk over to it. She stared at it for a while and then sat down. She tried to hurry as fast as she could.

When she was finished, she realized that there was no toilet paper or any clothing for her. She was going to be left in this room dirty and naked. Stumbling back to the bed, she collapsed on it. She wanted to cry, but felt too exhausted. She fell back into a deep sleep.

Sarah woke up and dozed several times. Once, she noticed that there was an apple and a bottle of water on the floor. She shuddered at the thought of someone seeing her naked. She left them there for a long time before she timidly picked them up. She drank the water first and decided to save the apple for later. She wasn’t hungry.

As she laid on the bed she began to hear men talking in the distance. She had to strain to just barely make out what they were saying.

“Do you think he’ll sell her?” she heard one male voice say.

“I would.” the other man said.

“I’m sure once she loses weight, someone would pay a lot for the little whore.” Both of the men laughed.

Sarah frowned as it dawned on her that they were talking about her. She rolled on her other side and faced the door. Fear crept though her slowly as their conversation trailed off. She wondered who would buy a woman. The possibilities did not seem enticing.

She found herself wishing David would come back. At least, in some twisted way, he seemed to care about her. Strangely, she did not hate him for the punishment. She had been warned and knew well what he was capable of. She resented him more for the feelings he was forcing her to finally face.

Sarah didn’t know how much time had passed. She ate the apple long ago and her stomach was growling again. Her head snapped up as she heard the door opening.

The man standing in the doorway was not David. It was the man who caught her.

“Here, princess.” He said as he held out a peanut butter sandwich and another bottle of water.

Sarah refused to take it from his hand, turning her head away from him defiantly. Evan wanted to leave without giving either to her, but he knew David would kill him if he did. He placed them on the floor while keeping an eye on her. He left the room in silence.

Sarah waited for a few agonizing moments before taking them. Under normal circumstances, she would have never imagined eating food off of a floor, but being naked and left in a prison cell wasn’t normal for her either.

Time seemed to inch by as she waited for her fate. She alternated between sleeping and pacing around her cell like a caged animal. The ache in her back grew worse from lying on the hard surface. She began to wonder if he was going to leave her there forever. Different men came in to bring her food every now and then, leering at her as they did. She didn’t speak to them and they did not speak to her either.

The light in her cell never went off making it further impossible for her to tell the time of day. She was worried about her mental state. Sometimes, she caught herself speaking diyarbakır escort out loud without thought.

She was beyond bored, her mind numb at times, and at others it was shrieking at her. She tried to not think about her present or future, but as she remained alone she could not stop. The internal battle with the dark side of her mind waged on. The side she tried to shun for so long remained persistent, telling her to submit.

Sarah shamefully remembered one of the books that David had taunted her with. It was a BDSM pornographic novel. She found it when she moved into her house, but she lied when she told him in one of their conversations that she had never read it. She remembered staying up all night unable to stop reading. She fantasized about it for months.

Her mind turned to her captor again. She had tried not to think about her encounter with David in college, but this too kept creeping back into her thoughts. Sarah could remember sneaking glances at him during class. It seemed like every time she looked at him, he was looking at her. He was so much older than everyone else in class and his confidence captivated her. However, when he asked her out she panicked. She had planned to apologize to him the next time she saw him, but he never came back to class.

Sarah was on her side, facing away from the door, drifting in and out of sleep once again. She heard the door open and did not look to see who it was. She waited for them to leave, but she could feel a familiar presence standing behind her. She stayed still, unsure of what to do.

She felt his warm hand gently rub her sore back. Her breath left her body as she waited in anticipation.

“Can you sit up?” David asked.

Sarah rolled over and sat up. She could not make herself look at him.

He sat next to her and she did not resist as he took her hand in his. David looked at it thoughtfully. Her hands were so small, soft, and perfect compared to his.

He finally spoke, “I’m going to take you back to my room. I’d rather not get stitches again. Do you think you could try to behave yourself?”

Sarah looked up at him. He was still looking at her hand. She could see his stitches. Guilt overwhelmed her; she had never hurt anything in her life. She wanted to promise him that she would be good, but she couldn’t find the words. Her eyes began to sting as tears formed. Horrified, she jerked her hand away from his and covered her face.

David watched in wonder as she began to sob. Even in the first days of her abduction she had not showed this much emotion. He put his arm around her and she rested her head against him.

As she cried, she became more aware of David tightly holding her. Even though he was her captor, she felt safe. She could smell the faint scent of his aftershave and it stirred distant feelings of desire. Her attraction to him was undeniable. Her primary fear, she realized, was not of him but of herself. She was afraid how far her descent into submission would take her.

Her tears slowed and she caught her breath. She did not lift her head from his shirt to speak, she barely knew her own voice as she said, “I’m sorry. I won’t try to run away again.”

His hand lifted her head up to meet his eyes. “I forgive you,” he said.

Sarah looked away from him. She couldn’t believe what she’d said, she sounded so different.

“Let’s get out of here.” David helped lift Sarah to her feet and moved to lead her out of the cell.

Sarah was not going to complain about her nakedness, she figured by now everyone had seen her, but she was relieved when David handed her a bathrobe.

She put the robe on and followed him back up to his room. She noticed through the windows that it was twilight. The house was empty, so she assumed it must be dawn.

Sarah felt comfortable back in his room.

“Go take a shower.” David said.

Sarah went into the bathroom and complied. She had never felt so dirty in her life. At first, the hot water stung her back, but as she washed, it took some of the ache out of her muscles. The water also felt good against her sore breasts. She took time to shave her arms and legs. She peered between her legs and noticed how much her hair had grown out. She paused for a moment, before starting to shave there too. When she was finished, she stepped out of the shower. She dried off slowly before wrapping a towel around her.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked to see how much thinner her face looked. Her eyes were still red and puffy from crying. She tried to brush her hair, but all she could find was a comb and she feared she would break it in her thick tangled hair. She combed out the mats with her fingers and tried again. Finally satisfied with her appearance, she bit the inside of her lip as she opened the door.

David was on the bed waiting for her. Sarah had no illusions of what the morning was going to hold for her.

“Take the towel escort diyarbakır off. I need to look at your piercings.” He instructed.

Sarah let the towel fall from around her. She stood before David and closed her eyes as he examined her breasts.

“They look fine.” David said, “Now lay face down on the bed.”

Sarah looked at him questioningly, but did what he said carefully.

She wondered what he was planning to do. He moved behind her and it sounded like he was opening something. She gasped in surprise when she felt his weight next to her on the bed followed by something cold against her back.

“Your back is still a little red in places. I’m putting some lotion on it.” He said as he rubbed it into her skin.

As he continued to massage her back, she couldn’t help feeling relaxed. Her back felt warm and she soon noticed that it was spreading down between her legs. As his hands rubbed against her lower back, she wished they would go lower.

David could feel her tight muscles loosen under his hands. He waited for the right time, he was straying lower and lower down her back, watching for her reaction.

A moan escaped from Sarah as one of his hands brushed against her ass.

David took this as his cue and gently motioned for her to roll over. He knelt down between her legs and ran his tongue up her right thigh. He stopped and gently bit the place where her thigh met her pussy. He could feel her pushing toward him.

When his tongue reached her clit, Sarah clawed at the sheets. She allowed him to push her legs over his shoulders so her pussy was at the perfect level with his mouth. He hadn’t shaved for a few days and she could feel his beard stubble against her soft newly shaved skin.

She felt the orgasm begin slowly.

He admired her beauty as she lay in the troughs of her orgasm. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were shut. He took his own clothes off and lowered himself to her. He was met with no struggle as he kissed her on the lips.

She kept her eyes closed as he kissed down her neck and to her breasts. Unconsciously, her hands wandered to his back. She ran her fingers down his arms, feeling his muscles as he held himself above her.

Opening her eyes, she met his. She opened her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She could see a hint of a smile play upon his face. He did not say anything as he ran his cock down her wet slit to enter her waiting cunt.

He slid into her smooth silkiness and groaned. Sarah’s legs tightened around his waist, pulling him into her. She could feel her back begin to hurt again from having his weight on top of her, but it merely added to her arousal.

David fucked her furiously. The bed shook underneath them and he could feel Sarah writhing against him. Shortly after, he felt the tell-tale contractions of her cunt against his cock. He lost count of how many times she had cum before he gave in to the urge.

Sarah sighed as she felt the warmth of his cum fill her. He laid on her for a moment and she let her sore legs slide down. He pulled out of her and he helped her slide under the covers with him. She was facing him and he held her closely.

“Was that make up sex?” Sarah quietly whispered.

David paused for a moment, not quite believing his ears, and then smiled. “I think so,” he whispered back.

Sarah smiled and they both floated in and out of sleep until noon.

When they got out of bed, David gave her a shirt and underwear. The day passed quickly. Sarah was still uncomfortable at times, but she was kinder than before. She made a point to speak to him politely. She asked him a few questions and he gave her answers. She learned what day of the week it was and how long she’d been in the basement.

Another week passed by. Sarah’s reluctance continued. One morning, David got out of bed before dawn and got dressed in the dark.

When he got to the door, Sarah sleepily asked, “Where are you going?”

“Work.” Sarah could hear the annoyance in his voice.

“Do you have to?” Sarah felt sorry for whoever his victim was going to be.

“I’ll be back soon.” He said as he closed the door behind him. Sarah listened to it lock and stared up at the ceiling.

She wondered what he was going to happen to the girl he was going to bring here. Despite his efforts to justify what he did, Sarah still felt it was wrong.

Eventually, Sarah got out of bed. She walked on the treadmill for some time, but by eleven o’clock she was looking for something else to do. She went over to his book collection and looked through it. There were a lot of books about tattooing, there were some about starting a business, and of course, there were a few about sadomasochism. She didn’t dare look at one of those. She could just picture the smirk on his face if he caught her reading it.

Instead, she picked up a well worn book about business management. As she flipped through it, she saw diyarbakır escort bayan that someone had made notes and highlighted some areas. She guessed that it must have been David. The last pages of the book contained a detailed budget. She was amazed at the work he’d put into it and the amount of money involved. However, she couldn’t help but notice a few errors in his math. Sarah considered working on it, but thought he might get mad at her for snooping.

Next, she picked up one of the tattoo books. It was mostly a book of pictures. She looked through it in amazement, particularly at a picture of a girl, with black hair cut like Bettie Page. The girl in the picture had sleeves of colorful floral tattoos on both arms. Her nipples, lower lip, and nose were pierced. She also had stars and butterflies tattooed across her stomach and down her curvy hips. She was completely naked except for thigh high black leather boots.

Sarah jumped when she unexpectedly heard the door opening. She had been sitting in David’s chair that was directly across from the door. She wanted to hide the book, but there was no time.

David smiled as he saw her.

“Hello…what are you looking at?” He asked, noticing how flushed her face was and that she was breathing a little heavy.

“I’m sorry, I got bored and I was looking through your books,” Sarah hurriedly apologized.

“It’s okay. Let me see what you were looking at.” He moved quickly toward her to get the book before she could close it. Luckily, she still had one hand on the page and it marked her place as she scrambled to shut it.

Sarah sighed as he pulled the book away from her. She knew he wasn’t going to let this pass by without comment. She watched his smile broaden as he looked at the photo.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“I think she looks nice.” Sarah coolly replied. She folded her arms across her chest.

“Would you like to look like her?” David prodded.

“No,” Sarah shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

“Do you want to fuck her then?” David asked as he put the book back on the shelf.

Sarah caught herself from gasping. She paused for a moment before answering, “Why would you think that?”

“Your face looks a little flushed. I bet you’re wet aren’t you?” He teased.

“Yes, I’m really a lesbian, so you have to let me go.” She said sarcastically. Sarah smirked as she saw the briefest look of shock on his face from her catty response.

David knelt down on top of her, pinning her against the chair, “I don’t care what you think you are, darling, I’m never letting you go. If I have to, I’ll keep you chained to my bed for the rest of your life.”

Sarah snorted insolently, “We’ll see about that.”

David pressed his mouth against hers and forced his tongue into her. He thought he felt hers respond before she tried to turn away. He pulled off of her and looked into her eyes.

“Let’s go for a walk,” he said.

She looked at him with suspicion. “Do I have to go outside dressed like this?”

“Well I did have some clothes for you to wear, but now you’ve made me change my mind…” David looked to her for a response.

Sarah wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. She decided to err on the side of caution, “Please, I didn’t mean it like that.”

He went outside his door and retrieved a brown paper bag and handed it to her.

She opened the bag and pulled out a pair of denim shorts, white socks, and white tennis shoes. Sarah stood up and put them on in front of David.

When she was dressed, David took Sarah by the hand and led her outside. It was now the middle of June and the heat of summer had already arrived. She raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sun.

“Don’t get any ideas about running away.” David cautioned her.

Sarah nodded, still squinting her eyes. She was satisfied in the moment at simply being outside. She was never much of a fan of the outdoors, but she had never stayed inside for so long either.

David continued to hold her hand as they walked towards a fenced area with several horses. Sarah turned her head to look at the building that was her prison. From the outside it looked like a mansion. It was painted all white. Off in the distance, she could see several barns and more horses. She scanned the horizon carefully; all she could see were trees and several small hills.

“Where did you bring me?” she asked.

“I can’t tell you that.” David said as they continued to walk towards the trees.

Sarah didn’t ask anything further. She quietly ran through a list of the neighboring states to try to figure out where she was.

David interrupted her thoughts when they were a good distance away from the house and well inside the small forest, “Don’t worry about where you are. We’re not staying here much longer.”

“What are you going to do with me?” Sarah remembered what he said earlier about keeping her chained up and, while slightly intriguing, it didn’t seem that practical.

“That is up to you. You can stay with me by your choice or mine.” He looked her squarely in the eyes as he said this.

Sarah pulled her hand away from David’s. “What do you want from me?”

“Your submission.” He grabbed her hand again and drew her into his arms.

Sarah looked away boldly, “And in return I get your dominance?”

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