THIS STORY IS FICTIONAL AND DEPICTS CONSENSUAL INTERRACIAL SEX BETWEEN ADULTS. (This story may not be reproduced without permission of the author.)


Ashley awoke to a bright, beautiful spring morning in Tyler, Texas. Today was not only her high school graduation, but her 18th birthday As well. And Ashley had many things to get done today. She quickly did her morning bathroom routine, showered, shaved her legs, her young pubic mound, and added what little make up and cologne she usually wore. As she slipped on her new matching aqua colored bra and thong panties, she noticed how aroused and hard her young nipples were. She had bought the underwear yesterday for the “special occasion.” She thought the color accented her reddish-blonde hair. She grabbed the overnight bag she had stocked the night before, and was out the front door by 10A.M. In 10 minutes she had stopped her new red Ford Mustang on the side street next to A J’s house. Ashley grabbed her bag and with a last look in the rearview mirror at her make up, opened her car door and stepped out. She thought to herself, “Here I am, about to make my fantasy of the last two years come true.” Her bright red fingernail shined in the sunlight as she pushed the front doorbell. A second later the door opened slightly and A J peered out at her standing in the bright daylight. Seeing Ashley, he pushed the screen door open for her to come inside without saying a word. As Ashley entered he closed the door behind her, she looked around the room at the photographs of A J’ s family. Two kids, a boy and a girl, and a very pretty wife. Ashley knew both of his kids from school, Jamal was a very talented and popular football player, Janice was a cheerleader and a grade behind her in school, but was in some of her classes.

“When you called yesterday you said, you wanted me to do something for you today, what is it?” A J asked.

Ashley took a deep breath. The time was at hand to be straight forward and truthful. “A J, I want you to fuck me!” There, she had said it out loud to someone finally.

A J just grinned at Ashley for a minute, she was not the first young white girl to come looking for his fat black cock.

“Why you want my black cock baby?” A J asked.

Ashley began to explain, “two years ago I came home from school early one day and saw you fucking my older sister, Anna, at our house. But there’s one more thing A J, I want to video tape us, the first man, the first black man to have my young white pussy. If you will not agree, I’ll just get tuzla escort another black man to do it, but I would really like it to be you who introduces me to a big black cock for the first time.”

A J sat down in his living room chair to gather his thoughts. It was true that Ashley would not be the first young, white, girl he had “ruined.” In fact he had “ruined” a few of the more predominant white socialite women around town, some with, and some without their husband’s knowledge. But there would be a difference between a husband filming his long black cock working in and out of a willing white wife, and this first time little “wanna be white slut.” What if she showed the video tape to people around town? People who wouldn’t understand, or didn’t want to understand, prejudiced people. Of course A J decided to grant Ashley’s request, a hard black cock has a mind of it’s own you know, and he had thought of a way to protect himself too.

“Okay Ashley, but I only have an hour, so we have to get started.”

Ashley quickly set up the video camera on the tripod with the lens pointing toward the area of the room in front of the sofa. She then went and sat down on the sofa and used the remote to start the camera recording.

“Hi, I’m Ashley and today is my 18th birthday. For my birthday I’m going to give myself a present, a big present. Today I’m going get fucked by a man, a real man, a really big cocked black man.”

Ashley then patted the seat next to her signaling A J to join her. When he did Ashley leaned over and began kissing A J, running her hands all over his head and chest. Ashley kept kissing, and rubbing, and moving until she had A J’s shirt open and then off. While kissing his bare chest Ashley worked on getting his belt and pants opened, then began pulling them down and off. A J stood to remove his pants, as he did Ashley slid off the sofa to her knees directly in front of him. His big hard black cock sprang free in her face. Ashley sat looking at the monster black cock before her. Since A J’s cock was standing straight up, she leaned forward and licked it from the base to the tip. As she reached the top end she smiled at the camera and opened her mouth to engulf as much of the long black penis as she could into her throat. A J helped himself to Ashley’s body by opening her blouse and bra, wrapping his large black hands around her full white tits. As her head bobbed up and down on the thick black shaft she eased more and more of it into her throat until only an inch or so was not coated göztepe escort by her slobber. After several minutes of this Ashley held the large thick penis upward and began tonguing his large black nuts.

Holding one in her mouth she looked A J in the eye’s and moaned, “HMM-HMM-HMM.” Removing the orb she told him,

” I want you to blow your first big black nut down my throat, cause I want to know what a black mans sperm tastes like.”

Then taking the other nut into her mouth she moaned again, “HMM-HMM-HMM, “and then the next one goes right up my young white cunt, OK?”

What was A J to do, disappoint the young girl? Besides he was real close to dropping his first load anyway. Almost as soon as Ashley got her mouth fully back over his black cock he grabbed her face and granted her first wish by washing her tonsils with his black seed. Ashley swallowed as fast as she could but still the milky liquid drooled out and down her chin onto the front of her bra, her blouse, and then her shorts. When Ashley felt A J had given her all the protein from the first globe, she began removing the rest of her clothing down to just her bra and panties. A J guided her down onto the sofa and began kissing Ashley from her knees up to her new aqua panties. Soon he eased the panties aside and dipped his long tongue into the young girl’s honey. Ashley was already throwing her head back and forth in ecstacy. It didn’t take long for Ashley to orgasm, twice, and for A J to become aroused again. A J slid Ashley’s panties down and away. As he began rubbing the head of his large black cock against her lips, he put his plan of protection into motion.

“Ashley, you know once you’ve had a black cock inside you, you’ll want more? And when you are out, like at the mall or something, and a black man looks into your eye’s, you’ll feel your pussy start to sweat. When it does, you are his, if he ask’s you to fuck, or to suck his black cock, you’ll do it without even asking him his name. The two of you won’t even have to speak to each other actually, you will both know that your body is available to him, or any other black man that wants to sex you. Are you willing to become a white slave to black cock? Are you Ashley? If you want this black cock in you now, look into that camera and tell everyone that you want to be my white slut.”

Ashley smiled into the camera and said, ” A J, fuck me, I’m your white slut, I’ll do anything you want, just ram that big black cock into me now, PLEASE!”

As A J eased the fat üsküdar escort black dick into Ashley he thought how the white girls always made the same noises as they gave up their tight white pussy to the black snake. The “OOH’s,” the “AAH’s,” the “oh fuck it’s so big,” the “deeper… fuck me deeper’s.” White girls just love our black cocks, that’s all there is to it, he thought.

Ashley was now well into getting fucked by the big black cock, she was murmuring. “Oh, fuck yes A J, give me all of that fat black cock. Ashley could feel his black ball sack slapping against her white ass cheeks. Take all of that young white pussy baby. Do me harder…oh,…deeper, oh fuck, …faster.”

A J rolled her over and began doggie fucking the eager young white girl. A J told Ashley, “When you come back for more of this big black cock, and you will come back, I’m going to do you a favor and open that young white asshole up for you.”

After a few minutes, he picked her up and bounced her up and down on his cock while standing up. Then he asked Ashley if she wanted to sit on his black cock and fuck herself? Of course she did! Ashley sat on his cock and leaned back against A J’s chest while he mauled her full young titties. Young white girls just loved to watch a black mans hands cupping their breasts, and he knew that. A J leaned close to Ashley’s ear and loudly enough for the recorder to pick it up told her,

” I’m about to cum all up inside that tight white pussy if you don’t stop.”

(That way if she got knocked up from a pussy full of his black nuts, it won’t be because he didn’t pull out. It was because that’s where she wanted his potent black sperm.)

Ashley responded by yelling, ” do it, …nut off inside this young white girl pussy, …your white pussy A J… I want your nut cream inside me. Anytime you want some more of this pussy you just come and help yourself baby, ok!”

With that Ashley felt the large black cock inside her throb several times, and her pussy became sloppy and wet with A J’s semen. Ashley used her hand to scoop up some of the leaking fluid and bring it to her mouth. Already she had acquired the need to taste black cum.

Later that night Ashley stood with the rest of the graduating highschool seniors waiting to walk across the stage to receive her diploma. At the steps of the stage Ashley saw Jamal, and noticed that he seemed to be looking right into her eye’s, her pussy began to sweat just as A J had said. ASHLEY STOVER! Ashley walked across the stage and received her diploma from Principle Andrew Johnson … or “A J” as everybody called him! As Ashley walked away, she felt a large glob of black semen ooze from her womanhood to be soaked up by her new aqua panties.

…….to be continued

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