All Ashore Ch. 03


The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author’s permission.

This story takes place in the entirely fictional city of Springfield, California, so don’t go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD’s, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex.

This story contains elements of f/f, m/f and m/m sexual activity. If any of these types of sex offend you, please read no further.

—————– ————

Tara was sitting in the office of Dr. Sam Anderson, plastic surgeon extraordinaire. The young woman, only eighteen years old, had always hated being flat. She had met and become sexually involved with Dr. Anderson and his wife Dr. Karen Spencer-Anderson on Tara’s first voyage as a maid with Deep Blue Cruises. She had confessed her distress with her lack of curves, and he had told her he would perform breast augmentation surgery at a severe discount if she wanted it. She had made the appointment a month ago, and had been waiting for her most recent voyage to come to an end. The day after she had docked, she had shown up at the office. It was at that moment that she informed Sam that she had changed her mind.

Sam looked at her and smiled. “It’s a scary prospect isn’t it?”

“Sort of,” she said. She was glad he wasn’t angry at her. He had set aside time for her and had offered her a great deal, but something had changed in her mind in the last few weeks. It had started when she had an impromptu three-way experience with her two best friends, the beautiful and voluptuous Keira and her bust guy-friend Paul. She had told Sam about what happened that night, and he had listened patiently.

“I’m going to want to do it someday,” she told him. “But I’m just not ready right now, and I don’t think I need it right now.” That was what had changed in her head. After being with Sam and Karen, then Paul and another friend Jeff and having that followed up by being with Paul and Keira, Tara had realized that people WERE attracted to her. She still wanted curves, but it wasn’t going to kill her to wait a couple of years and let her body finish developing a bit more before doing it. Sam had wholeheartedly agreed with that idea.

“I’ll be willing to do the surgery as long as I’m practicing, so just look me up when you’re ready.” Sam stood up to shake her hand, but she lunged across the desk and hugged him.

“Thanks for being understanding.”

“It’s more than all right. Hey, why don’t you bring you friends by the house this weekend? Karen will be having her first couple of days off in almost a month, and we’ve got a huge new grill that’s just been begging to get fired up!”

“That sounds like fun,” she said. “But who else would be there? I mean, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be around a bunch of doctors . . . beside you and Karen I mean.”

“No offense taken,” he said. “Actually, we could just make it us and your friends if you like, but I’ve got some friends and neighbors that I think you’d get along with just fine. Invite whoever you want and bring your bathing suits.” Tara thought that would be fine, and it might be nice for some of her friends to mingle with a more sophisticated crowd.

He escorted her out to the office where Paul was waiting. Tara had told the gang about her change of heart earlier, but Paul had come along just in case she changed her mind again. Sam shook Paul’s hand, glanced at Tara and then gave her a quick wink that made her blush.

—————— ————-

Back at the house . . .

—————— ————-

Tara and Paul got back to Keira’s house, which was occupied by between six and nine other people at any given moment. So many of them were at sea so much that trying to afford their own places didn’t make much sense, and Keira didn’t mind the company or financial assistance. While the gang was free to crash anywhere in the living area or the two spare bedrooms, the master bedroom was Keira’s. During their first break, Keira had let Tara sleep in the giant king-sized bed with her, but that was before the things had gotten . . . sexual. When they had gotten in yesterday, she hadn’t wanted to stay in that room. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interested in “playing” with Keira, but she didn’t want Paul to think she was moving on. Quite frankly, she still wasn’t sure what she wanted. But Keira had insisted, and had even invited Paul to crash in there as well. They had all been far too tired to do anything but go to sleep anyway. But that wouldn’t be the case later in the evening.

A couple members of the Lounge Gang were hanging out and basking in the first day of their three-week break. Jeff and Thomas were playing basketball out in the driveway while Sunny was working on her tan in the backyard. bağdatcaddesi escort Sunny was certainly a looker and a bit of an exhibitionist, and she had already drawn a number of appreciative glances from neighbors and housemates. Keira was at her desk paying the bills. Carlos was conspicuously absent. Carlos was notorious for his poor treatment of women he had slept with, and he had apparently had designs towards Tara when she first showed up. Keira had basically started sleeping with him just to keep him distracted, and she had done a masterful job. Keira was probably the only woman who Carlos had been so enraptured by that he hadn’t disrespected her, but she had dumped him when Tara decided that she had other and better options. Carlos had crashed at the house the previous night, but he was gone first thing in the morning.

Tara plopped down on the bed while Paul went to get a snack. Keira groaned and stretched her neck.

“How long have you been sitting there?” Tara asked, moving behind her friend and gently rubbing her friend’s neck and shoulders. She made no claims to being a great masseuse or anything, but sometimes even a little bit could help.

“A couple of hours. I hate paying bills. It’s my SECOND least favorite time of the month. That feels nice,” she said, leaning her head back until it rested on Tara’s chest. “By the way, for what it’s worth, I think you made the right call. Not getting the operation and all. Give yourself a bit more time.”

“I know. But it’s easy for you to say. You’re perfect.”

“Not hardly, but thanks for saying it.”

“Karen and Sam invited us over to their place for a swim and a barbecue. Told me to invite all my friends. Interested?”

“Free food and a chance to get half-naked?” Keira turned her head and smiled a bit.

“Okay,” said Tara, returned that smile, “that was a stupid question. Did you want me to get Sunny to work your shoulders?” Sunny gave almost notoriously good neck, shoulder and back rubs.

“No, what you’re doing is fine. Is everyone going to be invited to Karen and Sam’s?”

Tara wondered if Keira was worried about Carlos showing up. “I thought I’d invite the whole gang. I figured everyone needs to unwind a bit.”

Keira stopped, put the stuff she was working on down on the desk. “Sweetie, I just wanted you to know that it’s okay.”

“What’s okay?” Tara responded.

“To be confused and to want to take some things slowly. Paul and I both noticed that you got a bit quieter after that night we were all together. We talked a bit last night after you went to sleep.”

About that time, Paul appeared and dropped a sandwich and diet soda off on the desk. “Here you go,” he said to Keira. “I figured you hadn’t eaten yet.” As Keira greedily devoured the morsel, Paul wrapped an arm around Tara’s shoulders. “She’s right you know,” he said to the younger girl. “We don’t want you to think you have to chose one of us.”

Tara felt a surge or relief. “But can we still . . . you know?” She blushed.

“Anytime you want,” said Keira. “And if you want to be with other people, like . . . oh, say, Karen and Sam, that’s fine too. Just be careful.”

Tara’s arms were wrapped around Keira’s and she pressed her face against her friends. This gave her a great view straight down the dark-haired girl’s v-neck tee-shirt which was strained to the last trying to contain those 36-DD tits. Keira liked to let them bounce around unconstrained by a bra when she was at home. Tara was suddenly feeling very naughty. Her hands drifted down into Keira’s shirt and cupped the sides of those heavy, warm fun-bags.

“Sweetie,” Keira said throatily, “I need to pay bills.”

“You said ‘Anytime you want.’ I want now,” Tara said petulantly. “Paul would you close the door please?” she asked wiggling her ass at him.

“She’s got you there,” he said with an evil grin as he closed the door to the bedroom.

“You just want to get laid,” Keira said as Tara continued fondling those tits. Tara hadn’t really gotten to play with them as much as she would’ve liked that first night. As Tara was fondling, she felt Paul pressing his crotch into her ass, and she could feel his member hardening in his pants. Keira turned her head and her lips met Tara’s. The two of them kissed. The first time this had happened, they had swapped a load of Paul’s cum. This was warmer . . . friendlier. It felt good.

“Why don’t we continue this in bed?” Keira cooed. She reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. In the fifteen feet between Keira’s desk and that great big bed of hers, clothes went flying. All three of them were naked by the time any of them hit the mattress. Keira found herself on her back with a mouth on each nipple as both her lovers attached themselves to her most prominent features. Tara moved a hand over Keira’s crotch, cupping as much of it as she could and rubbing it in small circles.

“Fuck,” Keira whispered. “That feels good.”

Paul beykoz escort had released his nipple lip-lock, got off the bed and maneuvered himself around behind Tara. He grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them and started licking at her smooth pussy. He was just going for speed and power, licking right down the middle. But it was getting the job done, as Tara was moaning straight into Keira’s tit flesh. She let loose of Keira’s nipple and, still kneeling next to Keira, shifter her upper body so her face was now over Keira’s crotch. She replaced her hand with her tongue. But unwilling to leave them alone completely, she stretched her left hand back down the woman’s body and grabbed one Keira’s right breast, squeezing the nub between her fingers.

“Have you been practicing, you sexy little minx?” Keira asked.

Paul looked up between licks of Tara’s cunt. “She’s turning into a total nympho,” he said. “She’s been craving cock and pussy since she stepped foot on the boat!”

Tara began licking ferociously and tugging harder on Keira’s nipple. She had a tongue in her wet sex, breast in one hand and her mouth around Keira’s inviting tunnel. She wanted more. She used the index finger from her right hand to penetrate Keira’s box a couple of times, then sank it into the girl’s greedy ass. She wanted to please Keira. She wanted to make the buxom woman cum, and she was going to do it all on her own. Paul could try and get Tara to climax, but Keira had become Tara’s pet project. She lifted her head long enough to look back at Paul. “Fuck me! Please?!?”

Paul looked at Keira. “See? She’s such a little slut!” He sidled up behind her and touched Tara’s nether lips with the tip of his penis. “But she’s not going to get it until she tells me how much she wants it.”

“Please stick it in me,” she moaned. “You’re right! I’m such a whore, and whores need deep dick!”

Keira was more than a little surprised at the words coming out of Tara’s mouth. She had heard a little of this when she had been with these two the first time, but Tara was really turned on! Keira grabbed the girl’s head and literally shoved it back into her crotch, encouraging Tara to start eating again. She missed a beat as Paul shoved all eight inches of his dick into Tara’s personal paradise. She gave out a high gasp as he thrust the air from her lungs, but she quickly went back to teasing Keira’s pussy with her tongue and fingering Keira’s ass. She sucked the clitoral area into her mouth just as she felt both of Paul’s thumbs find the way into HER asshole. This furthered her sexual frenzy. She finally let go of Keira’s chest so that she could use her left hand to rub circles around Keira’s clit and send her tongue deep into the woman’s box.

“Okay,” Keira moaned, “now I REALLY mean you can do this ANYTIME you want. I like the idea of having your little slut tongue in my pussy!” Keira was certainly getting into the spirit of the game. “Oh . . . I’m cumming! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Keira’s body shook like she had never felt before. She had actually gotten better head before, but never from someone as absolutely dedicated to giving pleasure as Tara had become. She kept the girl’s head held against her crotch and rubbed her pussy against the girl’s face, making sure that almost every square inch was covered before Keira’s body came to rest.

Tara was finally able to raise her face, and flashed of pleasure kept passing across her eyes as Paul kept sinking his meat into her willing hole. Tara looked straight at Keira. “Did I do good?” she asked with childlike innocence.

Keira’s mind was finally coming back on-line, but she wasn’t fooled for a second. This young woman had come into her sexual maturity quickly over the last several months. She was becoming more and more comfortable in intimate situations. “You did great,” Keira said. She couldn’t help but smile. The innocence may have been contrived, but the desire to please had been real.

Paul, feeling a little left out despite having Tara’s hungry cunt gripping at his cock, actually picked Tara’s hips off the bed, forcing the young woman into a wheelbarrow position as he plunged into her over and over again.

“Give it to her!” Keira told Paul. “Fuck her brains out!”

Several more plunges was almost enough to do just that. Tara’s upper body failed her as orgasm overtook her, and her upper torso fell to the bed as Paul laid into to her almost mercilessly. Her pussy squeezed his dick, almost forcing him to blow his load. But he concentrated, stopped his pounding and let Tara’s climax subside. Then he pulled out of her with a noisy plop and let her body settle back to the comforter.

“That was some good fucking!” came a compliment from Keira towards Paul. “While this little tart rests, why don’t you give me some of that?”

Paul was more than happy to oblige. Tara snuggled up next to Keira, kissing her and fondling those tits as Paul moved between Keira’s legs. He wasn’t sure how much long he could keep from caddebostan escort blowing his load, but he wasn’t going to pass up a chance to bang this buxom goddess. He slid into her velvet tunnel all the way up to his balls and stayed there for a moment.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Keira. “Fuck me,” she added as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Paul tried to hold off cumming by taking it slow, but he had already taken too much. Between sticking his cock in Tara’s tight snatch and Keira’s hot body, his body had enough. He sunk into her one final time and blasted her tunnel full of jizz. He didn’t even have the time or energy to comment on the event. He just stayed inside her as he filled her box.

“That wasn’t nearly long enough,” Keira pouted.

Paul felt a little bad. He wished he had been able to go longer. But he wasn’t going to leave her unsatisfied, so he planted his face between Keira’s thighs. He had never eaten a girl he had already shot his load into before, but nothing was going to keep him from pleasing her.

“What a delightful stud you are,” she murmured. “Tara, our Paul is such a good boy! He’s going to finish what he started.”

“He’s good with his tongue,” Tara said.

“So am I,” Keira said, pulling Tara in for another kiss. “Let me prove it to you again.” She helped Tara maneuver until the younger girl was straddling Keira’s face. Tara grabbed the headboard as Keira’s tongue returned the favor from earlier. She had very much enjoyed eating Tara’s flowerpot that first night, and she sent her powerful tongue between Tara’s two-lips. She was gripping the young woman’s tight young ass in both hands as she ate Tara out.

Paul was devouring Keira’s pussy, and was completely un-phased by the fact that he was tasting his own jizz. He would have been somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but he was kind of turned on by the whole thing. He darted his tongue down to Keira’s asshole and got a pleasurable moan from the woman, which in turned stimulated Tara’s pussy.

“Do that again,” Tara cooed. Paul actually went back to cleaning the inside of Keira’s box, but he began stimulating her asshole with his finger, much like Tara had done earlier. This two-pronged attack had Tara groaning heavily straight into Tara’s wet slot, and the vibrations caused by Keira’s moaning titillated the younger girl’s sensitive cunt flesh. Paul kept licking and fingering until he was finally able to help Keira achieve release again. And when she came, she got especially juicy. For the second time that afternoon, Keira had been brought to the promised land by oral stimulation, and both her lovers were left with a face that was shiny with her juices. Soon after that, Keira’s mouth and tongue were the recipient of Tara’s sweet nectar. Her lithe body shook with delight as Keira’s artful tongue brought her to orgasm. As soon as it was over, she removed herself from the older girl’s face and kissed her. Then Tara kissed Paul. His lips were almost as soft as Keira’s, and he was a good kisser. She realized that she didn’t remember kissing him before. She also noticed that he was hard again.

“Keira, his cock is all big again? What should we do?” Her child-like voice was charming, and a bit of a turn on for Paul.

“Would my little girl like a lollipop?” was Keira’s response. The two girls threw Paul onto his back and both hovered around his cock. Keira quickly downed almost six inches of it while Tara fondled his balls. When Keira pulled off, Tara sucked it down.

“Hot damn!” Paul said. He was getting a tag-team blowjob. He’d brag to his friends, but his friends were the ones going down on him. ‘I need more friends,’ he thought.

The two girls kept up their double oral assault for a while before something occurred to Tara. She whispered something into Keira’s ear, then both girls smiled at Paul. Keira flipped over onto her back.

“Paul, I told you that I’d let you fuck my tits after the surgery. Well, since its going to be a while, Keira’s going to be my surrogate, so you can fuck her tits instead!”

Paul didn’t even need to be asked twice. Like a flash he was straddling her midsection and had laid his log between those two awesome mounds on Keira’s chest. As Keira pushed her tits together to envelop his shaft, Paul let out a sigh. He had been dreaming about this since he first laid eyes on Keira. He also felt Tara right behind him, straddling Keira’s waist. He felt one of Tara’s fingers slide between his buttocks and penetrate his sphincter. This caused him to jump forward, propelling his cock down Keira’s tit-valley. He actually enjoyed the sensations caused by Tara’s finger. She pressed her body against his, trapping her hand between them and her finger inside him. As he started balling Keira’s tits, Tara moved her hips in sync with his, fingering him all the time. Occasionally, he would feel Tara’s finger press against something that almost made him want to explode. ‘Is that the prostate?’ he thought. ‘If it is, it feels fuckin’ good!’ It felt almost as good as the enveloping warmth of Keira’s ample breasts as his saliva soaked shaft slid between them. He gripped and played with her nipples as he pumped away, with Tara mirroring his movements all the while. He started groaning.

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