Aria’s Assignment

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My sweet slave,

Good Morning, Aria, your Master has a special assignment for you today. The purpose of the assignment is so that you may more closely feel my dominance while I am at work this morning. I know that you may find this an enjoyable task, but the reason I have in assigning it is to keep you completely focused on your Master. I will return for lunch precisely at noon; your assignment must be complete and my lunch must be waiting on the table. I will not have much time to spend eating my lunch today, but I have informed all concerned that I may be late in returning to the office.

1) At 11:20 am, my slave will take the small plastic clamps out of the drawer, remove her gown and lie on the bed for her Master with the telephone next to her.

2) Aria will call her Master at work, and he will then give her directions for placing the clamps on her body for his pleasure. As she places each clamp, she will tell her Master how it feels.

3) Once her body has been adorned with the clamps, Aria will take her morning shower. She will remove them for only a short while to cleanse her Master’s pussy and shave her soft mound perfectly smooth for him. The clamps are to be replaced immediately after she is done.

4) Aria will then towel her body dry, comb her hair, and document her assignment with the digital camera for her Master.

5) My slave will greet her Master promptly at noon. She is to be kneeling on her pillow, her body adorned only with the clamps that her Master has directed her to place for him in his absence. We shall sit down to lunch immediately.

I look forward to your call at 11:20, my pet.

Your loving Master,



Aria was thrilled that her Master left her an assignment by e-mail this morning, it allows her such a special connection with him all day. At precisely 11:20, Aria disrobed, laid upon on their bed and placed the call to her Master.

“Good Morning Master, your slave is ready for your direction.”

“Good Morning, my pet. I want you to spread your legs apart as far as you possibly can for your Master. Grasp your clit and make it hard for your Master quickly.”

“Yes, Master.” Aria wasted no time in following his direction. In less than a minute and a half she coaxed her clit out of its secretive hiding place just as her Master had trained her to do for him.

“I assume that you are ready now, Aria. With your left hand, spread the outer lips that cover your clit. Now that the hood of your clit is in full view, pick up one clamp and place it firmly so that both the hood and my pretty pink clit are grasped snugly within it’s jaws.”

“Oh God, Master,” she gasped, “it feels wonderful!”

“I am glad that you enjoy it, my pet. Now, with your hands, separate the inner lips on your Master’s pussy. Take one clamp, and attach it to the labia on your left side, catching your inner and outer lips together.”

She obeyed his command immediately, attaching the clamp so that her soft folds were pulled away from the pale pink entrance to her pussy.

“Master, it feels exquisite. The clamp gives very firm pressure, but no pain.”

“Now, Aria, take the other clamp and attach it to both lips on the right side of your Master’s pussy.”

She completed his request with one swift move, eager to experience the feelings that he desired.

“I’ve never felt so completely open at any time before, Master. I wish you could see your pussy now, you would love it!”

“I’m sure your Master will love it, my pet. Take the remaining clamps and attach them to your nipples immediately. Gather some breast tissue within the clamps so that your nipples aren’t in pain.”

“God,” she moaned, “It feels as though my breasts and pussy are connected to each other in an incredibly erotic way, Master. It’s so intense!”

“Thank you, Aria, I will be home promptly at 12:00. I will see you then, my love.”

“Goodbye, Master, I look forward to your return. I love you!”

Aria picked up the remote control to the camera and took one shot for him, then headed straight for the shower. Time was of the essence, she had to fulfill her Master’s desires quickly. She smiled, knowing how much Kartal Fetiş Escort he enjoyed her success when striving to please him. Not only was he her life and her love, but the owner of her very heart and soul.

The hot water enhanced the effects of the clamps as it trickled over her engorged clit. She washed her long blonde hair with sensuous motions, and dreamed of showers shared with her Master in the past. Aria smiled as she remembered how hard he had fucked her in the small shower stall at the beach last November, a moment she would never forget. She had bent over for him at the waist, and braced herself on the shower wall with her hands. With that thought in mind, she bathed herself and then removed the clamps on her clit and lips so that she could cleanse and shave her body for her him. With slender fingers she moved the bar of soap slowly over her pussy and mound. She worked the rich lather deep into her soft folds. Her clit seemed to have a life of its own now; the stimulation continued after she removed the clamps. She shaved her pussy lips carefully, making sure that she was perfectly smooth for him. Then she slid a few soapy fingers farther back, gently massaging her tight little hole, and slipped a soft fingertip slightly inside. She took pride in keeping herself perfectly clean for her Master at all times. She rinsed her body, and then directed the handheld shower head at her pussy. The hot spray, now at short range, caused her to gasp because it felt so intense against her swollen clit. She carefully replaced the clamps as told. Aria then toweled herself dry, combed her hair and went downstairs to serve lunch for her Master.

Aria closed the curtain, set the glass-topped dining room table and glanced at the clock. 11:58… She heard his car turn into the drive, and brought his plate to the table. She scooped up the large violet pillow and placed it just inside of the dining room entrance, kneeling precisely as Master told her to. She was lovely in her nakedness; her nipples stretched proudly, the clamps still holding her Master’s pussy open to welcome him. She was incredibly aroused by being on display for him in this manner. Aria spread her knees slightly so that her Master could have full access to any part of her that he wished. She arched her back with grace and lowered her eyes in preparation for his welcome.

Master entered through the kitchen door, and locked it tightly. He greeted his slave on her pillow; stroking her hair while she kissed her Master’s cock out of respect for him. She loved him with all of her heart and soul, and hoped that her efforts would be found pleasing to him.

“You may join me at the table now, my slave; I want you seated directly across from your Master. Sit against the back of your chair with your legs spread completely open, one on each side of the chair so that your Master can admire his pretty pussy while he dines.”

Aria immediately complied with his desire; and proudly displayed the clamps that spread her lips open for him.

“You are right, Aria, you are very beautiful with your pussy so open for your Master, as if it were a sweet flower in full bloom. You’ve done very well today; your Master is quite pleased.”

When he finished his meal, he ordered Aria to go to the bedroom and wait for her Master upon her pillow. She flashed him a quick smile as she eased herself off of the chair without disturbing the clamps, and carried the pillow upstairs to await her Masters arrival.

He entered the room shortly afterward and buckled his collar around her neck, turning it so that the ring was facing him. He gently slid the blindfold over her eyes, and told her to kneel upright so that his slave could take her Master’s cock in her mouth. Aria complied with his request immediately, sliding her warm tongue around her lips as she awaited the gift of her Masters cock. He allowed his eyes to travel the body of his slave first, finding her quite appealing with the clamps still attached to her nipples, pussy and clit.

He grasped a handful of her golden hair and tilted her head slightly backwards before driving his thick cock deep within his slave’s eager mouth. He watched in wonder as she made love to it with a passion Kartal Gecelik Escort that he’d never experienced before. He smiled, knowing very well that the clamps had produced the desired effect. Aria was overwhelmingly aroused, taking his hot cock deeply into her throat like a greedy, hungry slut. She took her Master’s cock inside of her so aggressively that he pounded the back of her throat with every stroke. After a short time he backed away from her, and took her hand within his while leading her to the bed. He positioned Aria with her back facing the canopy-style bed frame, and took in the lovely vision of her golden hair spilling over her breasts. He swiftly grasped one wrist and wrapped a fleece-lined leather cuff around it, securing it well with the shiny chrome buckle. Taking her other wrist he followed suit, his nimble fingers fastening the buckle in a just a few seconds.

“Spread your legs for me girl, your Master wants to see his pretty pussy!”

Aria did as he requested, blushing as she felt some of her creamy juices escape her fully exposed pussy. Several droplets ran down her silken thighs. An evil grin spread across his face as he drank in the sight. He returned his attention to securing her wrists to the bed frame, in spread-eagle style.

“Perfect,” he thought to himself when done.

He asked Aria how her nipples and pussy felt, and she replied that she had never been so stimulated, so wickedly horny in her life. He smiled and reached toward her breasts, and gently flicked the clamps with his fingertips several times. His actions brought forth soft moans from his sweet pet.

“Does that feel good, Aria?”

“Yes, Master,” she cooed, “please don’t stop!”

He had other plans, and slid one hand between her open legs, deliberately bumping the clamps and causing them to sway side to side.

“Does my slave enjoy the feeling of having her clit held captive for her Master?

“Yes Sir,” she gasped, “It’s wildly intense and erotic at the same time!”

“Your Master is very happy with your success in completing your assignment, Aria. My slave will now be rewarded for pleasing her Master so very well.”

He quickly released the clamps from her nipples and watched as they became a beautiful shade of deep pink as his slave softly moaned his name. He picked up a rabbit pelt from the table and ran it gently over her breasts. The softness of the fur against her distended nipples caused Aria to melt in his hands, her body becoming completely relaxed. He kissed his slave gently on the forehead, and then lowered himself to his knees so that he could have full access to his pussy. With one brief movement, he quickly removed the clamps from her swollen lips and set them aside.

He took one last look at his slave’s clit stretched within the green clamp before gently removing it. Raising a finger to his mouth, he moistened it and placed his wet fingertip directly on top of her elongated clit, working it in a circular motion until she reacted with a deep moan. He smiled in a pleasantly perverse manner and began flicking his fingernail back and forth across her clit until she screamed for him.

“My Aria, I can see that you enjoy your Master teasing your naughty clit, but Master has only begun to truly enjoy his slave.”

He took the entire hood within his fingers and squeezed gently, marveling at how long and hard her clit was for him. He licked his fingers again, and gently massaged the area for a moment. He arose from the floor and took his flogger from the table, running the suede falls over the top of her shoulders down to her breasts, teasing her nipples with its velvety texture. He set the flogger aside for a moment and grasped her nipples between his fingertips, slowly pulling them towards himself until they slipped out of his grasp. He then gathered her breasts tightly within his hands as he spoke:

“I believe my slave has wanted to know what my flogger would feel like on her breasts for some time now. Today, Aria, your Master will grant you that wish.”

He picked up the flogger again and moved slightly to her side. He began slapping her breasts gently with the flogger, first one, then the other, deliberately staying Kartal Genç Escort away from her nipples. He worked her soft breasts for almost twenty minutes, gradually increasing his force. The flogger landed with a thud against her bare skin again and again until it glowed in muted shades of rose, pink and red. Her Master stopped for a moment and took one hardened nipple between his lips and flicked at it with his tongue, assaulting it until his girl reacted with a gasp. He moved on to her other breast, feeling the warmth of her hot skin upon his cheek while he treated her other nipple to a tongue lashing. Just for fun, he gave her nipple a quick bite. He was delighted when his slave shrieked… her entire body reacting solely for his pleasure. He kissed her nipple softly and backed away from her several feet. This time the flogger fell directly on her nipples, again and again, left, right, left… picking up speed and intensity until his slave girl screamed for his pleasure once again.

Repositioning himself, he began swinging the flogger back and forth from the floor upwards. His aim was remarkable, the flogger landed on his slave’s sensitive clit as the ends of the falls curled upward to slap her bare pussy each time they came in contact with her body. He watched in amazement as she started thrusting her pelvic area upward toward him with every stroke, her mind and body completely adrift in sensation. She saw nothing, heard nothing, she could no longer speak. Her body felt nothing but pure pleasure under the ministrations of her Master’s skilled hands.

He allowed her to float for a while, and then began slowing his strokes until Aria had relaxed once again and stood silent before him. Returning the flogger to the table, he knelt in front of her and slid two fingers inside of her pussy, finding it completely drenched. He started fucking her with his fingers, massaging her inner walls steadily with firm strokes. As he expected, Aria became more aware of her surroundings as her Master began fucking her faster, harder. He withdrew his hand for a moment and slid a slim vibrator inside of her and twisting it, coating it well with her slick pussy juices. He slid it out and eased the vibrator more than halfway inside of his slave’s tight pink ass. Aria purred when he turned the vibrator on, and held it within herself effortlessly.

“Very good, my slave, your Master loves it when you give so much of yourself for his pleasure.”

He began fucking his slave with his fingers, picking up the pace as the minutes flew by. Faster, harder, the palm of his hand slapped against her engorged clit with every stroke. Aria strained against her chains now, and was thrusting her entire body towards his fingers as if pleading for more. Her chest heaved with every passionate breath, and a continuous stream of deep pitched moans issued forth from her mouth, sweet music to her Masters ears. She was so lost in the moment that she couldn’t respond aurally with anything than other than deep, guttural sounds. Her entire being was now consumed with pure lust and longing for her Master’s touch. She began to fuck his fingers with complete abandon, her moans soon reaching a feverish pitch. Her Master knew instinctively that his sweet slave was almost ready to giver herself to him completely.

“That’s my girl… Cum for your Master! Now!”

Her began spanking her clit with sharp slaps as he provoked her g-spot with his nimble fingertips. One, two, three, four…The fifth hard slap sent her over the edge, and screams of orgasmic bliss filled the air as his slave’s burning hot pussy showered his hand and wrist with an extraordinary amount of ejaculate. The warm, clear liquid ran down his arm and pooled on the wooden floor below them.

He had never seen his slave cum so hard for him before; she was shaking violently and could hardly catch her breath. He stood and held her heaving body within his arms as he kissed her lips softly. When Aria finally began to relax, he disconnected the chains that clasped her cuffs to the bed frame, and she collapsed within his arms. He gently lowered her to the bed, climbed in beside her and held her next to his warm body as she drifted off to sleep. He stroked her hair gently and whispered:

“Thank you, my Aria, you have made your Master very proud today”

Resting his lips upon her flushed cheek for a moment, he kissed her tenderly and pulled the light flannel sheet over her exhausted body.

“Sweet dreams, my precious one. I love you with all of my heart and soul.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32