A Night On The Town With Paula


The delightful night that I want to tell you about took place a few weeks ago, when my wife took me into the city for a night out. Paula is a marvelous blend of beauty, brains, sex appeal and humor. We have been together for three years now, and it’s been one continuous party As the evening wore on, we found ourselves back at the Seaport, where we had left the car. Since it was still early, by our way of thinking, we decided to visit one of the nightclubs at the port. The one we chose featured an outdoor deck on the second floor. Paula had on a very sharp outfit, classy but very comfortable. She was wearing a stylish blazer with a tube top, a sleek stretch skirt with side slits skirt and a pair of black boots with 4 inch heels.

Seated side by side at a table in a corner, our conversation turned toward sex, which it often does, and I found it more and more difficult to hide my excitement as my wife grew more and more flirtatious. Fortunately, she had swiveled around to face me and her back was toward another table, blocking me from view. The long tablecloth didn’t hurt either. Paula, who had noticed my growing erection through my baggy pants, decided to have some fun and took my cock in her hand under the table.

I figured I’d follow suit, so I started my journey up the inside of her smooth thigh. What with the way we were sitting, the long tablecloth and her blazer, no one could see where our hands were. Still, the fact that we were fooling around in a public place was wickedly exciting. It was a first. As my hand neared its destination, Paula uncrossed her legs and allowed me access to her pussy. I grinned when I discovered it was bare.

“What happened to your kıbrıs escort panties?” I asked.

“Guess 1 forgot to put them on,” she answered, smiling brightly.

Paula was so moist, my finger slid inside her with no effort and she let loose a small gasp. So there we were, Paula stroking me firmly and me with my finger deep inside her, looking into each other’s eyes and getting more and more aroused with each passing moment. Paula was gyrating slowly on my hand so as not to draw attention to us. Our excitement was heightened by the amount of control we had to exercise to maintain a proper outward appearance. The pleasure we were sharing was on a different level than that which we share in the bedroom. It had a much more primal feel to it. I could see it in my wife’s eyes and hear it in her voice, which seemed to have deepened as she whispered that she, wanted another finger inside her.

Paula began to grind harder on my fingers and I could see in her eyes that she was on the verge of a very deep climax. Suddenly, out of nowhere, our waitress appeared to announce last call. We had all but forgotten about her! It happened so fast we had no chance to reposition ourselves without giving ourselves away. There we sat, Paula’s hand firmly on my towering erection and my fingers deep inside her. All I can say is, thank goodness for tablecloths!

Our waitress was right on top of us yet had no idea what we were doing under the table. For some reason she chose this time to engage us in small talk. We didn’t stop our fooling around as the waitress went on about the weather. Very strange, yet very exciting.

A little later, as we headed back to the car—with konya escort Paula leading the way to again block my still rock-hard erection from view—I enjoyed all the looks she was receiving. I had managed to lower her tube top down to her waist at the table so I could enjoy her marvelous breasts. She had never returned the tube top to its original position, and while her long blazer covered her pretty well, the grins on some of the men passing us strongly suggested that they could glimpse what lay bare underneath.

As we were driving out of the city, Paula proceeded to remove not only her tube top but her skirt as well. Totally naked now, she reached over and started to undress me, first Undoing my shirt and then bringing my pants and briefs down below my knees, my cock pointing straight up.

Entering a tunnel, we discovered late-night construction and we were routed into a single lane. Paula continued to get hotter and hotter, as my 5 fingers danced inside her sweet pussy. With her arms thrown over the headrest, she was grinding on top of my hand harder and harder. I have no idea if the guy in front of me ever bothered to use his rearview mirror, but if he didn’t, he missed an incredible show! Next thing I knew, Paula was head first into my lap and gobbling erection. Once out of the tunnel, traffic began to pick up and I saw one of the city work trucks in the next lane up ahead. Since we were picking speed, I figured we’d go by it fast because I didn’t want to interrupt Paula at that moment. Just as we were approaching the truck, a worker stepped out in front of us to stop traffic. I hit the brakes and Paula hit the floor in the quickest duck I’ve kuşadası escort ever seen!

Once we were on the bridge, Paula got back in position, her head bobbing away like wild. I tried to keep my attention divided between the traffic around us, which was sparse, and the pleasure I was receiving. Checking the rearview mirror, I realized a van was about to pass us. It went by fast and I saw it was full of young guys out having fun. The guy in the back seat just happened to be looking in our direction as they passed. It only took a moment before their brake lights came on as they tried to slow down to get a better view.

I warned Paula, though not that I had to, as the hooting and howling from the van was enough to make her hit the floor again, slowed down and the van sped away.

As we approached the turnpike entrance, Paula covered herself just long enough for me to get through the toll booths. Then she went back to sucking me, her head bobbing happily in my lap. She was up on her knees in the passenger seat, her bottom high in the air, at window level. Reaching in between her legs, I worked my fingers deep inside her. Now her bottom was rocking into my hand with the same rhythm her head was bobbing in my lap.

The next thing I knew there was all this noise coming from next to us. When I looked over, there was the van full of guys. They were all hanging out the windows, all getting a good eyeful of my wife’s head bobbing up and down in my lap and her beautiful ass up in the air. It happened so fast that they were gone before either of us could react.

By the time we finished laughing, we were ready to get on the parkway for our last stretch before home. Paula, determined to finish what she had started, went back to sucking me enthusiastically It wasn’t long before I came with such a force, I thought I’d pass out. It was all I could do to keep the car on the road.

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