A Foursome to Remember


Jane and Kelly got into an intense rhythm as they rubbed their clits together. Both of them came intensely but neither were ready to stop.

Kelly dropped on top of Jane and kissed her deeply, sucking on her tongue as she squeezed her breasts. Jane’s hands rubbed all over Kelly’s back as they kissed and moved to Kelly’s head as she moved down between Jane’s legs to eat her out.

Kelly hungrily started to kiss Jane’s pussy, probing her tongue in and out of her, sliding it up and down her wet lips and sucking on her clit the way Jane pleasured her earlier.

Jane moaned with intense pleasure at the attention Kelly was giving her cunt. She held Kelly’s head in her hands, running her fingers through her beautiful, soft, brown hair. “Oh, Kelly,” she moaned. “Oh, yeah, baby. You know just how I like it.”

Kelly looked up into her eyes and smiled as she continued sucking on Jane’s pussy. She then reached up with her hands and started to massage Jane’s tits, making her moan even more.

Down the hall, Rob and Stan stopped playing games and listened to Jane and Kelly in the master bedroom. Their cocks were hard, straining against their pants as they listened. They stepped out of the den and walked quietly down the hall. The bedroom door was wide open and they could see Kelly going down on Jane, laying on her belly, her beautiful ass looking very inviting. They stood in the doorway watching. Jane looked at them and smiled before she bit her lip and her eyes rolled back as she cried from another orgasm, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, baby! Hmmmmm!”

Kelly stopped eating her out and crawled up on top of her. She stayed on her hands and knees as she kissed Jane, her tits hanging down. Jane played with her tits as they kissed. Rob and Stan slipped out of their clothes and crawled onto the bed on either side of them. Kelly was surprised but soon relaxed and looked at Stan and Rob with a wicked smile. Stan reached over and touched the small of Kelly’s back as she continue to kiss Jane. Stan then crawled behind Kelly and rubbed her ass with his hands, spreading her cheeks and leaning down to lick her pussy from behind. Kelly moaned as she continued to kiss Jane.

Rob moved up to the head of the bed and got on his knees, straddling Jane’s head. As she continued to kiss Kelly, she reached up and started to stroke Rob’s cock. It was already pretty hard, but she helped him get to full steam.

Kelly could tell Jane was doing something so she stopped kissing her and looked up to find Rob’s thick and hard cock right in front of her. She drew in a quick breath, then moved forward, taking his cock into her mouth, sucking on it, taking it as deep into her mouth as she could. Jane smiled and got up on her elbows. She licked Rob’s shaft back and forth as Kelly sucked on his dick, her tongue touching Kelly’s lips from time to time.

When Stan saw what Kelly was up to, he got on his knees behind her and brought his cock to her wet pussy and pressed it deeply into her. He heard her moan as she kept going down on Rob then he put his hands on her waist and started to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, making her moan even more.

Jane crawled out from under Kelly and got on her knees beside her. She rubbed Kelly’s ass while Stan fucked her from behind and fondled her breasts as she watched Kelly suck Rob’s cock. She was so turned on by what she saw. She then leaned down to Kelly’s beautiful ass, bouncing forward with every thrust of Stan’s cock into her tight cunt. She watched Stan’s cock pumping in and out of her and leaned down to kiss Kelly’s ass, sliding her tongue down her crack and swirling it over her tight little asshole. When she did, she heard Kelly moan even louder and could feel her body shudder with pleasure as she had another orgasm.

Stan pulled his cock out of Kelly’s pussy, dripping wet with her juices. Jane then brought Kelly up to a sitting position and kissed her while rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. “Remember what we talked about?” Jane breathed into her ear? “About being with two guys?”

“Yes,” erzurum escort Kelly breathed back as Jane kissed her neck.

Rob and Stan then stood up on the bed and stood in front of Kelly, right next to each other, their bodies touching, their cocks hard and pointing straight at her. Jane reached up and grabbed Rob’s cock, wet with Kelly’s saliva. Kelly grabbed Stan’s cock wet with her juices. Jane moved Rob’s cock to Stan’s and rubbed their heads together, mixing Kelly’s spit and juices. Kelly then got up on her knees and started to suck Stan’s cock. As she did, she started to jerk off Rob. Jane brought her hand down to Kelly’s tits and started rubbing them again as she watched her suck Stan off and then alternate between his cock and Rob’s. Jane’s hand soon found its way down between Kelly’s legs where she played with her clit while watching her suck cock.

Rob’s breathing started to quicken as Kelly sucked on him. “Oh, Kelly, I’m gonna cum, baby,” he said. Kelly looked up at him and kept sucking. “Oh, fuck,” he said, “You’re mouth feels so good. Uuuuuhhmmmm. Oh, yes… Uh.. Oh.”

Jane brought her hand up from Kelly’s pussy and wrapped it around Rob’s cock. “Let him cum on you, baby,” she said to Kelly, who then pulled back and let her jaw open and stuck out her tongue, waiting for Rob’s cum. Jane then stroked Rob’s cock hard and fast. Rob let out a moan of pleasure as his cock started to throb in Jane’s hand and his cum started to spurt out of his cock. The first few loads sprayed right onto Kelly’s waiting tongue and then let it coat her mouth and throat as she gritted her teeth, opening her lips. More of Rob’s cum sprayed onto her teeth, lips and chin. Jane kept pumping his cock and more cum sprayed onto Kelly’s tits. Kelly reached up and helped Jane jack Rob off. She brought the head of his cock to her nipples as the last few drops of his cum oozed out. She rubbed his cock on her nipples and then took it into her mouth to lick and suck it clean.

Jane then helped Kelly onto her back and kissed her, licking Rob’s cum from her lips and chin, sharing it with Kelly in a sweet french kiss. Rob then crawled over Kelly’s body and licked his cum off of one of her breasts before sucking on it. Stan helped himself to the cum on her other breast. Jane then stopped kissing Kelly so she could see how the men were licking her clean.

Rob then moved up to Kelly’s face and opened his mouth, letting a drop of his cum slide from his tongue onto hers. Then they kissed and as their tongues danced in the air, they were joined by a third. Stan’s cum coated tongue joined their wet kiss.

Kelly couldn’t believe she was in a three-way french kiss with two guys. But she remembered Jane telling her that both she AND Rob were bi. Apparently, so was Stan. And Stan was still hard. Kelly decided she wanted to taste Stan’s cum as well. She moved him onto his back and then crawled over him so she could 69 him. She lowered her pussy onto his face and he immediately started to eat her out. She let out a moan of pleasure and then lowered her face to his hard cock and continued to suck it.

Rob and Jane watched as Kelly and Stan 69ed in front of them. Then Rob crawled over to help Kelly. First he just watched Kelly as her head bobbed up and down Stan’s cock, then he leaned closer and started to lick Stan’s cock the same way Jane had licked his. Kelly moaned her approval as she saw Rob start to help her and moaned even louder when Rob started to suck on Stan’s balls. Stan moaned too and focussed his attention even more on Kelly’s pussy.

Jane watched them and smiled. Then she got up from the bed and went to her naughty drawer to retrieve a toy. When Kelly was free again, she’d be ready.

Kelly stopped sucking on Stan and stroked his cock, slick with her saliva. “This is so fuckin’ hot,” she said. Rob then moved from Stan’s balls to sucking his cock, going down on him so deeply that he pushed Kelly’s fingers down to the base of his cock. All Kelly could think to do was start licking Stan’s shaft. Soon, she and Rob alternated bodrum escort between sucking and licking Stan’s cock. Soon, Kelly came again but Stan just kept eating her pussy. Then Stan started to moan even louder and longer. Kelly knew that he was close to cumming so she devoured his cock once again and sucked it as hard and fast as she could. Soon, she felt his cock start to throb in her mouth and then explode, coating her throat with his cum. She swallowed the first few bursts of cum, then she pulled off of his cock and started to stroke his cock. Stan’s cum oozing out of his cock and dripped down his shaft. Rob and Kelly then licked it clean.

Kelly then moved off of Stan and lay on her back where Jane joined her and kissed her while fondling her breasts, getting her worked up again. She then brought out the toy from under a pillow. It was her favorite strap-on dildo and she strapped it onto Kelly who giggled as she looked down at her new cock. She had to get out of the bed and walk around with it.

Stan and Rob leaned back on the bed with Jane crawling between them. All three watched as Kelly walked around the room, grabbing her fake junk and then standing in front of a full length mirror. “Damn, I’m really hung,” she said. The rest of them laughed. Kelly then grabbed her cock and started to masturbate it. The back of the dildo was perfectly positioned against her clit so the motion of jacking off actually felt good for her. She turned around and looked at Rob, “Does this turn you on, Rob?”

Rob smiled and said, “Hell yeah.”

Kelly laughed as she watched Jane get off the bed and come over to her. Jane brought her hands to Kelly’s face and gave her a sweet kiss. Then she got on her knees in front of her, looking up at Kelly and taking the dildo into her hand. “Ever wonder what it looks like from their point of view?” Asked Jane. Then, while still looking up into Kelly’s eyes, she took the dildo into her mouth and started to give Kelly a blow job. While Kelly couldn’t feel Jane’s lips on her new silicone cock, she did feel the pressure of her motions through the dildo onto her clit. She reached down and ran her hands through Jane’s silky blonde hair, fascinated by seeing her suck her fake dick.

After a couple of minutes, Jane got up and kissed Kelly before taking her by the hand bringing her back to bed. Jane lay on her back and spread her legs as Kelly crawled between them, sliding her new cock into Jane’s pussy. Jane moaned as Kelly started to fuck her, fascinated by the power she seemed to have in giving Jane such pleasure. As she pumped her hips back and forth between Jane’s legs, she sucked on Jane’s tits, feeling Jane’s hands all over her back and then on her ass, grabbing it and pulling her close with every thrust.

Jane felt close to cumming when she said, “I want you fuck me from behind, Kelly.” Kelly then pulled out of Jane’s pussy and rested on her knees. Jane then turned over and got on her hands and knees before saying, “Fuck me, baby.”

Kelly got up on her knees and brought he ever-erect cock to Jane’s pussy and guided it deep into her. She then put her hands on Jane’s waist and held onto her tightly as she started to thrust in and out of her. Jane cried out with pleasure, “Oh, yes! Just like that, baby! Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum really soon, just don’t stop.”

Kelly was so turned on by this and the pressure against clit was getting even more intense. She wasn’t close to cumming, but she knew she would if she kept at it.

After a few more minutes and help from Kelly, reaching around to rub Jane’s clit and tits, Jane cried out, saying, “Oh, baby, I’m cumming! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck, yes! Hmmmmmm.” Kelly tried to keep going, but Jane crawled forward, causing the dildo to slip out of her. Jane then turned around and kissed Kelly before saying, “I want you to fuck Rob in the ass. Fuck his ass while he titty-fucks me.”

Kelly smiled at the idea and said, enthusiastically, “Okay.”

Jane then lay on her back and Rob straddled her body, letting his cock rest between her tits. eskişehir escort Jane grabbed her tits and pressed them together against Rob’s shaft. Then she started to rub her tits up and down Rob’s cock.

Kelly got behind Rob, straddling Jane’s body, and brought the head of her fake cock to Rob’s tight ass. Already wet with Jane’s juices, it easily slipped into Rob’s ass, causing him to moan. He then leaned forward and rested on his hands and knees, his thighs resting against Jane’s side and cock still between her tits. Kelly then started to move her hips back and forth, pumping her fake cock in and out of Rob’s ass. he continued to moan and then started to move with Kelly’s motions. Feeling both the pleasure of the cock in his ass and the silky feel of Jane’s tits against his cock.

Rob looked down to Jane and said, “Oh, this feels so good, baby. She’s inside me. She’s inside me and your tits feel so good.”

Kelly put her hands on Rob’s waist and started to fuck him harder, making him moan even more. But the pressure on her clit was getting more intense and she knew she was going to cum while she was “inside” of Rob’s ass.

Rob welcomed the faster motion and Jane kept working his cock with her tits, as his cock peaked up from her cleavage, she licked the tip of it, tasting his precum and pleasing him even more. Within a few minutes, Rob moaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

Hearing him say those words, Kelly just let go and started to really pound her fake cock into him. Soon, she felt the wave of another orgasm ignite in her body, starting at her clit and moving through the rest of her, she cried out with pleasure and held Rob close to her, her hands reaching up and pinching his nipples. Rob and Kelly kept moving as he started to cum, his jizz spraying onto Jane’s waiting tongue, chin and neck.

Rob pulled himself off of the dildo and lay on his back. Kelly lay on top of Jane and kissed her, licking all of Rob’s cum off of her body and sharing it with her in another sexy kiss.

Jane then rolled Kelly onto her back and climbed on top of her, straddling her waist and lowering her pussy onto the dildo.

“Ready to go again, huh?” said Kelly.

“Oh, yes, baby,” said Jane as she started to ride Kelly’s fake dick, slowly at first then faster. Kelly reached up and squeezed Jane’s tits as she moved her body up and down on Kelly’s cock. Jane then looked to Stan and said, “I want you in my ass, stud.”

Stan smiled at her then got behind her, straddling Kelly’s thighs. Jane pulled off of Kelly for a moment, just long enough for Stan to slide his cock into Jane’s pussy to fuck it for a few strokes to get it wet. When he pulled out, Jane lowered herself back onto Kelly and Stan thrust his cock deep into Jane’s ass in one quick motion. Jane cried out in pleasure and within minutes she had another intense orgasm and fell on top of Kelly, kissing her.

Kelly then said, “I want Stan to fuck my tits.”

Jane look at her and said, “Okay, baby… But this time I get to fuck HIM in the ass.” Jane got off of Kelly and guided Stan up her body. As Stan started to titty-fuck Kelly, Jane took the strap-on off of her and put it on herself. She then got behind Stan and started to fuck him in the ass.

Rob was hard again from watching them fuck and he stood up on the bed in front of Stan. He put his hand on Stan’s head and guided him to his cock. Stan started to give Rob a blow-job as he rocked back and forth between Kelly’s tits and Jane’s strap-on. Soon, he was moaning on Rob’s cock and his own started to throb and pulse, ejecting his cum onto Kelly’s face. Jane stopped fucking him, but didn’t pull out, instead kissing and sucking on his neck and watching him suck off Rob who soon started moaning as well.

Her lips and chin covered in Stan’s cum, Kelly looked up at Rob’s cock as it moved in and out of Stan’s mouth. Without warning, Stan stopped sucking and started jacking Rob off. Rob came on Stan’s tongue then his jizz fell from his cock onto Kelly’s tits and chest.

As Rob got down beside them, breathing heavily, Stan bent down and started to lick Rob’s cum off of her tits then he licked her face clean and kissed her. Jane came around and joined them. After a few more minutes of kissing, they all settled underneath the comforter and fell asleep in each others’ arms.

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