A Good Beginning

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The roar of his truck pipes alerted me of his arrival. I trembled with excitement and a hint of uncertainty. Months of emails and phone calls had come before, yet nothing can really prepare two people for a first meeting on this traditional day for lovers, Valentine’s Day.

The plan was to go out to dinner, talk, get acquainted face to face … to get comfortable and see how well we meshed. He had traveled a long way and made the necessary reservations, but nothing was guaranteed. Time and chemistry would determine the remainder of the evening.

We went to a cozy, crowded Italian restaurant in town. I was a bit surprised, and maybe even disappointed that I saw no one I knew. I was proud to be with this handsome and manly guy who seemed to bring out the depths of my feminine beauty. He had cautioned me of an eccentricity of his … that in public, he wanted me always at his right hand, never far away. The hostess showed us to our table, and I sat beside him, rather than across from him. It made me feel treasured. He expressed a desire to be involved with every facet of my life, and I felt a deep reverence for his God-given place in my life. As we continued to chat, strangely, I noticed my arousal growing emotionally, as well as physically.

We chatted while we waited for the waitress’ attention, and he asked me if there was anything in particular that I could not eat. When the waitress arrived, he ordered for both of us, including a glass of dry red wine for me which was brought almost immediately. We continued to chat as his hand captured mine and explored it sensuously. Although he had not specified a preference, I had worn a form-fitting red dress for the occasion in an attempt to draw his attention to my female assets. He seemed to enjoy the bit of cleavage available to his view. At some point, his hand found the hem of my dress and snuck underneath it to my warm thigh where his explorations continued. He squeezed it and stroked it dangerously high. I giggled, both from his touch and from what it was doing to me inside.

A second glass of wine was set before me, and I was already feeling the effects of the first glass. I was certainly happy to be with this man, and it was apparent, that he, too, was pleased. I was wondering if there would be a visible wet mark on the seat when I stood to leave.

We enjoyed our meal, although I didn’t eat much because I was too excited. I just wanted to look at him, to be with him, to explore him. It didn’t make any rational sense, and yet, he pulled it out of me just by his being, his strength, his natural dominance. There was just an air about him of strength and confidence that superceded my own. I did not know what he might expect, or where the evening would go, but I knew that I could trust this Man and perhaps, open parts of me that had never been opened. I knew he knew how to open me, to expose me, and how to lovingly and firmly expand me in body and soul …

The meal finished and our conversation lingered as did his hand on my thigh. We spoke of intimate things, spiritual things, and the concerns of day to day life. Although we had discussed what might happen if things went well before, he repeated his statement of willingness to relocate to be with me. I felt entirely beautiful, and when he looked into my eyes, I melted. I knew I wanted to belong to him completely, to place myself at his service, and devote myself to him, and if it pleased him, I wanted to be owned by him. He stood, took my hand, and we paid the check and left.

He drove us to a movie theater we passed earlier. We parked and went in. Again, I was seated on his right, and he held my hand warmly, caressing it and playfully teasing me. My body screamed for his touch, and my soul yearned to commune intimately with him, but we half-attentively watched the movie and let our anticipation build. We left when it finished, and said little. He drove to his hotel, parked, and escorted me to his room, his hand on my bum. Butterflies banged on the walls of my stomach, and my heart pounded so loudly I was certain he could hear. The uncertainty of his expectations was delicious.

In the hallway outside his room, he blindfolded me with my scarf. He opened erzincan escort the door. I heard soft music playing and the fragrance of sweet florals greeted me. He spoke my name, pulled me to him, and embraced me securely. His lips took mine in a kiss that ran through me like a jolt of electricity. My legs trembled so that they almost buckled, but he released me before that happened. He restated his desire to fully know me, in love and obedience to God. When he finished, he asked if I willingly desired to pursue this road further with him. I replied that as long as he remained submitted to God, I could remain intimately his.

Again he kissed me, and I felt my body respond. He lifted the blindfold to reveal the bouquets of flowers around the room and scented candles all along the dressing table. I turned around taking in the effort he had devoted to making this an extraordinary event.

“Thank you, Stephen. This is really special.”

“Dina, this is only a beginning, and a rather sentimental one at that.” He stood close and looked into my eyes. “Do you wish to be my Valentine, today and onward until our life’s end?”

I knelt immediately, instinctively before this robust Man I had come to love. “Yes, Stephen.” He smiled, and after a brief silence asked me to stand and remove my dress. Without hesitation, I did, as he watched closely, paying particular attention to my eyes. I stood before him in my bra and panties. He walked around me, but did not touch me.

“Thank you, Dina. Now, please remove your bra, and let me see those luscious breasts of yours.”

“Yes, Thank you, Stephen,” I spoke just above a whisper. I did as he asked, and handed my bra to him obediently. My eyes were lowered. My skin flushed with excitement and uncertainty, and my nipples stretched hard and purple toward him.

“Thank you.” He paused and inspected my breasts, again, without touching me.

“Please, remove your panties and stand beautifully tall for me with your feet 3 feet apart.”

I obeyed. I adored the way this made me feel. He was intimately aware of my shortcomings, and still I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his slacks, and it flooded me with incredible warmth and excitement. He again examined me with his eyes. He asked me to turn slowly, and let him see all of his property. I obeyed. I couldn’t deny the tremendous depth of joy as I felt his eyes drink in my imperfect, but still lovely mature feminine form. He had taken control of me.

“You have pleased me more than you know in your simple obedience. I thank God for you. You please God and me with your obedience and willingness to serve as my woman.”

With that, he tenderly stroked my body. He squeezed my large, full breasts and pinched my nipples till I yipped with a chuckle. He gently stroked my bald labia lips, prepared specifically at his request, and made note of a few bristles which brought a hint of a smile to his lips. That tiny displeasure was overshadowed by the scented moisture he found seeping abundantly from deep between these bald lips. After lingering there a few exploratory moments, he withdrew his fingers and licked them with a grin.

“Tomorrow, you will arrive at my room at 10 am. I will, at that time, take you as my life partner, and you will henceforth be mine completely even as I will be yours. We will grow together in love and commitment to God and one another. At a convenient time, we will marry. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Stephen!” I smiled shyly, thankful for the consideration being shown to me and increasingly eager to please.

“Tonight, you have pleased me beyond my wildest expectations. You will sleep with this dildo held in your bottom with the chastity belt I sent you in preparation for tomorrow.” From the drawer nearby, he produced a purple rubber dildo wrapped with a red bow. It measured about 6 inches long, and perhaps 3 inches at it’s widest point. He also gave me a small tube of lubricant and instructed me on it’s use. “Use this as I’ve instructed to make tomorrow’s event easier and more pleasureable. Any questions?”

“No, Stephen, thank you!”

“You may dress. By the way, Dina, you are more beautiful than any erzurum escort woman I have known, as much for what is inside your heart as for your lovely feminine body!”

He smiled and watched me as I dressed, though I did so reluctantly. It was a wonderful thrill to stand naked before this man and be embraced, and see the affects of my sex on him as well. Again, he drew me into his arms and kissed me deeply and powerfully. It was a possessive and powerful kiss, one I will never forget.

The next morning, I arrived on time, perhaps even a bit early and found my way to his room. I stood there for a minute to gain my composure. My body was already stimulated from the night spent filled with his dildo. I knocked. He opened the door, and ceremonially drew me into his embrace and lavished his love on me. We exchanged the typical morning pleasantries and enjoyed a cup of coffee together, though conversation was limited to nervous giggles and small chatter.

After several minutes, he stood, took my hand and lifted me to stand before him. Once again, he asked me if I was certain I wanted to do this. Before God, we agreed this was a covenant, a spiritual union, blessed by God. The legal issue would be dealt with later. I agreed, looking deeply into his eyes, feeling drawn so profoundly to him.

“You may disrobe, please, and stand before me.” Stephen spoke.

I undressed slowly, feeling a bit self-conscious. I folded each piece of clothing and placed it on the desk across from the bed. I stood before him nude but for the locked chastity belt to which he alone had the key. My face flushed with the anticipation that comes with knowing and not knowing at the same time.

He examined me with his eyes, and I smiled. At last, his hands touched me, cupping my breasts, lifting each nipple to his lips. He kissed each one then flicked it with his tongue before sucking it emphatically into his mouth, his eyes alert to my responses. I stood amazed at the way my body responded to him.

He reached into his pocket and produced the key to unlock the chastity belt that belonged only to him. He placed the key into the lock and paused.

“I believe I want you blindfolded, and please lock your fingers behind your back.”

He picked up my bra and tied it securely over my eyes. Again, I felt his hands on my breasts. His touch was tender, but more. He took my nipple between his teeth and held it just tight enough to lift it with his teeth. It was an exquisite feeling that I felt all the way to my womb. He repeated it with the other nipple, and I squealed involuntarily as the mixture of pain and pleasure sent a shiver through me. I heard a click as he turned the key, and he removed the belt he had given me. His right hand reached down to my bald, wet slit in search of my clit. He pinched it, and I jumped, as much in surprise as anything. He asked me to be still, and he pushed between my thighs. I felt his finger slide into my pool of wetness, quickly followed by a second, then third finger. He pushed deeply into me as I stood as motionless as I was able. And when I felt I could stand for no more, I felt something soft, his tongue, exploring my feminine flower. He sucked my clit into his mouth, and I groaned as my hips lifted toward him in automatic obedience. He felt my arousal climb as his tongue dove into me, lapping the juices his touch had created.

“We have discussed how this will happen, yes?” He spoke as he removed the blindfold.

“Yes, Stephen. I understand. Please, if you find me pleasing, it is my heart’s desire to become yours. Please!” I begged.

“Kneel.” He sat in a nearby, overstuffed chair. “Please demonstrate your devotion.”

“Mmmm, yes, Stephen!” Quickly, I found a comfortable position between his feet, eagerly I unzipped his trousers, and reach for his penis. (It seems irreverent to call it anything else.) Tenderly, I kissed the tip, paying homage to his innate dominion over me. I peeked up at his face and his expression was so sweet, so compassionate, so appreciative. I tasted a drop of him and licked my lips, then began to lick the length of his penis all the way down to the base. I kissed his testicles thinking of the bursa escort seed within them, and I sucked each treasured orb into my mouth. My eyes closed, and I knew he could both see and feel my devotion, my adoration, and my complete submission to him as I gave myself in ministry to him. Slowly I worked back up his penis, again kissing the tip, running my tongue around the rim, acquainting myself with every inch of his hardness, savoring the taste of him, loving him, adoring him, reverencing him, respecting him, and honoring him with my mouth. At long last, unable to hold back any longer, I sucked him deeply into my mouth, my tongue wantonly caressing him, knowing him. I felt him knocking against my throat, and sucked him deeper. I was certain he heard my breathing change and my heat climb with his own, but he was in control. He permitted me to continue for some time, then, abruptly pulled away. I looked up into his smiling face and understood.

“Come!” he said. He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. “You will lean over onto the bed and part your legs. You will part your cheeks and display your unused opening to me with your hands, and beg me to take you.”

I followed his instructions, and bent over presenting my virgin bottom to him.

“Please, my dear Sir, take what no man has had before and make me yours today and always. Please!”

I heard his slacks fall to the floor followed by his shirt while I awaited his pleasure. I felt his hands on either side of my bum. They slid up my back slowly and back down. He slid a finger along my wet slit to gather moisture, and he applied it to the tight opening before him.

“I love you, Dina,” he declared. His penis, strong and proud, pressed against me lightly, lingering there just long enough to thrill me. I could hardly stand the wait and wiggled slightly in anticipation. He pressed his firmness into me slightly once … twice … again and again. The wait was agonizing. Finally, with one masterful but gentle push, he took possession of me like no man had before. I groaned in pained pleasure as his 8 inches penetrated my ass. He paused a moment, his magnificent penis filled my ass so delectably I cried out his name. He pumped in and out patiently until I felt like I would explode with fullness and pleasure. He felt so huge inside me that I felt completely ravished. His hands lovingly caressed my flesh, and every cell in my body cried out to belong to him. In and out he pumped, as his intensity grew slowly, but discernibly. My hands could no longer hold my ass open, and I grabbed onto the comforter as my back arched begging him to take me deeper still. He slid a hand along my dripping slit and found my swollen clit. He pinched it mercilessly, and I cried out to him. He continued to pinch it and torture me deliciously until I begged for his cum.

Finally, with the sound of him slapping against me, I heard him grunt as his testicles tightened to climax. His hands passionately caressed my naked body, pulling me onto him as he speared me almost violently. His tempo built, until finally, we both exploded powerfully and rode the waves of our intimate pleasure for several minutes. He collapsed on top of me and held me tightly for some time, his penis still within me as it slowly softened. When he withdraw it, he rolled onto the bed beside me, and pulled me into his arms. I was overwhelmed, and tears ran from my eyes. He kissed me dominantly, and declared me his eternal Valentine. The next hour or so we spent cuddling and sharing ideas and thoughts of our time together and what the future held for us.

“This is but a beginning, my delectable slave. You have much to learn, and we will grow together from this point on. You can expect me to relocate within the month into the home I have purchased, and we will share the rest of our lives together.”

Looking up into his face, his blue eyes firm, but tender, I confessed still again, my utmost devotion and respect for him, my desire to fulfill his dreams and be his Godly, submissive slave to have and to hold. I understood fully it meant he would use me, guide me and discipline me in wisdom and compassion henceforth until the end of our time because I belonged now to him. He kissed me and playfully smacked my possessed bottom.

“OK. Get dressed, my beautiful, hot Valentine. We’re going out. I want the world to know what a treasure I have found! I’m sure, none can compare to my beautiful Valentine, Dina!”

“Yes, Master!”

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