A Little Chocolate Vanilla Swirl!


A few Mondays ago I had the best threesome experience of my life! The one guy I was trysting with asked if he could bring a friend tonight. I knew his friend from parties and the bar circuit, and I was intrigued. I had never slept with a black guy before! 😉 This is weird considering the amount of people I’ve slept with haha… Anyways, this guy is HOT (well, they both are…). Let’s call him Joe and the original guy Bill.

So Bill and Joe come over to my small place. I was a little concerned about the lack of room, but oh did we ever make up for it! I gave them a brief tour, which was interrupted by them swarming me, Joe behind and Bill in front. Bill took my neck in his hands and held on hard while kissing me. Joe was pressing me right into Bill and his hands were going everywhere – up my shirt, down my pants, squeezing my ass and pussy and finding that I was already soaking wet.

After that discovery, they virtually stripped me samsun escort of my clothes, made me kneel and suck one off while giving the other a hand job, alternating until they both came on my face and tits. Then they both got naked. I had prepared for tonight and bought a lot of condoms. They each grabbed one. Bill sat on the couch, dragging me over by my hair on my knees to kneel between his legs to suck him more. Joe came up behind me and shoved my legs apart. He then rammed his massive black cock into my pussy. Bill still had a hold of my hair and face-fucked me while Joe pumped in and out of me. It was great!

Once Joe came, they switched up, with me still on my knees supporting myself on the edge of the couch. Bill got behind me and started easing his cock into my ass. Joe passed him the lube as he sat down in front of me and grabbed my hair, forcing me to suck his cock until he got hard again. Bill rammed my asshole urfa escort with some lube and then shoved his dick all the way up my ass. It hurt, but felt good at the same time. He kept pumping and pumping and I could feel my body get pushed closer and closer to the couch. Joe took advantage of this and shoved his huge cock down my throat even more. I gagged, but he wouldn’t let me up for air. When I was almost out of air I was finally let up for a quick breath before going back down on him.

This pattern continued for a good solid hour and a half – both of them switching off my holes, one in my mouth and one either in my ass or pussy. Sometimes one of them would take a pee or water break, but I was never allowed to take one. After that time, they wanted to try something new. Bill laid on the floor and I was put on top of him, with his cock in my pussy. Then Joe shoved on my shoulder blades, forcing me down on top of Bill while sinop escort he forced his cock into my ass. That first taste of double penetration was heady (no joke! haha…). I’ve never had that done to me and it was absolutely amazing! Joe started rocking in and out of me, which made me move on top of Bill. We were all having a great time!

After a while we switched it up. Joe took me alone and moved my body every which way to please him while he fucked me. We changed positions so often that I wondered how he came up with them all. Bill took me alone later too, having me ride him most of the time while his hands were around my throat; never cutting off my air flow, but definitely strong hands that could if he’d wanted to. It made me so wet!

Eventually I begged to be able to take a break. By now we had been fucking for over 4 hours and I felt like their little personal fuck toy (which was an incredible turn on…). Unfortunately, it was also about 4 in the morning and I had to work the next day. They both took me one more time while I sucked the other one off after my break and then they let me sleep.

Definitely the greatest threesome I’ve ever experienced up till now.

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