Armored Love Ch. 02

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I know this is another short chapter, but I want to take my time to develop the story. I hope you enjoy this.


Two Weeks Later

Bianca couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had googled Anthony Strong a few days ago and was impressed with what she saw. He seemed to be on the right side of the law, he had an amazing portfolio, and most of all he seemed to be an honest guy. So if he was all of these things why couldn’t she bring herself to call him?

Bianca had to be honest; she was scared of what could happen if she did call him. She wondered what he would think of her and if he would still be interested in photographing her. That is when Bianca made up her mind; she would call him and do something she wanted to do for once in her life. What was the harm in a big sexy man taking her picture? “Not a thing” Bianca replied answering her own question.

She took a deep breath and dialed the number…….five rings later.

“Strong here” came Anthony’s deep seductive voice over the phone line.

“Um, hi this is Bianca. I met you in the park a few weeks ago.”

“Hmmm. Yes, I couldn’t forget such a beautiful lady. I assume you called to set up a time you could model for me.”

Bianca was quiet for a moment before answering.

“Yeah, could we do it sometime soon?” she asked nervously.

“How about Friday, and then maybe we could have dinner?”

Anthony was really hopeful that she would say yes. He had been thinking about her for days, well to be truthful he had been fantasizing about all the things he could do to that lush body other than taking its picture.

“Um, I guess that will be alright.” Bianca said a few moments later.

“You guess or you know? Because I want you to be sure about it”.

By his tone of voice Bianca could tell he was serious, and that this meeting meant more to him than just a ‘photo shoot’.

“Well, then yes it would be wonderful.”

“Great! So would Friday at eight be fine?”

All Anthony could think was YES!!!! She had agreed to go out with him.

“It would be great. I’ll see you then.”

“Good night Bianca.”

“‘Night çekmeköy escort Anthony.”

She had actually done it. She called and to her utter amazement he asked her out on a date. Bianca had never been on a real date before. Sure she knew about them from what her few friends had told her, but this time she would get to experience the bliss that came with a first date. This was always something she had dreamed of; going on a date. Now she was getting to experience it with one hell of a sexy man. Maybe be he was the one.


Anthony jumped in the shower and wondered whether Bianca could tell over the phone that he had been aroused by the mere sound of her voice. He had never had a woman affect him the way she does. He had photographed many women, all of them beautiful, but none of them could hold a candle to his chocolate beauty. He just hoped that she didn’t fright easy because he was going to make sure she was all his by the end of the night.

After he was done with his shower he got dressed in a pair of dark wash jeans, and a crisp white button up shirt. After he did that he made sure all of his equipment was set up, and ready to go. He was so nervous, and that didn’t happen to him. Most of the time women drooled all over him, but this time he was doing the drooling and he didn’t even mind.

Caught up in his thoughts, he started when he heard the door bell. She’s here he thought moving quickly toward the door, and what he saw when he opened that door took his breath away.

There she was standing there in a clingy black wrap dress accessorized with big gold jewelry and bright red stilettos.

“Damn, you look good!” Anthony said trying to keep his jaw from hitting the ground.

Bianca blushed and she was sure he could see it because he was standing so close.

“Thank you. You look pretty…..um I mean handsome yourself.”

“Come on in.” Anthony said just realizing that he hadn’t invited her in.

“You can set your stuff over there and we can get started.”

Bianca walked over to the wooden dinner table and set her things down. When she turned around Anthony was cevizli escort just inches away. She opened her mouth to say something, and that is when his mouth covered hers. Bianca gasped as he slid his velvety tongue inside her mouth. After that all she could do was moan. Bianca had never experienced something so erotic in her life.

Anthony couldn’t wait any more he had to taste her mouth, and what a sweet mouth it was. Anthony moved his hand over bodacious curves as she shyly touched her tongue to his.

Feeling her panties suddenly cream at his aroused groan, Bianca wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her body closer to his. She really couldn’t believe she was doing this. Bianca didn’t know where these feelings were coming from, she had never had sex before, and she was surprised how natural these feelings were. She decided to go with these feelings.

Meanwhile Anthony slid his hands down to cup her juicy ass. Hot damn was all he could think as she moved her body against his. Feeling all the intense pleasure made Anthony want to throw her down on the couch and do her right there, but as these thoughts flowed through his mind, he thought of how she had acted the other day. At that moment he realized that he couldn’t make love to her yet, and as much as he wanted to, he wanted her to trust him first.

Right as Bianca was getting up the nerve to follow her feelings Anthony stopped the show.

“Wait baby. I think we should wait a minute.”

Anthony said on a moan as he pulled away from Bianca heat.

“What? Why? Did I do something?”

Bianca said breathlessly, she was confused at what was happening. One minute they were going up in flames and the next their flames were ousted by frigid water.

“No, No baby, you didn’t do anything wrong. I just don’t think you are ready for…for what were about to.”

Bianca looked at him for a minute. Then she exploded. She was tired of people making her decisions. She could think for herself, and she damn well knew what she was feeling.

“What do you mean you don’t think I’m ready?!? Did it seem like I wasn’t ready?!? It never ceases erenköy escort to amaze me how people want to make my decisions for me!!!”

Anthony was dumbfounded at her outburst, and angry that she thought of his concern as negative.

“What in the hell are you talking about woman?!? I wasn’t making a decision for you I was just concerned! I feel like a woman should trust her man before she fucks him!!”

The moment Anthony referred to himself as her man he knew it was true. No other woman had made him feel all of these emotions at once. He was angry, but at the same time he felt compassion for her because of what she had obviously endured during her life. There was no doubt in Anthony’s mind that he had went and feel in love with this chocolate beauty.

Bianca stared into Anthony’s eyes as a myriad of conflicting emotions ran across his face. Bianca then realized that her defensive nature might have cost her something special.

“Look, I am seriously sorry. I don’t know how to take people sometimes. To be honest, I have been hurt a lot, so I’m defensive.”

Bianca apologized with her eyes cast toward the ground. She was just waiting for the joke to begin. But it didn’t.

“Hey, look at me Beautiful.” She lifted her head.

“I can tell that some not so nice things have happened to you, but that was in the past. This is the present, and I’m telling you now that I will never intentionally hurt you.”

Anthony stated this while looking deep into her dark eyes.

Bianca knew by looking into his green eyes that he was telling her the truth, and that he really believed what he said. But what would happen when he got tired of her, and decided that he wanted one of his thin models. What would happen to her? Bianca knew she should care about the questions flowing through her head but she didn’t. She wanted this man and he wanted her; she could tell by the huge bulge tightening his loose jeans.

“I know you wouldn’t hurt me Anthony.” Anthony reached his hand up to caress her cheek.

“So, Bianca can we give this attraction a chance to develop into something more?”

At that moment the chinks in Bianca’s armor became dents as she feared she had fallen in love.

“Yes, Anthony we can give us a chance.”

Anthony’s mouth once again covered hers for a brief kiss, and then he said,

“Let’s start the photo shoot.”, A wicked grin crossed his face.

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