Adventurous Outing

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Kimmy and I have been together for a few years now. When we met she was sexually inexperienced, having not been any men before me. But after a couple years of having a steady boyfriend, she was finding her adventurous side. It started out just trying different positions in the bedroom, but then it extended to discrete touching in movie theaters and restaurants, and then blowjobs in the car on the drive home. I always tried to encourage these steps forward, hinting at fantasies of making a sex tape, or having sex in public places.

Kimmy is a 27 year old asian woman with a petite, athletic build. She has smooth golden-brown skin and long black hair and a tight ass that looks great in a pair of short-shorts. Her tits are a C-cup, which look even bigger on her small frame. She’s never had a problem with attracting male attention. Myself included.

One night, Kimmy and I were walking home from dinner downtown. She was dressed in a short, flowing skirt and a loose, silk blouse that clung to her skin when the wind was blowing in the right direction. We were already being a bit playful when we spotted the adult bookstore across the street. One of those places with the large signs, neon lights outlining the lettering. I felt her squeeze my arm a little tighter and I looked over to see that sultry face she gives me when she is getting turned on: her lips parted, looking up at me.

“Do you want to go in there?,” I ask.

“Sure. Do you think you can handle it?”

I laugh. “I think I can manage if you can.”

We walk towards the store, both waiting for the other to back out, but neither of us do. Inside there are rows of shelves with porn videos and magazines of every kind of genre or fetish. Along the walls are massive dildos and vibrators with names like “The Cannon.”

She laughs and holds a giant dildo for me to see. “Oh my god, can you imagine if I tried to use that?”

“I will certainly try to imagine it.”

This gets me her second sultry look where she bites her lower lip and smiles at me. She reaches over and gently brushes the front of my jeans, which are getting tighter by the minute.

“I much rather use your cock on me.”

She then notices the dark hallway towards the back of the store with the sign “Booths.”

“What are those for?,” she asks. I told you, she is a bit inexperienced.

“Those are porn booths,” I say, “so people can watch porn and jack off.”

Sultry look number 3: mouth wide open, tongue slightly out, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“You’re kidding!”

“No I am not.”

“You want to try them out?,” she asks. We frequently challenge each other to little dares throughout the day. She knows I won’t back down from a challenge.

“Sure, let me just get some tokens from the clerk.” çekmeköy escort After I buy about $10 in tokens we head into the hallway, feeling giddy the whole way. The doors and walls are black and go floor to ceiling. They have handles that ready “vacant” or “occupied” like you would find in public bathrooms. We enter a vacant booth and latch the door behind us.

The small booth inside is also painted black all over and is dimly lit. There is only one chair so Kimmy sits on my lap with us both facing the screen on the far wall. She drops in a couple of tokens and the screen comes alive with a scene of a blonde girl getting fucked like an animal. The sound is loud with screams and moans and skin slapping. Kimmy is taken by surprise and desperately searches for the volume control. After turning it down a bit, she looked back at me with sultry look


I am running my hands up and down her bare thighs, pulling her skirt up a little at a time. I can feel her gently gyrating her hips, rubbing my cock through my jeans with her tight ass. One of my hands reaches up and undoes a button on her blouse so I can reach in and rub her tits. A soft moan escapes her lips and her head tilts back to rest on my shoulder. I can see she is watching the video intently as the blonde is bent over, taking a cock doggy-style (Kimmy’s favorite position).

“I feel so dirty,” she whispers, her hand moving to my thigh.

“Why? because I’m going to finger-fuck you in this bookstore booth while you watch porn?” This gets a reaction out of her. She always likes it when I talk dirty to her, even if it isn’t that dirty by most standards.

By now her skirt is high enough that her little, lacy panties are exposed. She reaches back and lifts her hips so she can undo my zipper. I don’t know at this point how far she is planning on taking it. She undoes my belt and starts rubbing my cock through my boxers with her hand.

“Take it out,” she whispers. I don’t argue. I pull my pants down to my knees my hard cock stands to attention. She sits down on my lap, with her back to me and starts rubbing my cock with her panty-covered pussy. I can already feel how damp she is. She is breathing hard, occasionally letting out a little moan that I can just hear above the video.

I can’t take it anymore; I hook her panties with my thumbs and push them down to her ankles. This is accompanied with a gasp from her as she realizes she is about to get fucked in an adult bookstore. She hovers above me and reaches down between her legs to grab my cock. She rubs the head of my cock in little circles around her tight pussy, teasing me, getting me wet in her juices.

After what feels like an eternity, she begins to lower herself down on me. I can feel her tight pussy cevizli escort squeezing every inch of me as I slowly push into her. She is so warm and wet and tight, I am afraid I’m going to cum right then and there.

As she eases the last couple of inches into her, she throws her head back and lets out an extended moan: “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuccckkkk meeeee…” she says, “You feel incredible inside of me!” I grab her around the hips and guide her as she slowly begins to bounce up and down on my cock. I can see her tight, asian ass bouncing in front of me in what is one of my favorite views.

She is moaning with her mouth wide and eyes narrowed when suddenly they snap wide open. “What the fuck!” she exclaims.

There in front of us, about halfway between the screen and the chair along the right wall is a fully erect cock protruding from the wall. We hadn’t even noticed the hole before since the walls were painted black and the rooms are pretty dark. This is a gloryhole!

I have no idea how she is going to react. I half expect her to feel terrified, throw on all her clothes, and escape out of there as fast as possible. But she doesn’t. She doesn’t even stop fucking me! She is slowly gyrating on me while staring at the cock coming from the wall. I try to look at her face and see she is still very turned on.

“Do you want to touch it?” I ask.

Her head snaps around to look at me incredulously. We have never done anything with other partners, nor have we even discussed the possibility. Certainly we have not discussed what would happen in the event that we found ourselves in a gloryhole together. But I can tell she is thinking over her answer very carefully.

“Wouldn’t you be mad?”

“No,” I say. She takes another pause to consider what to say next.

“Do you want me to?” Sultry look number 3.

“Only if you want to.” Classic couples speak.

She turns back towards the cock, then looks back at me with a naughty smile on her face. Then she turns back to the cock. She leans forward, still keeping me inside of her pussy. She reaches out slowly, almost as if she was afraid of scaring the cock off. Slowly her hand closed around this mystery cock. Her touch is electric, causing the cock to jump a little. The guy on the other side is clearly excited about getting some gloryhole action.

Seeing her handling another man’s cock causes a faint bit of jealousy in me, but also for some reason gets me really turned on. Something about watching this pristine girl who had barely even seen a cock before meeting me giving pleasure to two men at the same time is intoxicating. I think how dirty she is compared to of what I thought she was capable.

She slowly starts moving her hand back and forth, gently jacking off this erenköy escort mystery man. I start pushing my hips into her, desperate for some release in light of this incredibly sexy development. Kimmy is also getting into it, bouncing faster on my cock while jacking off the other guy.

She turns to me again, “Can I suck on it?” she asks in a breathy voice. I nearly cum right then, but I manage to hold it in while I nod yes.

She smiles and leans forward a little more. She is now nearly bent in half at the waist, ass bouncing up and down on my cock while her face comes close to the cock in the wall. At first she gently licks the tip. She rubs the tip of the cock around her lips and on her cheek. As she pulls away I see a small strand of precum connecting her face to this strange cock.

She then leans forward a bit more and the cock enters her tight little mouth. I know that guy is in heaven, because I’ve felt her hot, velvety mouth on me and nothing feels better. I can see this stranger’s cock pushing up against the inside of her cheek as she takes him deeper into her mouth and I feel this surge of ecstasy in me. I begin pounding her tight pussy harder, lifting my hips as I pull her down onto me. She begins moaning, but it is muffled by the cock in her mouth. It is one of the hottest sounds I have ever heard.

Kimmy begins pumping the stranger’s cock with her hand as she continues to suck on the head. I can hear the occasional popping sound as the cock escapes her mouth from her furious pumping. Suddenly, without warning, the cock in the wall starts spraying cum. The first spurt hits Kimmy in the chin and hangs off her face in a thick, white tendril. Kimmy realizes what is happening and shoves the cock in her mouth. I can hear her moaning as her mouth fills with cum. After a few more pumps of her hand, the now spent cock slips from her lips along with no small amount of cum. She is clearly struggling with the big load and only manages to swallow some of it, the rest is hanging from her chin and dripping on the floor. The soften cock disappears from the wall. While I am still fucking her pussy, she turns to look at me, disheveled, mouth agape, and her chin covered in another man’s semen. It’s too much for me. I can feel my orgasm desperately building and I continue fucking her furiously.

“Am I a dirty girl?” she asks, each word punctuated with a thrust of my cock. In response I let loose an enormous orgasm and cum deep inside her. She feels my cock spasming inside her pussy and she lets out a loud moan. “Yes! Yes, baby! Fill me with your cum, baby! I can’t get enough!” I keep filling her with my load, unable to hold back the incredible feeling I get from hearing her beg for cum, and seeing her completely debased in this seedy porn booth.

Eventually we both sink into the chair, gasping for breath, smelling of sweat, sex, and cum. I never thought it would go this far. I never dreamed I would see my pure Kimmy sucking another man’s cock as I fucked her. I wonder what else she might be willing to do…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32