Annie and the Mandingos


Annie approached the mysterious house with anticipation. “Was she really going to do it?” she asked herself. After all she had not had any sex for a year, and she certainly had never taken part in a gang bang. Yet that was exactly what she intended to do. Furthermore it would be with a gang of black guys who had appropriated the name “The Mandingos.” What would Ron think of her?

She reflected that her late husband might have approved. He’d often urged her to bring another man, preferably a well hung black one, into their marriage.

After twenty years of splendid sex with the only man she’d ever done it with she was going to find out. Ron had died a year earlier and Annie just couldn’t bring herself to date any of her husband’s old friends although each, including the married ones, made sure she knew each was ready to “help her out.”

Certainly she could use some help. Celibacy, after two decades of wonderful sex, had its own price. She found herself fantasizing about every man she saw. She even bought some of the so-called adult videos.

Strangely those which moved her the most weren’t the ones which reminded her of her husband. They were videos of big black men, pouring it to petite white women. The fantasy of being one of the women became a compulsion

Now she was going to find out if the fantasy would be as exotic as she’d fantasized. She knocked on the door of the mysterious house sitting off the beaten track. The door opened and she was greeted by a huge black man.

“Welcome to the Mandingo Club, young lady. I am Henry. Please let me bring you a martini. I’d guess you are in need of a strong one, right” Annie looked up at Henry, the man whom she assumed would be her first lover in the gang bang she requested.

Her voice sounded weak and far away as she managed to answer, “Thank you. I think I need a strong one, three to one, and stirred, not shaken.”

The big man smiled, “Coming right up, and I’m guessing a second marti might fikirtepe escort be needed to shake off all the butterflies, right?”

The levity helped a bit but there was still business to be taken care of. In a low voice, almost a whisper, Annie said “Yes, but I made an appointment to . . .to . . . uh . . . to date a man named Henry, and I want to do what I came here for.”

“Oh you will, Annie. I’m delighted to be your first . . . uh, your first date.”

“Well, where we going to do it?,” asked the young lady.

“Let’s socialize a tad by finishing our drinks. They are made to perfection and nothing goes with sex better than smooth gin and vermouth, unless it’s a petite. lovely, woman and a black man with a large appendage.

After drinking their libations, Henry took Annie into his arms, and pulled her tight. When she felt the hard, erect appendage pressing against her body, the young lady realized this was it.

It was hardly a surprise because she had dressed specifically for sex. Her sleek, one piece, dress clung to her body, unencumbered by underwear.

“Are you going to put that big thing inside me,” she asked?

“Yes, indeed Annie, and I’m going to do more than that. You ever heard the term ‘eating the creme pie’?”

“Oh indeed, and I’ve heard of gang bang. Are both offered at the Mandingo Club?”

“Let’s just say that you will leave here with a satisfied smile on your face. The Mandingo Club and its members insist on your satisfaction. We might start with a kiss.”

With that Henry pulled his soon to be lover close to himself and fondled her bare ass as he pulled her dress up. After a year of celibacy Annie knew she was on the verge of getting a fucking such as she had only dreamt of.

She showed her willingness to do it by pulling Henry’s face to hers and opening her mouth. The hot Frenchie was enhanced by feeling the black man’s cock pressing into her stomach and his hands fondling her gebze escort bare ass.

Then he reached behind her neck and unhooked the hasp on her zipper allowing her dress to fall to the floor. She unclasped the hasp to her bra and her titties now stood erect. Her dress fell to the floor and Annie stepped out of them. She pushed off the panties and she was naked.

Henry followed suit and quickly shed all this clothes.

The shedding of clothing and foreplay were doing their job. Passion took over her body. She started desperately rubbing against him as if some sort of satisfaction could be achieved by merely rubbing.

And it seemed as if that might be the case. Henry moved faster as if he were going to let fly. Then he stopped. “You sure you want this Annie.”

“Oh god yes, she answered.” “More than anything in the world. Where can we do it?”

At the Mandingo Club sex was more than performance art. Those not engaged were encouraged to watch those who were. And this night they got a bravo performance. Other Mandingos and their escorts, mostly petite white women, watched in awe as Annie and Henry were going at it.

Henry gently lowered his petite paramour to a mattress on the floor.

“I want it more than anything,” The lovely widow said.

“I know you do little angel, but let’s do it right. He leaned over her, kissed her then moved south. He kissed, licked and nuzzled each titty in turn, then moved south.

When he moved between Annie’s legs he kissed where only Ron had ever kissed. He pulled the lips of her labia apart and ran his tongue over her clitoris then he lifted her hips and buried it deep in her vagina.

Oh God! This was nostalgia covered with passion. Annie felt the orgasms building. Soon the petite, lovely widow was writhing in ecstasy. Crying “oooh my god ooooh god I want this so much,” she raised her hips off the floor and ground her wet pussy into her host’s mouth.”

She called for more içerenköy escort and she got it! Henry moved on top. Her petite, lily white, body was covered, almost smothered, by a black body twice her weight. Annie felt Henry’s body crushing her. And she loved it! This was why she had gone to the Mandingo Club. Her year’s stint of being celibate was over.

The young widow put her arms around Henry’s body, pulled him tight to her, and lifted her ass off the bed. She looked down past her belly and saw about nine inches of hard, black cock pointed at her. She grabbed it and guided it to her wet vulva.

The large black man and his petite white paramour started moving in concert. Eons of evolution topped years of self imposed segregation. The white woman was getting fucked as she’d never been fucked.

And it was wonderful! Curiosity gave way to passion. Annie proclaimed her ecstasy by shoving her body back, meeting every thrust with a violent thrust of her own.

Those in the room watching as well as those passing on the sidewalk were treated to cries of unrestrained passion.

The gutteral Yo gonna get the fucking of your life. I’m gonna shove it in yo white pussy until you cum, white bitch!

was followed by her plaint “Stop bragging and keep on fucking, you black Adonis. I need this and I want you to give it to me. And don’t pull out, keep fucking”

Although fucking wasn’t a spectator sport at the Mandingo Club, the exhibition put on by Annie and her lover was the talk of the club for years.

Then it happened. Henry started giving those short, hard strokes deep inside her. Annie responded in kind. She was pulling her black lover inside him when she felt it. One hard lunge after the other was accompanied by his orgasm.

She could feel each, and each brought forth a scream. Now they lay still. She felt Henry’s heart beating against her own pulsating body. He held her face and gave her a tender kiss.

“That it?” She asked.

“Yeah, fo the time being. But they is a half dozen other bloods waiting to get a piece of you.”

“More? I wonder how many more I an handle?”

“Jes, lay honkey gal. That big brotha standin’ there is gone lick you creme pie then fuck yo white pussy.

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