Avalon Bound Ch. 01


Inspired by, and written for, my dear friend Fury. Thank you my dear.


Shannon sat on the bar stool, twiddling her glass in her hand, swirling her drink around. Thinking that again she was in for a long lonely night in this bar. Wondering if any customers would approach her tonight, allow her to earn a few dollars more to eek out her meagre existence. But this was still better than what she had suffered back in Europe, and she was now in America, the land of opportunity, or so she had heard.

She heard the door close, and a man’s deep voice boomed out,

“Gimme a Bud bartender, pronto.”

She turned to look, and saw a distinguished looking man; around 50 maybe, take a stool three up from hers. She smiled at him, and moved a little, hitching her tiny skirt a little higher. The man looked at her, and let his gaze travel over her tits, and down to her legs, nodding as he did so, before smiling back at her. He sat down, and started talking sports with the bartender. Shannon sighed softly, deciding that he would not be her meal ticket for tomorrow.

Again she looked into her drink, remembering, the degradation back home, and how she had determined to learn English, and come to America, to be a porn star, to be filthy rich, and never again endure the groping of dirty smelly farmers. She sensed the man was looking at her again, and turned her head, his gaze was on her legs. She turned slightly, parting them, letting him see the thin strip of her thong, covering what she hoped he desired. He looked at her, and winked, before returning to his conversation.

She remembered that night so vividly, her mother out working in the nightclub, and she alone, until mother’s boyfriend came home, drunk again, with his farmer friends. They were all eager to abuse her once more, as they had now been doing for weeks. And all her mother could say was,

“So what, enjoy it you silly bitch, and make them pay for it.”

She had long suspected her mother was a prostitute, now she knew for certain. Not that it helped her at all, as they stripped her naked, and each took a turn fucking her, in any hole that was available, she was used to that by now, but this night it was different. She had gone to lie on her little cot, thinking it was over, when she heard them whispering outside her room. Suddenly they were inside, and carrying her into the yard, where they dumped her on the floor. They started to call her names, Bitch, Cunt, Whore, as they all got out their cocks, and jerked off over her. She cringed in fear, begging them to stop, but to no avail.

They each came on her, shooting their filthy come onto her body, and then, as one, they had all pissed on her, washing her they said, cleaning the dirty little fucker. That was the last straw for Shannon, although she was not called that name then, she decided to learn English, and go to America. She had no idea how she would get there, but she would, she was sure that she would.

A slight cough brought her back to her senses, it was the man sitting near her, and he smiled again, and then winked at her, as he got off his stool. She watched as he walked to the door leading to the restrooms. He stopped, looking back at her, and motioning her to follow him. Now she felt better, she had a trick at last, and walked quickly to the doorway, and through it into the passage. There was no sign of him, so she opened the door to the men’s room, and looked inside, one f the cubicle doors was open. She moved closer, looking to see if he was there, and he was.

He stood there, legs apart, his trousers round his ankles, a big fat cock, flapping about waiting for her.

“Suck it whore.” He said to her, but she shook her head, rubbing her fingers together, signifying she wanted money. She watched him take a ten from his wallet, and hand it to her. Opening her bag, she took out a condom.

“NO, no fucking condom, I want to feel you on me.”

Shannon shook her head, and to her surprise, he took a 20 from his wallet, stuffing it into her bag. She didn’t really want to do this, but she needed the money, the rent was due in 5 days. Rent that she did not have, and she knew that the big black guy, who owned the tiny room, would fuck her, beat her up and throw her out if she did not pay. She sighed, resigning herself to her fate, and got on her knees, grasping his cock and rubbing it up and down. She opened her mouth, and started sucking the head, when she felt him pulling her hair, lifting up her head.

“Suck my balls bitch, earn your fucking money OK?”

She did as he ordered, but kept stroking, wanting to get this John off as soon as possible. She moved back to his cock, deep-throating him, and sucking hard, her head bobbing faster and faster. She heard him growl, as he tensed, and his hot sticky cum spurted into her mouth. She swallowed, sucked, and licked her lips, just wanting to be free of him. As she went to leave he stopped her, hissing at her

“Be here tomorrow night bitch OK?”

Shannon was there again, the next evening, waiting for this mysterious man. The $30 had come in very handy, allowing her to eat properly for once. As she waited, her mind again drifted back to Europe.

Her kocaeli escort decision made, she had spoken with her mother, about working with her in the club. Shannon’s mother said “No” at first, until she heard the reason, to get enough money to go to America. She was happy with that, and Shannon proved to be a very popular girl at the club. Indeed, she was amazed at just how many men took delight in fucking both mother and daughter on the same night, in the same bed. She made money quickly, and was no longer at home in the evenings to be abused. Although she did admit to herself, and could not understand why, she occasionally missed the abuse. The feeling of being used, of being a fucktoy for whoever wanted her.

She did save money though, her only extravagance being American porn videos. Which she used to help with her English lessons, learning all the right words as she saw it. Words like cock, cunt, dildo, motherfucker and many others. It took just over a year for her to earn what she needed, and she booked a vacation to Mexico, as close to the US border as she could get. She had formulated a plan, on how to enter the US, and had hoped that it would work.

She was miles away, deep in thought, when she heard his voice again, feeling his hot breath on her face, as he whispered to her.

“Tonight little bitch, we fuck, and remember, NO fucking condom. Now follow me outside to my car, it is in the parking garage next door.”

She followed him, out into the darkness and into the garage, He led her to a Mercedes, parked on its own, away from all other vehicles. She went to open the door, but his stern voice stopped her.

“No bitch, not inside, not yet, uncover your cunt, and lean over the hood, with your legs spread. She made the money sign again, and to her amazement, he handed her a fifty. Quickly she slipped off her thong, stuffing it into her little bag, and leaned over the car. She felt his hands, which were surprisingly smooth separating her cheeks, and then grunted, as he rammed his big cock in hard. She moaned at him in fake pleasure, and he slapped her ass, hissing at her.

“Don’t moan if you don’t mean it whore, this is a fuck, not a fucking movie, now squeeze my cock with your cunt.”

She did as she was told, and he started fucking her, driving his big dick in hard, she didn’t make a sound, just accepted it, and waited for him to come. Feeling his cock swell up, just before he filled her with his seed. He pulled out, and then pushed her to her knees, to clean his cock. Shannon knew that she should have felt degraded, but didn’t, it had made her very wet, and she knew full well that she would masturbate as soon as he was gone, for the relief. After cleaning him, and wiping herself on a tissue, she stood, looking at him, fully expecting to hear the “same again tomorrow bitch” comment.

But he surprised her, his voice now softer

.” What is your name child?”

“Shannon” she replied

“Surely you meant to say “Shannon Sir” didn’t you Shannon”

She understood quickly

“Yes Sir my name is Shannon Sir.”

“That is better, now then Shannon, I will pick you up here at noon tomorrow, and we shall go to a motel. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir, I will be here at noon Sir, and Thank You Sir”

She walked away from him, back towards the bar, not quite sure what was happening, but, very excited, wondering if this might be her chance. Her one big chance to at last to escape from the rat race.

At five minutes before noon on the next morning, Shannon waited outside the parking garage. Hoping against hope that this man, with the soft hands, would deliver her from her misery. She thought once again about how she had arrived here, in this place.

As soon as she was in her room in the resort in Mexico, she wrapped everything relating to herself in a bag, her passport, tickets, insurance documents, anything at all with her name on. She had then taken a cab to the bus station, where she dropped the bag in a trashcan, before boarding a bus to Tijuana. She hung around the truck stops, letting the truckers fuck her, do anything to her, trying to get one to smuggle her into the US. Eventually striking gold, with Melvin, who loved to fuck her in the ass while wearing just cowboy boots and a Stetson. Foolishly he believed her, when she said she loved him, and wanted be with him forever. When they stopped for food in LA, and Melvin went to the men’s room, Shannon was gone.

And now, 3 months later, here she was, still in LA, and almost destitute. As she sighed quietly to herself, a Mercedes stopped, and Sir opened the rear door from inside, calling her to enter. The first thing to surprise Shannon, was the chauffeur, it was woman, dressed entirely in leather as far as she could see. The man started to talk to her, asking where she was from. Shannon was a little reticent at first, but he persisted, telling her that she was quite safe; he was not going to get her into trouble, or anything like that. So she admitted that she was from Europe, and an illegal immigrant, but nothing more.

When they arrived at the motel, the car stopped outside a cabin, kocaeli escort bayan and the chauffeur let them both in, not only that she followed them inside. Shannon stood by the bed, looking at him, unsure what was going on, he spoke softly to her.

“Now that we know your name Shannon, I am Sir, and this lady is Mistress. You will always refer to us by those names, and no other, do you understand me?”

Shannon nodded her agreement.

“Get undressed, and lie on the bed.”

Shannon did as she was ordered, and could not help but notice that Mistress also was taking off her clothes, stripping down to a corset and stockings, and putting on some high heeled boots, thigh length ones. When Shannon was naked, she nervously lay on the bed, and Sir spoke again to her. “Consider this a test Shannon, an initiation, if you fail, you will never see us again, but if you pass, well you shall see.”

Mistress handed Sir some cord, and he tied Shannon to the legs of the bed by her wrists. Shannon had been tied up before, especially when with her mother and other men, yet, she was still filled with trepidation. Especially when Mistress started to don a strap on, and a big one at that. Mistress climbed on the bed, straddling Shannon’s chest, and holding one tit at a time, rubbed her cunt on them. Shannon gasped in shock, but was soon silenced when Mistress moved higher up the bed, and ordered her to suck the big cock. Knowing that she was going to be well paid, she did so, sucking as if it were a real one.

Meanwhile she felt Sir between her legs, licking her pussy, opening it, and licking inside her lips. She sucked harder, as she became aroused, feeling one, two, and then three fingers fucking her wet cunt. She heard him speak again, his voice harsher.

“Now, fuck the little bitch now.”

The plastic cock was removed from her mouth, and then rammed into her by this leather-clad person, who as yet had said not a word. She started to fuck Shannon hard, lifting her legs, and scratching her long nails on Shannon’s ass cheeks. Shannon screamed, but it was a scream of pleasure, not pain. She heard something at the side of the bed, and turning to look she saw Sir, now naked, and jerking off that big fat cock. She could not believe the waves of pleasure that were now hitting her, and she wanted to come hard, her body trembled, and Mistress at last spoke.

“Do not dare come bitch, until I says so, or suffer the consequences forever.”

Shannon was shocked, looking at him again, his eyes closed as he pumped furiously at his cock. All the while Mistress was pounding the plastic dick into her. Suddenly Sir cried out

“Come you cunt, slave, whore, come now, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

And he shot his load, all over Shannon’s tits, that was it for her; she had to come too, crying out as the spasms took hold, screaming at Mistress to fuck her harder.

Sir stepped back, and Mistress pulled out of Shannon, dropping to her knees to clean Sir’s cock. Shannon lay there, exhausted, but feeling wonderful. It was a new experience for her, and she had loved it, and wanted more.

When he was clean, and all was quiet again, Sir stood by the bed, speaking once more.

“Now Shannon, it is time for the truth, you passed the first test, this is the final one. You must tell us everything, do not leave anything out.”

Shannon was scared now, really scared, but he smiled at her, patting her arm softly. For the next half hour they listened, as she opened up completely, her past, her fears, and her ambitions. When she finished there was silence, she was released, handed her clothes, and taken back to the car. As they drove back to LA, Sir handed Shannon two hundred dollar bills.

They arrived at the garage, and the Chauffeur let her out, and taking hold of Shannon’s hair she whispered to her.

“Be here tomorrow morning, at 9am, with everything that you own.”

Before Shannon could reply, the car was gone, speeding away from her.

At 9am the next morning, Shannon waited by the parking garage, her worldly possessions in a small bag at her feet. Hoping that her landlord, the big black guy did not see her, and figure out she was leaving. Nervously she tapped her foot, and smoked a cigarette as she waited, straining her neck, looking for the Mercedes. She was very surprised when a Lincoln Continental stopped, with blacked out windows. She waited, and saw Mistress coming around the car to her.

“Good morning Mistress, isn’t it a lovely day?” Shannon said to her.

Mistress stood in front of her, glaring at the cigarette in Shannon’s hand, and slapping it away, so that it fell to the sidewalk, then she slapped Shannon’s face hard.

“You just gave up smoking bitch, now get in the car.”

Shannon entered carrying her bag, she turned to speak, but the door was slammed shut, then she heard the doors lock. She looked out of the window, or she would have, but they were blacked out, not a speck of light entered the rear of the car. There was just a dim glow, from the light in the ceiling of the vehicle. She began to wonder then, if she had made the correct decision, but, she was escort kocaeli there now, and it was probably too late to change her mind anyway. The car seemed to be moving very fast, and Shannon guessed that they might be on the freeway, and wondered just where she was being taken.

Eventually the vehicle slowed, and stopped, Shannon picked up her bag, waiting for the door to open, and the sunshine to flood in once more. The door did open, but she soon realised that they were in an underground garage, and she was instructed to follow Mistress. They travelled up in an elevator, along a corridor, and through a doorway into a very plain room. Mistress sat on the only chair, next to the table, and started to speak. “Put your things on the table, your clothes too, all of them, Then you will go through that door, and take a shower, there is a dress in there for you to wear. I will take your clothes to the laundry, and wait for you here.”

Shannon saw the stern look on Mistress’s face, and decided not to argue, stripping naked, and going through to the bathroom. The shower was good, she luxuriated in it, letting the hot jets of water massage her body until it tingled. When she dried herself off, she saw the plain white cotton tunic, with the blue cord for a belt. What did surprise her was that there was no underwear, but she did as required, and returned to the stark room where she had left her clothes.

“Your clothing is at the laundry, and your belongings are in safe keeping, now follow me, it is time to meet Lord Avalon.”

Shannon followed Mistress, down the corridor again, round a bend, and up a flight of stairs. Mistress opened a pair of double doors, and said

“The new recruit my Lord.” Before ushering Shannon in through the doorway.

Shannon looked around the room; it was magnificent, full of antique furniture, and paintings, with torches on the walls. Then she saw him, Sir, sitting on a large chair, there was a velvet cushion on the floor by his feet, and he motioned Shannon towards it. She knelt on the cushion, looking up at him, and waiting.

“Welcome to Avalon Shannon, I say Shannon, but that is no longer your name, as the newest recruit in Avalon, you will henceforth be knows as morgana. Avalon is my estate, and is totally secure. Avalon is a private club that I run for my friends and acquaintances, for the fulfilment of their every pleasure. They come here at weekends mostly, to satisfy their desires, with the sex slaves that live here.”

Shannon gasped in horror, as her eyes widened in shock.

“Yes morgana, you are here to train as a sex slave, and what is more, there is no escape for you from here. Consider morgana, there is no record of you entering the United States, you have no passport, no social security number, in short morgana, you do not exist.”

She was crying now, tears coursing down her face, but he took no notice.

“I will tell you morgana, in the grounds of Avalon, there is a very deep lake, and this is private property, should anyone be lost in the lake, no one would know, or even care. The choice is your morgana, sink, or swim.”

He stopped speaking, as Mistress helped morgana, as she know was known to her feet, leading her into the next room. She stripped of morgana`s dress, and using the shackles, fastened her to a St Andrews cross in the center, of the room.

“We will return for you at dusk, for your decision morgana.”

Shannon was left there, on the cross, she was not hanging, and her feet were on the wooden base. But her arms and legs were tethered to the cross, and she was naked, and crying. She cried not from pain, or from shame, but at her predicament, unable to fathom out how it had come to this. Here she was, almost like Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting of “The Vitruvian Man”, that she remembered so well from her schooldays, and that now adorned a million T-shirts worldwide. Art had been her subject her favorite, but in post communist Eastern Europe, she had no chance to study. There was no money for education in Shannon’s home.

The tears slowly eased, and gradually she calmed down, taking stock of her situation. Lord Avalon, as the man with the soft hands now called himself, had been correct. Shannon did not exist in the United States; she was not even what these Americans called a Jane Doe. Her choices were not really choices at all, basically it was accept or die. And she had no doubt that they meant every word of it, for not a single other soul in the world knew that she was there. She had been so scared when he first used the phrase “Sex slave” not really understanding what it meant, but the words sounded fearful.

She started to think more clearly, realising that this was something to do with BDSM, and sexual gratification. She would be expected to be a submissive, to all who wanted her she surmised. Accepting whatever desires these people might have. Her mind automatically went back to that night of degradation, when 5 men had been jerking off over her, and then “washing away her filth” with their urine. That moment had been a watershed, the catalyst, to take her into prostitution, and fire her pornography ambitions. The strange thing was she did not now hate these men; on the contrary, they had done her a favour in a way. Just thinking about that evening was enough to bring on arousal now, that, and the way she had been abused, taking 3 cocks at a time. She squirmed slightly, as best she could on the cross, feeling the heat in her pussy, when her train of thought was suddenly interrupted.

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