A Wager Gone Wrong Ch. 04

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(Again thank you for the many positive remarks. They are very much appreciated. For the others, if this material offends you please don’t read it, my slide into depravity only worsens as the story goes on, which for you that have trouble with, is more true than you may wish to accept)

After catching his breath he said, “Good, then you tasks are not yet over….”

After that I was, in what I thought was rather abrupt, dismissed with a wave of his hand. Informed that the bed room which I was to sleep in was a small room, hardly more than a walk in closet with a single futon set up with an old flatten mattress. With the knowledge of what I just done was both wrong and completely thrilling, I allowed myself to collapse to the worn mattress. The mattress was so used that it was hardly more than covering to the futon frame. Nearly all the bedding inside was flatten to the point that as I laid down I could feel each slat.

I knew sleep wasn’t was this was used for. If not to make things worse, I noticed a strong aroma on the futon. I immediately recognized the smell as the potent scent of J.P. As I turned and leaned on my elbow, I saw that the entire mattress was one stain upon another. The mattress must have been witness to literally hundreds of powerful ejaculations. And then in my mind’s eye, I saw each one play out over and over and was envious of all the other gals that received the joy that must of gone with each one.

Five minutes before I was exhausted from the night’s events and could have fallen asleep on a rock. Now, on something only slightly less comfortable I was wide awake and dripping wet from the unfulfilled promise of being taken and the scent of the man down the hall that completely altered my life over a stupid bet. A married white wife and mother, married for 14 years and 36 years old, respectable in nearly every way, now panting heavily just because I was snuggling this bold and rude man’s seed stained mattress.

Then and there I knew I would do what ever he wanted.

Finally I feel asleep in the small hours of the night after I had fingered my throbbing mardin escort clit raw. My juices mingling with the semen stained mattress that I sucked on to quiet my moans. I awoke later in the morning than I was accustomed to, just after ten in morning. I could hardly get out of bed I was so sore. My mind asked if I just didn’t want to leave the scent of the mattress. I surprised that I wasn’t awoken by J.P. as I heard he was up and moving downstairs. Breakfast was cooking from the smell of it. It would be nice for once to have breakfast made for me.

He had already eaten and was cleaning up his plate and was on the phone when I came down the steps. I was still in the ridiculously too short tee shirt and the skirt, but I wasn’t in the heels he had me wear last night. He motioned to a place where a glass of orange juice was poured and a plate with an omelet was made with buttered toast awaited me. Other than the pointing to the table were my plate was, J.P. didn’t even look at me a second time.

His conversation on the phone faded in out of ear shot as he wondered over his house. I was able to pick up, “oh, yeah, you can bring him…” and while talking to was obviously a different person, “yeah, why don’t you bring your father.” I had no idea what was about to happen. But when J.P. sat down next to me I attempted to be coy with him as I put my hand on his knee as I grew bolder.

He said, “Bitch, we don’t have time for that. In about half an hour, you are going to be making me some serious money!” Now, finish this plate up and get showered. A half hour later, I was in the garage, tied up to a saw horse. I ha been laid length wise on the saw horse, straddling the horse with my feet hanging off the ground and mt arms tied behind me. My breast fell to other side of the center bar on which my chest bone rested on.

A gag was added before JP left. He was gone for about 10 minutes before he returned through the door way. He, however, and not surprisingly, was not alone. There were several voices, all talking too quickly and over one another so that I couldn’t make all nevşehir escort them out. They entered the hot garage from a door that I was facing away from. I was now acutely aware that I was more than just restrained, I was on display. The skirt, too short to begin with was now resting on top of my bottom and with no panties to save my dignity, I was visible to all that walked into through that door. What was once complete arousal soon turned into building terror. I had not counted on this. JP’s tone said all that it needed to when he spoke.

He voice was blunt and had what would only be called humor by locker room bullies. He quickly made introductions to the five other voices as the door to the garage was closed. “Well boys, this is the whore I told you about last night and this morning.” The rest of the exchanges were too quick for me to follow as I wasn’t focusing on them. I had thought back to who this started. I had been a sexually frustrated wife from a decent marriage and thought I was being given a week end of reprieve that I had secret desired for more than a couple years now. Now, I was bent over a padded saw horse, straddle length-wise, feet and hands inches above the ground, with not even my breast completely covered from their view. I thought that I might be in for more trouble than I had anticipated.

However, the talk made me even more wet as I had accepted that I was about to be exploited and taken advantage of in a most glorious fashion. The wetness slicked the vinyl padded saw horse. I grew a little more excited when my heartbeat slowed and I could hear what JP was telling his guest. Evidently, they were there to bid on me and any activity the wanted to have me do or do to me. He gave examples as to hand jobs and blow bobs, who goes first for each activity. He almost sounded like a Cruise Director with an itinerary. Despite myself, I kind of chuckled.

In the hot stuff garage, the small sounds of buzzing flies seemed louder than I would have thought. There was an older man, a grandfather from the sound of it, was being allowed an honorary pass niğde escort of being allowed first go. He asked, “may I spank her fat ass, I hate white bitches?”

JP replied, “Yes, of course you may, but it will be $20.00 to do so and you may only get five swats.”

Gramps as he was called by a voice that sounded younger than the others, huffed in response, “hell, is that all, it be worth it to be the first to be able to put her in her place.”

Five forceful slaps to my ass was met with a warming sensation on my backside and the guffs of laughter from those egging him on. Soon, all the other men felt that they had to get in some swats as well and $100 bucks later, my bottom was quite sore. The pain from my red hot ass caused me to sweat and strain against my restraints. Sweat had now socked my shirt, not that there was much to begin with. My hair was starting to hang wet on my neck, the pony tail hanging damp to one side.

The next man, electing to suggesting, “licking her plump ole titties.”

JP remarked, “Sure, what do you think it would be worth?”

He responded, “we they are some plump titties, but they sag too…I say $10.00 bucks.” Another man quickly said, “hell, that be worth at least $20.00, which was meant with general murmur of approval.”

JP then had moved around me on the saw horse and attached four chains to each leg of the saw horse, just below my hands and feet and I felt my self being pulled upwards. Being blind folded, I had no idea how high I was off the ground. I don’t normally suffer from vertigo but I was happy that I couldn’t see.

I then heard the man that bid $20.00 bucks underneath me. Evidently I was raised over 5 feet into the air and he stood under me and took my left breast and nipple into his mouth and sucked and licked like he knew what he was doing. His hot mouth felt incredible as he sucked my nipple between clenched teeth. He started to move to the right breast when JP reminded him, that he paid only for one breast. So, to get his money’s worth, he went back to my left nipple and continued to suckle. He was then joined by another mouth that had evidently paid for one breast too, my right breast. This man was not as talented as the first, he just simply nibbled and bite my breast and nipple. The pain was more than I liked, but was arousing none the less.

To be continued…..

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