Amy Goes Shopping


(The continuing story of Josh & Amy as their slutty housekeeper takes them further into depravity. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do writing them.)


Josh couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through his body. He looked up at the unbelievable woman seated on his cock. Although she wasn’t moving, it felt like she was massaging his cock and sucking on the head at the same time.

“Do you like the pleasures I give you?” she asked, her voice a cross between a hiss and a purr.

Josh nodded dumbly, words unavailable as his orgasm quickly approached.

Suddenly her eyes changed to a green color and she grinned wickedly, “Cum for me mortal. Give me your seed.”

His cock locked deep inside by the incredible liquid suction of her pussy, Josh tried to pull away in horror – and woke up to find Allie’s mouth locked around his cock. “Nggggg,” he groaned as his cock exploded into her mouth, while she hungrily swallowed spurt after after spurt of hot cum. “Oh my fucking god Allie. You are unbelievable.”

“Mmmmmm. Good morning lover. I just couldn’t keep away from that luscious cock of yours.” She added with a wicked grin that gave him a shiver and goosebumps, “you don’t mind do you?”

Josh laughed. “Hell no! Keep draining it like that and You can play with it whenever you want.” Looking at the alarm clock, he added, “I’m kind of surprised to see you here so early though.”

“I wanted to get an early start. Amy and I have a big day of shopping ahead of us.” She jerked her head towards the bathroom, “Give me a couple minutes and then come see how we’re doing in there.” Rising off the bed, she gave Josh’s cock one last kiss and walked away.

Josh groaned a little as he watched her go, replacing her lips with his hand on the sensitive head of his cock. Her ass was perfectly framed by the pair of jeans she was wearing with just a hint of gap between her upper thighs. Even now, just after a great orgasm, all he could think about was bending her over and burying his face between her legs. The peach colored long sleeve shirt accented her dark skin beautifully and molded itself to her body, showing off the tits he jokingly called the perfect mouthful. He lay there for a minute thinking about the last couple days. It was hard to believe how much had changed since he walked in the house earlier that week to find Amy bound and quivering on their kitchen table with Allie driving her wild. He felt like a new man. People looked at him differently. It was as if finally having the sex he had always fantasized about had supercharged his testosterone.

Curiousity finally getting the better of his musings, he gave his over sensitive cock a rest, rolled to his feet out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

“What do you think, lover?” Allie asked as she looked up, completing a smooth, slow swipe of a razor across her ‘project’.

There Amy sat on the counter, legs spread, with only a few patches of shaving cream left on her nearly bare pussy. Looking at Josh with a bright grin, she said, “Hey Baby! Allie does good work doesn’t she? Mmmmm. Her fingers feel so warm and soft.” To punctuate her moan, she raised one hand up to a heavy, freckled tit and rolled its hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “She says she’s got real treat in store for me today and I need to look my best.”

“Yes, Allie does very good work,” laughed Josh, his cock quickly lengthening and swelling at the site of Allie’s bright red fingernails slipping between his wife’s wet folds.

With two slow swipes Allie had Amy’s pussy totally bare. Flashing Josh a wicked grin, she wiped it clean with a thick white towel. Amy moaned as the hot and steaming cloth was drawn across her now totally bare lips. Replacing the towel with her fingers, Allie drew more moans from Amy as she expertly began to fuck her.

Josh realized his hand was circling his thick cock in rhythm with Allie’s ministrations to his wife. His thumb and forefinger sliding in a circle under the thick sensitive ridge of his swollen head each time he stroked upwards. He moved closer as Amy began to move her hips against Allie’s fingers, trying to push her pussy deeper against her maddening fingers.

Allie continued grinning, reveling in the power she had over these two. Soon she knew they would be total slaves to their lust which she controlled. “Mmmmmmm. Look how creamy her pussy is getting baby. She’s such a horny slut!”

Josh was close enough to see how swollen and puffy her lips were, her engorged clit hungrily poking out. Allie’s middle two fingers glistened as they curved up and rubbed in hard circles against Amy’s G-spot.

“Ohhhhh, fuck yes!” Amy groaned as Allie began to rub against her clit every time she pushed her fingers in. “Rub my fucking clitty. Jesus that feels good.” Both hands were now pulling and twisting on her thick rubbery nipples as she began to lose her battle against Allie’s hand.

Josh was now stroking himself as hard as he could. He could feel his balls lifting up and he moved quickly over to Amy, his cockhead nearly touching her chest. “Does that feel good baby? God you look so fucking sexy like that, Bycasino spread open with Allie’s fingers inside you. Oh fuck. Here it comes.” Josh’s back hunched over as his orgasm washed through his body and exploded out of his cock. The first heavy spurt of cum shot across Amy’s tits. She quickly coated her nipples with it, moaning as Allie expertly brought her closer and closer to her own orgasm. Josh continued groaning as his hot cum emptied out all over Amy.

Amy’s eyes were closed and her face a mask of pleasure as Allie took her to the brink. As the first hot spray of Josh’s cum splashed across her chest she began moaning, her hips moving wildly against Allie’s hand. “Fuuuuuckkkkk yesssss,” she exhaled in a long ragged moan as her own explosive orgasm followed her husband’s. Her guttural moans quickly changed to a whimper as she slumped on the counter, totally exhausted.

“Mmmmm, good girl,” Allie purred, pulling her glistening fingers slowly out of Amy’s still quivering pussy. With a glance at Josh, she reached up and coated her own hard nipples with his wife’s juices, playing with them until they stood out in hard, brown points. “Care for a treat?” she asked.

Josh replied by quickly sucking first one then the other clean. Finishing with a smack of his lips he laughed and, “I think I’m afraid to know what kind of shopping trip you have in mind!”

Amy blushed as Allie just grinned and said, “A memorable one.”

TO THE MALL Later, Amy nervously stood in front of Allie in her outfit for the day: a green pair of flip-flops, a soft blue pattern print skirt, and a green lightweight v-neck tee. Underneath, Allie had required her to wear a matching black crotchless bra and panty set. Her top did little to hide her huge nipples, in fact quite the opposite. The smooth fabric felt delicious against her bare nipples and each little movement of fabric across them sent a jolt to her freshly shaved pussy. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Last week she could probably count on one hand the number of times she’d even given a blow-job, let alone had the kind of wild sex that had been driving her wild the last few days. Now here she was in a heightened state of arousal standing in front of the person who was slowly dominating her every thought.

Ever since that day Josh came home and found her on display like some piece of lewd meat, she was painfully aware of how different her body felt. She always new she was attractive but now she was beginning to revel in what her body meant. Now when men (and women!) noticed her body she didn’t feel offended, she felt a thrill. And when she was around Allie, she went from feeling a secret sense of titillation to being downright horny. It was like the pleasure that Allie had made her body feel was the sweetest drug. Far from feeling sated, she was growing increasingly hungry for more. There was still a small, rational part of her that questioned what was happening but with each mind-blowing orgasm it grew more and more quiet.

“Mmm, you look very nice slut. Just like the perfect little housewife who has a body built for fucking but doesn’t know what do do with it. I can see your nipples are feeling very nice. Lift up your skirt and let’s see that sexy lil kitty of yours.”

A little jolt shot through Amy when Allie called her a slut. *It’s true.* She thought to herself while raising her skirt. *She is turning me into a total slut.*

Allie grinned as Amy’s hairless pussy came into view. Her lips seemed slightly puffy. A sure sign of her current state of arousal and the great deal of attention it had been getting recently. She moved close enough to whisper in Amy’s ear, “This is just the beginning slut. You have no idea how much pleasure your body is capable of.” She cupped Amy’s bare mound, pushing the length of her middle finger into her soft opening, curving it slightly so the tip just barely slipped inside. “By the time I’m through, you will understand what true pleasure is and how to treat your husband right.” Amy’s lips parted in a small silent “Oh” as Allie drew her finger up to Amy’s clit before moving her mouth to Amy’s where her tongue flicked out in a light kiss against her upper lip. “Now. Let’s go shopping.”

The drive to the mall was relatively uneventful. Allie had her fingers inside Amy most of the way there but she did not let her cum. By the time they had parked and walked inside, Amy was dying from the exquisite torture of being kept on the edge. Every step caused her painfully hard nipples to rub against her shirt. The friction of her legs combined with the delicious feeling of air across her bare lips was maddening. In short, she was in heat and knew it. She measured every person they walked past hungrily, fantasizing about cocks, asses, tongues and pussies the further into the mall she went.

“Now slut,” Allie began. “Walk a few steps in front of me towards the escalator. I want you to walk slowly so that everyone can see you. Make eye contact with everyone who makes eye contact with you. I want everyone who sees you to know what a horny little piece of meat you are and how they could have you if they only asked. I Bycasino giriş will be watching their faces so I will know how well you are doing.”

Amy began walking towards the center of the mall. That far off part of her mind that was still rational was vaguely uncomfortable with all the attention she began attracting but her undeniable lust, built up during the trip over, was overpowering. She began openly flirting with the guys who passed her. A few looked as if they wanted to talk to her but they all appeared to have second thoughts at the last minute. Finally, as she was walking up to the escalator, a group of four young guys who appeared to be G.I.s began openly flirting with her. As she stepped onto the escalator, they positioned themselves around her as the boldest to her front began talking to her. As pathetically cheesy pick-up lines flowed out of his mouth, Amy began to size him up. Cheesy or not, she was desperately horny and she began lightly running her right hand over her chest where it circled a nipple.

“Excuse me boys,” Allie interrupted as they reached the top. “This slutty piece of ass is coming with me.” As she spoke, Allie quickly lifted Amy’s skirt and gave her a resounding slap on her ass.

“Jesus Christ!” “Dude, did you see that?” “Holy fuckin’ shit her ass was hot!”

Allie steered Amy away from the fading babble of excited voices and towards Nordstrom, her hand resting lightly on the small of Amy’s back. “No playtime yet slut, first we need to get you some new clothes.”

The first two hours were relatively uneventful for Amy, but increasingly more erotic. Men and women seemed to pick up on the waves of arousal that seemed to be flowing from her. The brink of orgasm that Allie took her to during the ride over had blossomed into a primal urge that was dominating her every thought. Every flirtatious conversation added to her heat. Her nipples were a constant physical advertisement for how horny she was. She was sure the shoe salesman who helped her nearly came in his pants when she spread her legs and displayed her pussy for him. She could smell herself and knew he could too. Looking down at him was delicious – his hard cock showing in his slacks, his eyes locked on her wet, bare lips without trying to be obvious. She kept silently willing him to slide his hands up her legs but he was too nervous to do so. The lingerie lady was quite willing to oblige, however.

“Now slut, let’s find you some clothes to show off that magnificent body of yours,” Allie said with a wicked tone to her voice. “You need something to keep Josh’s mind occupied and I know just the store to visit.”

As they entered the boutique, a sales girl quickly came up to see if they needed assistance. She was young, probably a college freshman and the typically beautiful boutique employee. Very stylishly dressed and obviously athletic, she resembled what Amy would think a beach volleyball pro would look like dressed in Dolce & Gabbana. Her cream colored slacks, stylishly loose yet still form-fitting, could not hide a perfectly shaped ass. Her green top hugged what was obviously a stomach rippling with muscle before a slighly lower than normal neckline highlighted a gravity defying, yet small enough to likely be real, chest.

“Welcome to Giselle’s, my name is Alicia how can I help you?” she asked, her blue eyes widening slightly as she took in Amy and Allie.

Allie chuckled lightly, nodded her head at Amy and said, “She is need of a great deal of assistance, but I’m sure can handle her needs quite well.”

With a quick smile the sales girl replied, “Certainly, we have a great deal here that I’m sure will be perfect for her. Would you prefer one of our fitting suites? They’re much more comfortable and allow for personalized assistance.”

“Absolutely,” Allie replied.

As she led them towards their room, Allie walked ahead and chatted quietly with Alicia as Amy found herself staring at both of them, their asses framed beautifully. God she was so horny. All she could think about was how badly she wanted to make them both cum, to run her fingers and tongue all over their bodies, to taste their skin and juices. She could tell she was close to dripping. Her arousal lubricating her to the point that she could feel her lips sliding against each other with every step.

“Here we are,” Alicia gestured, holding a door open for them. “Amy, Allie explained to me what you are looking for. Please relax in here and I’ll be back momentarily.”

As she said this, she lightly touched Amy’s shoulder, her fingers running down her arm ever so slightly before leaving with a smile. Amy felt a jolt in her stomach at her touch, her head reeling a little. “Ahhh, OK,” she replied dumbly. Her mind so far in the gutter she couldn’t think clearly.

“Mmmmmm, doesn’t she look delicious slut?” Allie’s voice brok her reverie. “I bet you’d love to feel her clit on your tongue wouldn’t you?” She moved up behind Amy as she spoke, pushing her chest against Amy’s back. “How wet is my slut’s little cunny I wonder?” As she spoke lowly into Amy’s hear, Allie reached around in front and under her dress, two fingers Bycasino deneme bonusu slipping inside Amy with absolutely no resistance. “Oh what a wet little pussy you have.”

Amy groaned and almost collapsed as Allie quickly began fucking her with her fingers. “Yesssssss,” a ragged groan escaped her lips as her hips immediately began bucking against Amy’s hand. Then, as quickly as it began, it was over as Allie disengaged with a wicked laugh and spun Amy around.

“Clean my fingers slut, you’ve made them all messy,” she commanded, holding her two glistening fingers up to Amy’s face.

With no hesitation, Amy quickly closed her mouth over Allie’s fingers tasting her own juices, wet suction cleaning her fingers off. Her pussy still quivering lightly, Amy pulled her mouth off just as the door opened and Alicia reappeared. Blushing slightly, she turned to face her as she walked in, her thick nipples attempting to poke a hole through her top and her tender lips puffy and wet.

Alicia presented an armload of lingerie and said with a grin, “I found a great deal of lingerie for you Amy. You have a great body, there is so much here that will look lovely on it.”

Amy blushed even more at her comment and replied with a laugh, “Oh, it’s not that great, but thank you anyway.”

Then Allie chimed in, “Well, let’s get that body naked so we can see what she brought.” She punctuated the statement with a sharp slap on Amy’s ass that made her jump a little and brought a raised eyebrow and inquisitive smile to Alicia’s lips.

“Right,” Alicia said, “You just skin down and we’ll start with the basics.”

As Amy took her clothes off, she distantly thought how it would appear to Alicia that she wasn’t wearing panties. With an inward giggle, she hoped it would turn her on. But as Alicia lay out the clothes, she seemed entirely professional, not seeming to notice that her customer wore no panties, was shaved completely bare and had nipples as thick as a baby’s thumb standing out from her chest. Teddies, camisoles, panties and boy shorts, the next half-hour passed with one outfit after another coming on and off. As time wore on, the clothes grew more risque, the fabrics sheerer and more daring. Alicia was lightly chattering but appeared to be engrossed in her job. However, each adjustment here and every tug there as she tightened, stretched, pulled and adjusted the clothes soon had Amy furiously embarassed as she realized she was beginning to smell her own arousal. Alicia’s soft hands and insistent fingers, while totally innocent, were having a powerful effect on her. Then the clothes became more daring. Fishnet body suits, crotchless bra & panty sets, racy bustiers – clothes that Amy knew would drive Josh crazy. And, to be honest, just trying them on was driving her a little crazy with Alicia’s hands all over her.

Finally, she was trying on a tiny blue thong with matching bra, stockings and garters. The bra didn’t quite fit so Alicia stood behind her and adjusted the straps, her fingertips tracing fire on her upper back and shoulders. As she finished the adjustments in back, she reached around to re-position the Allie’s aching tits in the cups. As she did so and pulled her hands away, she slowly scraped each nipple with the nails on her index fingers. Unable to control herself, a long ragged groan escaped from Amy’s lips. Without a word, Alicia grabbed each nipple and began pulling them out and slowly rolling them between her fingers. After the long day of teasing, it was finally too much for Amy.

The sensations on her overstimulated nipples shot straight to her clit and her body erupted in orgasm. She first sagged backwards against Alicia, who was now squeezing her tits and teasing her nipples, and then collapsed to the floor, totally overcome by the intense sensations washing over her body. “Oh my fucking god,” she moaned on her hands and knees, her pussy quivering and her chest heaving as she gasped for air. “Oh fuck. Yes. Jesus fucking christ.” Amy had never cum so hard in all her life, she very nearly blacked out.

She slowly raised her head as the waves subsided to see Allie sitting back with a grin on her face, one hand idly toying with her own hard nipple.

“Why don’t you turn around slut, and thank Alicia for your release?” she asked.

In a daze, Amy spun herself around on her knees to see that Alicia’s slacks were sliding down over her smooth muscular thighs. As Alicia slid her panties down and stepped out of both, Amy moved forward hungrily. To turned on to bother with foreplay, she literally buried her face in Alicia’s pussy and began lapping away. One hand on each ass cheek, pulling her towards her devouring mouth, trying to push her tongue as far inside as it would go. Amy felt Alicia’s hands come down to her head as her mouth and tongue went to work, alternating between fucking her and licking away at her slick lips and hardening clit. Spit hung down to the floor and juices covered her cheeks as she feverishly devoured Alicia. The grip on her head began to harden and she doubled her efforts, her nose rubbing against Alicia’s clit as her tongue curved up and in as it lapped away. Amy could feel Alicia begin to quiver slightly and she slid her mouth up to her clit where she sucked it into her mouth and onto her tongue. That was all it took and Amy was able to look up and see Alicia throw her head back as her own orgasm exploded all over Amy’s face.

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