A Mistress Submits to Hated Rivals


Mistress Lucy looked like hell on heels to Martin Prince. The diminutive Chinese Dominatrix was wearing her highest pair of black, high-heeled boots and was striding towards him with evil intentions. Martin, an overweight solicitor in his mid fifties, was totally defenceless, his hands cuffed behind his back, a ball gag rammed in his mouth, on his knees invitingly spread apart. Without breaking stride Mistress Lucy kicked her client full strength in his balls and smiled at his muffled screams. As he flopped pathetically onto his side and began to sob into his gag she turned on her heel and addressed the third person in the room, her personal Slave Elizabeth (formerly her great rival Mistress Elizabeth).

“Slave get the TENS unit ready, I’ll electrocute this fat bastard back to life!”

The tall English woman, formerly so haughty herself, dropped her eyes as she nodded her head and moved to the back of the play room to look out the equipment. She was dressed in the sexiest short French maid’s uniform imaginable and Mistress Lucy took a moment to watch her exit, enjoying the sight of her slaves bottom under that mini skirt as she moved. But when she turned around she recognised quickly that something was wrong. Martin wasn’t moving any more. His eyes had rolled up and his pulse, upon inspection had stopped and despite her frantic efforts at CPR she could not revive him. As Elizabeth watched on Mistress Lucy had to admit the unpalatable fact that he had died of what seemed to be a heart attack.

Suddenly the ultra confident, dominant little oriental was lost for what to do for the best, turning and looking at Elizabeth she instinctively knew that she wanted no-one beyond this room involved, not the police, not her male slaves, nobody else. And so it was that Lucy and Elizabeth manhandled his naked form back into his clothes and down to his car outside, then they drove, in the middle of the night to a rough area of town and dumped it there, positioning him behind the wheel. It took over three hours and Mistress and slave were shattered when they finally returned back to Mistress Lucy’s Den.

Lucy did not enjoy a good sleep that night, despite her tiredness, her dreams were filled with images and visions that haunted her as she failed to prevent herself imagining the worst possible scenarios unfolding on her. She woke early and her day started off badly by finding that Elizabeth was gone. The Asian was angry but supposed that last nights events had been to much for her posh, English slave and as she busied herself in cancelling all her appointments for that afternoon she supposed she was not as bothered as she should have been. She had had her pound of meat out of Elizabeth and perhaps this was as good a time as any to part.

Lucy took a long, hot shower. She felt she required one after the events of last night. She stood under the hot spray and pulled her wet hair away from her head until it was right down her back and almost touching her bum. She took longer than usual to wash but felt all the better for it when she emerged, naked and dripping. Then her phone rang and she literally jumped out of her skin. It was her own private phone, one that not very many people had the number for. She was concerned until she read the caller display and saw the words “JAP WHORE”. That threw her completely. It was the number of another Mistress from the Club, Mistress Miyoko, a Japanese Domme who the Chinese Mistress Lucy had a particular enmity with. They had shared numbers over a year ago when trading barbed insults in public was beneath them and the feud was really starting to take off. She considered ignoring it but decided she could do with getting a bit of venom out of her system.

“Yes?! What is it?!” her voice sharp and impatient.

The voice that replied was slow like treacle dripping off a spoon.

“Oh Darling is that any way to speak to someone who can help you out?”

Lucy did not like the sound of that but couldn’t stop herself replying acidly.

“You? How could you ever help me?”

“I’ve got a ‘friend’ of yours here. Well maybe the term friend is misleading, more a former slave and she tells me you were up late last night.”

Miyoko didn’t have to spell things out any further for her nemesis. Elizabeth had gone to the one person who hated Lucy more than she had. Obviously Elizabeth was too far down the road of slavery to deal with Lucy herself given her situation but she had gone to someone who wasn’t. Lucy kept her calm as she considered her situation, her mind already racing as to how to get out of this.

“Is that so?” her very no-commital answer.

A little laugh at the other end of the phone then more words, spoken softly but with an unmistakable threat.

“Don’t play games with me Lucy. I have Elizabeth here, she has told me everything that happened yesterday and we have also returned to the car and moved it and planted a piece of evidence leaving no doubt he died in your dungeon. So we understand ourselves you dumb Chink if I decide to then you are going to be in a lot of trouble.”

Lucy erzincan escort did not doubt a word of what her rival said. Clearly Elizabeth had not been broken totally by her enslavement these past few months, there had still remained the old underlying feelings from her former English rival. She said nothing, holding the phone too tightly against her ear.

“To keep your secret all you have to do is attend tonight’s events at the Club as my slave, that is all. One night where you will do every single thing I demand of you and you will gratefully serve me in public before our peers.”

Mistress Lucy’s silence spoke volumes to Mistress Miyoko.

“What’s the matter Chink? Not like you to be lost for words. Well you need only give me one — yes or no?”


“Good. You will wait at the entrance to the Club tonight at 8. You will be dressed as normal for a night at the Club and you will let no-one know that you are doing this against your will. Other than that you will obey me completely tonight or be visited by the police in the morning. Good bye…slave.”


Lucy considered fleeing town but in the end she knew that would just make things look even worse. Besides she would not put it past her Japanese rival to be watching her home for just such a move and to inform on her then. No flight was not a good option, besides her whole life was here, she had built up a clientele, a business and a reputation that it would take years to achieve anywhere else. No, it was clear that she only had one real course of action however much it stuck in her throat.

She prepared as normal that night for an evening at the Club. Well that wasn’t strictly true, this time she could not spend the hour or two that she got showered and dressed goading Elizabeth about how used to be the pre-eminant Domme before being beaten in competition by the small Chinese Mistress then broken and transformed into her slave. Lucy gave a wan smile to herself in the mirror remembering all the cruel and perverse things she had inflicted on the once proud English woman. But there was the irony. In all likelihood she would be in Elizabeth’s position that night, forced to serve a hated enemy.

She was naked at that point, having just showered and added plenty of powder after towelling off (Damn that English bitch, she should have been here to do that!) she stood before her full length mirror and admired her reflection. She had a petite, lightly tanned body with perfect, pert tits and a tiny, firm ass. It broke all her rules of life, a life she had fought and scratched through to get where she was, hundreds of sacrifices, to hand this body into the possession of another. Man or woman she did not submit to anybody. She dropped her eyes, unable to meet her own disapproving gaze. Miyoko! Why did it have to be her? Lucy swore to herself that somehow she would get revenge on whatever indignities she was about to endure. With this vow made and having convinced herself she felt slightly better as she started to get dressed.

She wore all black. A simple, impossibly narrow corset that pushed up her breasts and exposed most of her back. Black leather shorts. Black fishnets. Thigh high black leather boots. She pulled her hair back severely into a long, straight ponytail. Finally she was ready. She so did not want to do this.

They met her outside the Club. It was cold and dark as Lucy stepped out of her chauffeur driven limo and it headed off, she was called to by a nearby car. She recognised the voice immediately as that of Mistress Miyoko. She stood next to the door looking down and into it, eager to get away from such a public place. The Japanese girl knew this only too well.

“Well bitch I see you turned up. Good! However, I’ve changed my mind about your attire, here take this and pop into the alley there and change into it.”

All she handed Lucy was a leather gimp mask. Lucy held it and looked at it, turned it over expecting there to be something else.

“But? What is..? Where?”

Mikoko frowned and got out of her car to stand right up before Lucy. They were both really short and it was almost comical when Elizabeth also emerged from the car to tower over both while wearing her frilly French Maid’s outfit. Miyoko delivered a stinging opened hand slap to her Chinese counterpart and virtual spat out her retort.

“Already you waste my time slut! I told you to obey me immediately and without question and already you prove yourself unworthy to be my slave. Slave Elizabeth, hand me my telephone, the police should be made aware of this felony.”

Lucy showed her horror at this and reached out to halt the dialling. Then she begged and pleaded. Pleaded! For her not to do this. It was the most humiliating moment of her life (but was very soon going to be beaten lots of times more).

“Please! Ok! I’ll do it! Look, here I go!”

Miyoko’s hand shot out and grabbed the departing Lucy’s hair by her long ponytail. She jerked her to a halt.

“No! That option no longer exists. If you want to erzurum escort do this to please me you will do it here, on the sidewalk. Go on, strip and put only this on. Then we shall enter the Club together.”

The Club was on a discrete side street and the only passers by were denizens on their way into the Adult entertainment arena but a few were already eyeing this strange Asian gathering. Lucy had never wanted to hit someone so badly as just then but she was a smart woman and knew she was left with little choice but to do as she was instructed. Carefully keeping her sharp face as devoid of emotion as possible. She removed everything and handed it into Elizabeth’s outstretched hands (oh she would make her former slave pay for this). Then Lucy pulled the gimp mask onto her head completely blinding her. For the first time in many years the severe Domme felt the faint stirrings of fear.

“Get on your knees bitch, you will be crawling into the Club like the dog you are!”

Reluctantly Lucy dropped onto her hands and knees and crawled towards where she thought the entrance was. Her only saving grace for the moment was the mask over her face hid who she was but she did not believe for a second that the Jap would not reveal that before too long. The pavement was wet and cold and she could hear snickering behind her from Miyoko and also from others.

“Who’s your new pet Miyoko?” asked someone also entering the Club.

“You’ll see soon enough, I have a special show planned. Hey watch out you dumb bitch, you were nearly in the dog shit there! Don’t want you stinking the Club up further!”

Lucy crawled on, hating every minute of this. Eventually the temperature went up and she knew she was inside the club. Here Miyoko fastened a leash to the collar and now led her forward into the main area of the Club. She had a stage booked for a show, something that many of the Mistresses did when they obtained new slaves. Miyoko handed the leash to Elizabeth and allowed the English slave to lead her masked pet up the ramp to the stage. Most in the audience recognised the former Mistress and wondered at her participation in this, after all didn’t she belong to Mistress Lucy and didn’t Mistress Lucy hate Mistress Miyoko more than just about anyone else?

Elizabeth stopped centre stage with her ‘pet’ kneeling by her side. Miyoko walked serenely up to them and leaned down to hiss at Lucy’s covered ear.

“We are centre stage in the Club, I have my riding crop and I am going to strike you with it until you reach up of your own volition and pull off the mask to show everybody here that you are my slave tonight. So you understand? I will not stop for anything other than you removing the mask yourself. So really if you are strong willed enough there is no need for anyone to know that you are here, is there? But know this you yellow skinned slut, once the mask is off I will humiliate you mercilessly before these people!”

And with that the Japanese Domme lashed her crop down perfectly on Lucys narrow, pale ass cheeks. Lucy bit her lip as the first stroke connected. She was a smart woman and knew there was no value in not unmasking as soon as possible, she had seen enough of the Japanese Mistress in action, seen her break men and women easily, to know that eventually there would be no other choice but for her to unmask. Still even with that knowledge Lucy allowed her rival several shots before finally accepting the inevitable and holding her hand up, indicating that Miyoko stop. .By this point a large crowd had gathered around the stage to witness this rather strange event and they were even more puzzled that the usually brutal Japanese Mistress stopped at this signal and actually smiled as she stepped back.

But all was about to be revealed. Lucy gulped, knowing that this moment would finish her in the Club, in this city, but what choice did she have. Her hands came up to her face, hooked in the bottom of the face mask and slowly peeled it off, shaking her head free and finally staring out at what seemed a sea of faces as she was revealed as Mistress Miyoko’s slave for the night. A loud gasp went up as she was unveiled (at her own hand, no less), some were shocked and stunned, some flabbergasted but all were completely delighted by the sight.

“Slave you will kiss my boots!” demanded the Japanese Domme.

It was the ultimate pay off for many in the Club to watch Mistress Lucy kneel there and lean forward and awkwardly plant a small kiss on the tip of Mistress Miyoko’s leather jackboot.

“No you stupid slave, not like that!”

Miyoko shrieked as she reached down, grabbed the top of Lucy’s hair and wrenched it up.

“That was pathetic! You will make amends by cleaning the whole of my boots with your tongue! Immediately! Getting licking you useless dog!”

Lucy could have cried with frustration at the hopelessness of her situation. She brought herself to look up and stare at the crowd viewing her. There were so many faces she had insulted or dominated or humiliated out there enjoying her denouement. bursa escort Miyoko flicked her boot again, getting impatient. Lucy opened her mouth and extended her tongue and began to reluctantly lick the length and breadth of her foes boots.

“That’s it you Chinky slut! Make sure you get the soles, I think I trod in some dog shit outside!”

That was a good line and one that the audience realised would really show how serious this all was. Well they saw when Miyoko lifted her boot and Lucy, extremely reluctant or not, twisted her head so that she could lick the soles of the Japanese woman’s boots. There was a ripple of applause for that and Miyoko gave a little curtsey and then lifted the other boot for Lucy to similarly clean. Lucy blocked out the grimy taste off the boots but the mere thought of what she was doing so publicly broke her spirit completely and her proud, straight shoulders slumped a fact not lost on either Miyoko or Elizabeth.

As Mikoko stood over the broken Chinese Mistress she posed with her foor on the back of Lucy’s back and head so everyone could take pictures with their phones and cameras, while she did this she ordered Elizabeth to go and get a canvas bag from the back of the stage. It contained to large strap on dildo’s in harnesses and Miyoko instructed Elizabeth to remove them then show them to Lucy before strapping one of them on. Miyoko neatly slipped into the other one and seconds later the Chinese woman and the English woman stood over the Chinese woman sporting a couple of impressive (if plastic) erections.

“Now Lucy, don’t think you are being left out of this, you have three holes I want you to tell myself and your former slave which hole you would like us to fill. Come on don’t be shy, speak into this microphone.”

One of the problems here for Lucy was that she had not taken any cocks (real or fake) in any of her holes previously! Hard to believe for a sexy woman in her early thirties but unbelievably true. Since she had become sexually active she had been a dominant and had always held herself above such matters as actual sex, either with men or women. She had fucked plenty of men and women but only using her own dildos and it had never been returned. And now here she was, at her lowest ebb, already humiliated in front of the people that she had been so condescending to over the past few years, licking her greatest enemies boots and now letting her and her former slave fuck her. She dropped her head and whispered her pleadings to Miyoko not to do this but just got a sneering rebuttal.

“Speak up my Chinese slut. I find your begging pitiful. Would you listen to any of your slaves? Did she ever listen to you Elizabeth? No. Now stop your pathetic grovelling and tell us which hole you will take us in.”

In a breaking, trembling voice Mistress Lucy spoke.

“I will take you, Mistress Miyoko in my mouth and I will take Elizabeth in my pussy.”

Her thinking was straight forward, she figured that Miyoko was the most dangerous so she would take her in her mouth, where she thought she would experience least discomfort and she did not want her ass violated if she could help it. But the mere fact was that she had just asked to be double fucked by these bitches and everybody in the crowd had heard her do so an no one knew why she was doing it, for all they knew she had been broken by the Japanese Mistress.

“Well, as you have begged to be fucked by us so be it. Assume the position you are best suited to — as a dog, on all fours!”

Lucy pouted and scowled but even her famed evil looks no longer held the dominance that they used to. As soon as she was on all fours the Japanese Domme dropped to her knees and unceremoniously thrust her fake cock at Lucy’s thin lips and worked it into her mouth. Then at a signal from Miyoko Elizabeth got on her knees behind Lucy and, with some fumbling and feeling, managed to spear her dick into Lucy from behind. It brought the memories flooding back to the English slave, of her days as one of the pre-eminant Dommes of this Club. Before she lost that contest to Lucy and was forced to become her slave and during that time mentally broken to the point she accepted that role full time. As she pushed forward and entered Lucy’s virgin pussy Elizabeth felt some of the old power surge through her, taking the bitch like this, in such humiliating fashion was bringing it all back to her.

There was a gasp as it quickly became visibly apparent this was Lucy’s first time. The gasp was followed by a chorus of laughter and excited chatter and when the two women spit roasting her realised it they couldn’t help but laugh and comment too.

“Ha! You’re not such an experienced woman are you Chinky bitch?”

“And imagine I, your former slave gets to take you cherry? The disgrace!”

They double fucked her like that for what felt, to Lucy, like hours, but in reality it was nearer twenty minutes. By the end Elizabeth had really found her stride and was going in and out smoothly and had Lucy more aroused than she had been in a long time ( at the start of her Dominatrix career the Chinese girl had been able to cum just by dominating, degrading or humiliating a slave but that had long since faded). Elizabeth realised this told Mistress Miyoko and they jointly agreed to stop. Lucy would not be allowed to cum.

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