Aftermath Pt. 01


Aftermath, Part 01

By Zivia

He woke up afraid and confused. He didn’t recognize anything. Alone, a white room, a hospital room. Filled with machinery. He was plugged into machines. He couldn’t move.

He tried to call out. He couldn’t talk. There were tubes in his mouth, his throat.

Panicking, he tried to struggle, but whatever held him had no give to it at all.

The terror rose, but with no possible action, he eventually surrendered into his predicament, and all fear subsided.

Beeps, chirps, chimes, the whir of fans, the hum of electricity, occasional klaxons from farther away — he lay, helpless, in a tapestry of sound. The ceiling was acoustic tile. He couldn’t turn his head, but he could determine that at least one of the machines was tracking his heart rate, because he could glimpse the bobbing line on the readout, and saw that it was slowing.

Eventually he heard voices. They weren’t far, but he didn’t think in his room. He couldn’t make out words.

And then:

“I’ll check on Aaron.” A woman’s voice. A swish and rustle as someone entered his room.

“Oh, gawd. You’re awake. I’m sorry, you shouldn’t be. If you can understand me, I’m going to dose you. We’ll bring you round when you are more comfortable, which you will be. You’re going to be fine Aaron. Everything’s going to be fine.”

He observed that as she said that, it was true and not true. And now he knew his name was Aaron.

* * *

“In here. He’s in a coma.”

Aaron, he knew his name was Aaron. He knew what a coma was. He wasn’t in one.

But that didn’t stop the two young people from shutting his door and immediately start making out.

He was still tubed and wired. He could wiggle his fingers. He … couldn’t feel his toes, he realized. Maybe he could wiggle them, maybe not. He felt like he wanted to.

He could just barely see his visitors if he strained his eyes.

They were all over each other. A full-figured doktor porno woman with short blond hair, and a lanky young man with black hair. They both wore sea-green hospital uniforms. She was running her hands over his back as they kissed; he had his hands on her breasts.

Aaron closed his eyes. Amid all the arcade-hall sounds of medical equipment making their various electronic sounds, there was the sound of two young people moaning and kissing.

He heard the sound of Velcro, and took another look. Yep. They were undressing.

The woman had a young, round face and heavy, full breasts still contained in a white bra. The guy seemed to be enjoying those big curves immensely. And she seemed to enjoy his attention.

She had turned her back to him, and was rubbing her butt against his hips, while he caressed and cradled her breasts.

“C’mon, Don, we don’t have much time.”

“Jesus, you’re hungry for it, aren’t you?”

“It’s been a week. I’ve been aching for it.”

“Suck it first.”

She didn’t hesitate. She turned, dropped to one knee, and fished out the guy’s cock. Aaron closed his eyes for a few seconds. Did he want to see this? He was in no position to enjoy it.

He felt an arousal stirring in him, how could he not? These two were sexy!

But he realized he couldn’t feel his own sex. In fact, he realized about all he could feel were his fingers. He wondered if he had been in an accident. Paralyzed for life?

He couldn’t help himself, and opened his eyes. The guy did not have a porn dick, but the blond seemed to be enjoying it. She was enthusiastically sucking him, stroking him with her mouth. Aaron could see her pressing her head right in to take him all the way. Given the average size, he wasn’t sure if that was an amazing accomplishment or not.

The guy had his head thrown back, resting his hands lightly on her shoulders. He was thin to the point of scrawny, but tall and ensest porno with sharp cheekbones, accentuated by his posture and his open jaw.

The girl hopped back up.

“You’re hard enough, you’re wet enough and trust me I am too. Put that big dick in me.”

She turned her back to him again, leaning forward resting on the arms of the visitor’s chair. She pulled her white panties halfway down her thighs.

The guy had a big grin. He gave his cock a couple of pumps with his hand before guiding himself into her. From there, he held her hips and hung on for the ride.

She did most of the work, grinding and thrusting back against him.

They were keeping their moans to a minimum, but if someone was right outside the door, Aaron had to believe they could hear.

It didn’t take long. The girl thrust herself hard and fast, really giving the word “quickie” a new meaning. After maybe two minutes she uttered a long grunt and fell forward onto the chair.

The guy put his hand back on his cock.

“Finish me,” he said.

“Na, you can take care of yourself, Don.”


“I’m on shift. You should have been faster.”

“That’s what they all say.”

She was already back in her uniform, straightening herself up in the mirror, patting her hair into place.

She patted him on the center of the chest. “If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll give you round two at the end of my shift. Somewhere a little more… Oh shit!”

She had glanced at Aaron and saw his open eyes.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

Don looked over, sighed, and tucked his shirt back in.

“You’re on shift. Your problem.” He walked out.

The girl came over to Aaron. “Are you conscious? You’re supposed to be in a coma! How much did you see? Please don’t tell anyone, alright? Hang on, we need a doctor.”

* * *

“I checked on him, and he was awake.”

Aaron opened his eyes. Apparently he had erotik porno drifted for a few minutes.

The blond was there with a doctor now, white jacket, stethoscope, just like on TV.

The doctor was also a woman, a short Asian woman with long black hair and a stern expression.

She spoke to Aaron. “Your dosage is already at maximum. I understand you are probably confused, afraid, and very uncomfortable. I am going to give you another dose, but it looks like it’s not keeping you under as long as it should, so you may wake up again. We are a few days away from being able to remove the breathing tube. I’ll consult our anesthesiologists, but you may just need to bear the discomfort for an hour or two a day for the next couple of days. Please blink twice if you can understand me.”

Aaron blinked twice.

“Good. You’re our miracle, and you keep turning up miracles, so hang in there, Aaron. It’s Monday. Wednesday or Thursday at the latest we should have you out of at least half of this.”

Her words connoted some degree of approval, but her tone was utterly neutral. Aaron realized she was protecting herself. She wanted to care for him, but she didn’t dare. She had lost too many. He wasn’t out of the woods yet. Removing the breathing apparatus was a hit or miss moment, apparently.

The blond was still radiating anxiety.

The doctor signed a clipboard and strode out. Aaron observed the power and authority she carried around her as she moved. There was something intense about her.

The blond, meanwhile, was leaning over him. She did so in a way to ensure the neck of her uniform drooped strategically, giving him a view of her magnificent boobs. Not an accident, he knew. She knew exactly what she was doing. He realized he didn’t like her. She was selfish, manipulative, and lazy.

“Blink twice if you promise not to tell.”

Aaron blinked once, and realized that he was utterly in her power. He could easily have an “accident” — and blinked again.

Relief. Friendliness. Genuine gratitude. Maybe she wasn’t a monster.

But there were monsters, he thought. Oh yes. He couldn’t remember anything, but something in him knew, there were monsters.



He was one of them.

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