A Vist to the Dentist


As I sat there waiting for the dentist, I looked around. Directly in front of me was a mirror. I could only surmise that this helped the dentist somehow. I had never been to him before but my friends had given him high marks for not causing any pain which was a major plus in my book.

To my left was a sink…the standard spit bowl I assumed. To my right was a tray of instruments, pushed back so that the ever present drills would be handy. When I was little I remember the dentist showing me how they worked. I grabbed a small drill and turned it on, feeling the buzzing vibration that it generated. I smiled as I thought of how small it was…and yet people were so afraid of it. Then my eyes absorbed the larger drill. Shaped somewhat like a phallus, it had a large tip at the end. “Wouldn’t want to touch the wrong thing with that!” I thought. Putting down the smaller drill, I reached for the large one, turning it on and feeling the immediate tingle shoot up my arm. Hey…this was kind of pleasant, I mused. My smile turned into a grin as I thought of the dentist pressing the drill against himself when he was alone at the office. I’m sure THAT never happened.

I put the drill down and laid back in the chair, expecting the door to open. A few moments later an assistant walked in and proceeded to give me a shot. “The doctor won’t be in for another 20 minutes. Would you like me to turn the lights down?” she asked. I nodded and watched as she left, alone with my ponderings once again.

I picked kıbrıs escort up the drill again and flipped the switch, enjoying the feeling of small tickles. I had heard the assistant walk down the hallway earlier so I knew I would hear the doctor come through the door before he got there. I took the drill and rolled it over my arms, laying back and just allowing myself to relax. I had worn a simple loose shirt and jeans so as not to be constrained if the dentist had to move me. Moving the drill under my shirt, I shivered as it tickled my flat tummy. Rather than tickling hard, it gave a gentle vibration that felt quite good. So good in fact, that it set off another shudder down below. My eyes opened wide as I realized that I could very easily have quite a delightful time with this object.

Unbeknownst to me, the mirror directly across from me was a one-way mirror. I found out later that people being trained as dentists sat in there at times and watched the doctor perform. There was someone in that small private room now…but I didn’t know it. He had been watching me, curious at first as I played with the drill. Then his interest grew (among other things) as he watched me play while a pleasurable smile drifted across my face. He tried to read a magazine but gave up when the drill brushed against my tummy. He was hooked into watching, no matter what the cost. By now, his own jeans had grown tight and one hand was pressed against an offending member, stirring it up rather than konya escort helping to calm it down.

I continued playing with the drill, allowing it to roll over my thighs. I knew I would keep it away from my secret parts, that would be WAY too weird. But I was having fun as it was. The buzzing feeling was making me react much more quickly than I was used to. Besides, the doc could be in any time and I had to be calm and sedated.

I hurriedly unsnapped my jeans and winced as I unzipped them. My hand snaked down inside, almost getting caught in the tangle of dark, silken hair. My clit was already swollen and my finger closed in to continue the fast movements that the drill had so recently delivered. My head moved about slowly on the reclined chair as I started to bring about an orgasm…meant only for me. The thought of the vibrating drill brought waves of pleasure over me and my climax was instant and intense. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming.

The man in the room gasped aloud as he watched the jeans unsnap and the zipper come down. He decided right then that he too would follow suit and bring about this wonderful pleasure in such a public place. If I had known at the time that he was there…well…who knows what I would have done. There was a small restroom next to him and he could run in quickly and clean up when he was done.

Unzipping his jeans, his cock jerked up, free at last and unhindered. The sight of his own thick cock made his nostrils flare kuşadası escort and his hand held on tight as he looked up to watch my face as I neared my climax. His hand moved quickly over himself and the precum began to flow as he matched the movements of the stranger in the window across from him. He could only imagine where my hand was, and saw just a hint of pubic hair curled around my fingers as I began to twist on the chair. Sometimes it’s what you can’t see that stimulates you. H

e felt himself grow even bigger as my nipples hardened through my bra and blouse and became rigid. He felt his tongue on them in his mind and as I began to reach my peak, he too felt the warmth of cum shoot over his hand. The very idea of what was happening in public brought him to a new height and he squelched a loud groan as the waves rolled over him. I was rocking on the chair in the room across from him as I too came over and over.

We both finished at the same time and the man quickly got up and rushed into the bathroom shutting the door, while the I zipped up my jeans and composed myself. Cleaning himself up quickly, the man came back out only to have the doctor open the door and ask him if he was ready to view the procedure. Finding that comment humorous, the man’s grin spread from ear to ear as he nodded.

Watching the door open in the room where the I lay, he smiled as the doctor spoke with me first and explained a man would be viewing us. I paled as I looked toward the mirror. He could only imagine that the doctor had mentioned his presence and that the mirror was one-way. I peered into the mirror and then after thinking twice, I shrugged and smiled secretively. At least I knew I gave a good show and had a good time doing it.

~ The End ~

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