A Visit to My St. Louis Friends


In a previous story I shared how I’d met a couple in St. Louis, Dennis and Jane, and our first time together. As I’d mentioned then the company I worked for at the time sent me to St. Louis several times a year on business, so we’ve had the opportunity to get together several more times since. We didn’t always meet for sex, sometimes it was dinner and drinks but we had become pretty good friends so we were comfortable with each other, enough so they’d invited me to their home. This story however is about one of our sexual encounters.

When I called, Dennis and Jane were happy to hear I would be passing through again and suggested we had to get together. On this trip I was able to rearrange my schedule to give myself an extra day in town. We agreed they’d pick me up at my hotel and we’d go to dinner and then back to their house. When I got into their car there was another woman in the back seat already who Jane introduced as her sister Joan. Joan had the same brunette hair and striking blue eyes as her sister but I sensed a hardness about her that Jane didn’t have. And also while she was friendly and engaging she had a terseness about her that was a little off-putting. She appeared to be within a year or so of Jane’s age and had the same almost boyishly slim build. A few minutes later we parked the car and were walking to the restaurant when I noted she was about the same height as Jane as well, about 5’2″.

We had pleasant dinner at Kemoll’s with plenty of good drink and conversation. It turned out Joan is an arbitrage attorney, which in my mind partially explained the hardness in her I had sensed earlier, and was single. During our meal I felt someone rubbing my leg with their foot and half expected it to be either Dennis or Jane. I was somewhat surprised when I discovered it was Joan playing footsie with me. Looking over at her face it was as serious as if she were arguing a case but she still held up her part of the ongoing conversation and kept her foot moving steadily up and down my leg. She placed her hand on mine or on my arm in a caressing manner several times during dinner. There was no doubt that she was flirting but I wasn’t sure where this was heading as far as Dennis and Jane was concerned. To this point the talk had been that between friends, not lovers, but that was to shortly change.

After dinner we strolled back to the car park, Joan and I holding hands. As we drove to Dennis and Jane’s home Joan sat next to me her hand high on my thigh stroking it. Naturally this caused what I assume was her intent, me to get hard. Since she had taken so intimate a position my arm was around her shoulders stroking her neck as she opened my pants.

Joan turned in the seat, kissed me with some real passion and before lowering her head to my crotch said “ever since Jane told me about your cock leaking so much sweet juice I’ve been dying to taste it for myself.”

I was somewhat surprised by this, not because Jane and Joan talked about sex together but that they talked in such detail. I’d been with a set of incestuous sisters before, which I later learned Jane and Joan were not, so I wasn’t naïve about how much sister’s share such things. But I was surprised that these particular sisters had talked about it to such a degree.

My hand was rubbing Joan’s ass but as she was wearing pants that was as far as I could go.

Jane turned in her seat to watch as her sister sucked me. She asked “doesn’t she suck good?”

To which I could only reply “oh yeah.” Joan was giving exceptional head using only her lips and tongue on me.

As Joan sucked me Jane explained “Joan joins Dennis and me in bed occasionally and while we’re both bisexual we’ve never done very much with each other. We’ll masturbate together from time to time watching each other and sometimes we’ll kiss, especially after Dennis has cum in one of our mouths and we kiss sharing it. That’s about it. Oh, and the closest we’ve ever come to tasting each others pussy was from sucking Dennis’ cock or fingers after he’s played with us.”

My mind painted visual pictures of each scene Jane told me about and coupled with the superb head I was getting from her sister raised my libido to a plane higher then it’d been in a while. Joan sucked for about another three minutes when I urged her to stop before I came.

Planting one last kiss on the head of my cock Joan rose up and kissed me again, my arms around her, hugging her to me while she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

After we kissed she turned her head and looked at Jane, smacked and licked her lips saying “that was delicious and lived up to what you’d said. You were right.”

We pulled into their drive about this time and walked inside. Dennis made he and I a drink as the girls disappeared into the back and I sat at their bar.

While they were gone Dennis tells me “you know while Joan seems like such a cold woman she really is quite passionate.”

I responded “well that certainly seems tayland porno to be the case. When I first met her in the car my impression was she was kind of aloof and hard edged. But I got to admit my impression of her changed at the restaurant as she became more at ease and my opinion of her was definitely overhauled during the ride here.”

Dennis laughed and said “yeah most people find her intimidating but you really find something quite different when you get through her outer shell.” He also said “she dates only married guys because her career is her life and just don’t want a long term relationship with anyone, she just doesn’t need or want any hangers-on.” Going on Dennis said “you know my only regret is never having been able to get anything going between them.”

To which I nodded and told him “I can imagine”.

Dennis casually advised me “Joan knows I’m bisexual.”

I nodded as I sipped my drink.

Leaning on his bar he whispered “I’d never do it, too much to risk, but if I ever had a chance at their mom I’d definitely have to consider going for it. The girls are images of their mom and from the comments my father-in-law has made over the years she’s a hot piece too.”

The girls came back into the den just then and were visions of sexuality and sensuality. Jane had pulled her long dark hair back into a ponytail and had on a filmy red chemise with matching thong panties, hose held up by a lacy garter belt and was wearing black heels. Joan was wearing a beautiful blue camisole with matching g-string panties and was bare footed.

Waling over to the bar Jane said “you guys appear to be overdressed for the occasion.”

Being in wholehearted agreement both Dennis and I stripped to our birthday suits in no time.

Dennis remained behind his bar preparing drinks for the girls as the three of us stood together, my arms around each of them. Jane kissed me as she took hold of my cock and my hand slid down her back to her bare cheeks. Joan was nuzzling my ear as her sister and I kissed.

Jane told me “sit back on the stool” and then sank to her knees to suck me.

As her sister sucked my cock Joan and I kissed and for the first time were able to touch her bare ass. As we tongue wrestled my fingers found their way between her legs from behind and under her g-string. She was very wet and I imagined she was much like her sister who I knew from previous times together could literally soak a mattress with her juices.

After setting the drinks up Dennis came from behind the bar and his wife released my cock, turned and sucked his into her mouth with him standing over her.

I turned on my seat and pulled Joan to me between my legs, caressing her back and ass as she masturbated me while we kissed. Joan took a step back and pulled the straps to her camisole from her shoulders allowing the garment to fall to the floor. While Jane was a petite 32AA, Joan, if you can imagine was even smaller breasted. There were barely noticeable mounds capped with thick, long protruding nipples set on wide dark areole. Both very erect nipples were pierced and the left had a ring while the right had a barbell through it. Looking at me and with one hand on my shoulder Joan took hold of the ring in her left nipple and pulled it stretching her nipple and small breast out. Releasing the ring she took my hand and pulled me from my seat and we lay on a thick rug in front of the fireplace.

Dennis and Jane, who was now nude but for her garter belt, stockings and heels, came over near us shortly after and sat on the couch with Jane sitting on Dennis’ lap straddling his hips.

As they necked on the couch Joan and I were stretched out on the floor. Lying on my back Joan climbed on top of me and she leaned down to kiss me. Breaking our kiss she rose up resting her hands on the floor by my shoulders and began to hump her pussy against my cock. As she rubbed against my cock my fingers played with her nipples and like her sister she also seemed to like rough nipple play urging me to pull, pinch and twist harder. She rubbed against me with her eyes closed for several minutes alternating the pace and how hard she pressed her pussy against my cock when suddenly she drew in a sharp deep breath, stopped moving, went stiff, shook and then collapsed atop me. Holding her in my arms for a minute until her breathing returned to normal I rolled her gently off me.

Laying on her back with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her lips I kissed her as she held my mouth to hers with her hand on the back of my head. As we kissed I rubbed her belly in widening circles before moving my hand into her now very wet panties where I could feel she was shaved bare and had another piercing there. I could also feel she had a lot of pussy in her panties, her lips were long and fat and she had a larger then average clit.

Our mouths parted and we looked deeply into each others eyes, she smiled then pursed her tecavüz porno lips at me as I played between her nether lips and she started playing with her nipples. Pulling one tie of her g-string I started kissing and licking down her body, pulling the other tie on the way.

Reaching her pussy I saw her clitoral hood was pierced and she wore a ring there as well. Her pussy had plump outer lips, long meaty inner lips and her clit was something to behold. The hood pulled back naturally exposing the round tip of her clit, the head was as large as your thumb and was about ¾” long from base to tip.

Starting at her hole I lapped my tongue up through her lips to just below her clit, teasing her, then down again before sealing my mouth over her pussy and licking and sucking at her lips and tongue fucking her hole for almost two minutes until she breathlessly begged me “oh, please suck my clit.”

Flicking the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue caused Joan to moan. Taking it between my lips I licked and sucked on it and could feel it harden and expand even more as she squirmed and pumped her hips. Joan had both hands on my head holding my mouth against her where she wanted it as I sucked her clit, her telling me “yeah that’s it, oh like that, yeah yeah, oh don’t stop.”

When she came she arched her back, went stiff, her body shaking and she grunted in small panting breaths which was contrasted by Jane cumming on the sofa with Dennis and going into her usual vocal spate of obscenities as she humped her pussy against Dennis’ cock.

After she’d come down from her orgasm I slid back up alongside Joan who placed her hands on either side of my face and kissed me, then licked her juices from my face.

Rolling onto my back we lay side by side on the floor, her head on my shoulder as Dennis and Jane sat on the couch together.

We talked for a bit then Jane got up and disappeared for a minute or so and returned with an assortment of sex toys in a box. She placed them on the coffee table, sat back down and said “I want to see a little boy/boy action now.”

Joan eagerly agreed saying “yeah me too” as she got off the floor and sat next to Jane on the sofa.

Dennis got up and walked over to me as I got up on my knees, my right side to the girls, and took a submissive pose with him standing in front of me. Holding his semi-hard cock in my hand I licked from the base to the tip and could taste Jane’s juices on him from where she had humped herself against him earlier. I swirled my tongue around the head, dipping into his piss slit then swallowed sucking him for about four minutes until he stepped back pulling his cock from my mouth with a loud slurp.

Dennis knelt down in front of me and we hugged and kissed feeling each others cock and balls. Then he bent over and took me into his mouth while I leaned back still on my knees, my hands on the floor behind me. His mouth sucked on me and as usual Dennis gave great head. After a minute or so he came back up and kissed me again then urged me with his hands to lean forward onto my hands and knees. With my ass towards him he began to lick my crack then pushed my cheeks apart and placed his face in my ass. His tongue licked my asshole and as he did I lowered my shoulders to the floor to give him better access. Dennis ate my ass and sucked my balls from behind as he pulled on my cock.

Hearing a noise from the couch I turned my head and looked over and saw Jane had a plain eight inch white plastic vibrator rubbing the outside of her pussy and Joan was pushing a set of vibrating eggs into herself as they watched us. Once Joan got the eggs in and turned on she picked up a smaller pocket sized hi-intensity vibrator and used that directly on the top part of her clit holding it right at the top of her slit.

When Dennis pulled his face from my ass I turned to him and pushed him onto his back, rolling him up and lifting his legs. Holding him in this position I dove in licking his asshole as eagerly as he’d eaten mine and after a few minutes I let his legs down and side by side we got into a 69. We sucked each others cock and fondled each other balls until we both unloaded almost simultaneously into the others mouth.

Finished we lay spent on the floor together watching as the girls continued with their pussy play and brought themselves off within a couple seconds of each other just twenty or thirty seconds after we had cum. Both girls’ legs were spread wide giving us an erotically obscene view as they came with their toys.

As she began to cum Joan closed her eyes and scrunched up her face, turning her head slightly to her right, she held the vibrator hard against her clit as her body jerked and she cruelly twisted her right nipple with her left hand.

Jane’s inner lips appeared wrapped around the plastic phallus as she quickly slid the side of the vibrator she held in her fist up and down the length of her pussy, her fist tombul porno slamming against her pubic bone each time she moved her hand down, her head raised slightly, her eyes tightly shut, her teeth clenched saying “mother fucker” over and over as she came.

Both girls collapsed onto the sofa where they reclined very relaxed, their legs still splayed wide open, their hands at their sides breathing deeply after their orgasms had crested.

Opening her eyes Jane looked at us smiling and said “you guys were great, watching you made me so fucking hot.”

“Me too” Joan concurred between taking deep breaths.

We took about a twenty minute break and had something to drink as we cooed, kissed and chatted together.

I said to the girls “I’m genuinely curious. It’s such an extremely, madly pleasurable act and I love it, but I’ve noticed both of you like to rub your pussies against someone without penetration. What’s that about?”

Both girls laughed and Jane asked Joan “should we tell him?”

Joan shrugged and said “I don’t mind if you don’t.”

In more detail then I can go into here Jane explained it was something she had discovered at an early age and had shared her discovery with Joan. Well after hearing the entire story I wasn’t sure how much good this cool down period had done for me.

To get things going again Dennis brought the box of toys over to where we were and asked the girls to pick out three toys each.

The girls huddled over the box for a few minutes chattering between themselves and Jane selected a pocket rocket (a 4″ high intensity vibrator), an anal probe and a couple vacuum domes. The domes were about the length of your thumb and about an inch and a quarter in diameter.

One at a time Dennis held the base of the domes up to Jane’s mouth and she licked the end of each vacuum dome to wet them before he placed them over her nipples. She held a dome over each of her nipples in turn and watched as Dennis used a hand held vacuum pump and applied suction to pull her nipples about a third of the way into the dome. When the right amount of pressure had been applied to each nipple Jane would tell Dennis “that’s good.”

Joan had selected a medium sized vibrating butt plug, a pair of chain-linked nipple clamps and a six inch rubber dildo. Joan came over to me sucking on the end of the butt plug and said “I want you put this in me.” I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply then had her lay over the arm of the couch with her upper body on the seat. This placed her ass in a good position and I knelt behind her and kissed and licked her cheeks. Licking along her ass crack I licked down to her pussy and ate it from behind then up to her asshole. I ate and tongue fucked her asshole getting her very wet then supplemented my saliva using some of the lube she’d also brought over. Taking the butt plug I teased her by rubbing the tip over her asshole, spreading the lube around some without penetrating then pushed it into her about an inch before taking it out again. I did this several times before pushing it in a little deeper, a little at a time until her asshole swallowed the wide part of the plug. Her asshole pulled the plug into her and seated around the narrow neck of the base. Kissing her ass once again I helped her up to sit on the couch and set the control for the butt plug vibrator to a low setting.

She had her ass on the very edge of the couch and with several pillows under her was able to recline in a comfortable position. Taking a weighted wide tip nipple clamp I attached it inverted to her right nipple over the barbell. Putting it on this way would add a twist to her nipple when the weight pulled it down and Joan moaned her approval. I did the same with the left nipple except that I placed the nipple ring she wore between the legs of the clamp.

I leaned over to her and placed my mouth on hers and Joan kissed me pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. In one hand I had the vibrator control and in the other I held the chain that connected the nipple clamps together. While kissing her I randomly moved the vibrator setting from low to high and back again, pausing here and there. Also while she sucked on my tongue I’d tug on the chain which added a little more pressure to her nipples when it twisted them further and she’d moan into my mouth.

Sliding off the couch I knelt between her legs and ate her pussy for a moment or two before taking the dildo and rubbed it along her slit to wet it. Holding her long, wet, thick lips spread with my fingers I pushed the dildo into her hole until she had taken the full length.

I again picked up the vibrator control in one hand as I fucked her with the dildo. Alternately adjusting the strength and duration of the vibrations in her ass as well as fucking her pussy with the dildo at a steady pace shortly had Joan moving her hips in a fucking motion. As I shoved the dildo in and out of her and kept up the changes in anal stimulation I’d reach up and tug on the chain now and then which always got a moan from her. Both Joan’s hands were between her legs and with one hand she had trapped her large clit between her index and middle fingers squeezing it while with a fingertip of her other hand she rubbed the tip of her clit.

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