A Day Shopping


I am not answering my cell or the phone at home. I am taking the day to myself out of pure selfishness. You call several times and are getting very annoyed. Work is hectic for you and you think this is the biggest display of disrespect yet that I have shown. What a cunt I am for not picking up the phone. I knew better and you were getting increasingly angry. What a way to treat you.

It is getting close to your lunch hour and you happen to get a call from Jill asking where I am at. You tell her in a hell of a lot of trouble for the way I was acting. Jill acts surprised then said she remembers where I said I was going on one of my stops. Victoria’s Secret. She said there was a guy there that hit on me the last time we went together and she was sure I was going back to pick up some more clothing. This interests you.

My defiance today and the stud at a lingerie shop hitting on me. Together these are the reasons that I will not answer the phone. I needed to learn my lesson and you decide to once again show me who is in charge. I was about to find out it was not me. You are so furious you can’t think anymore. I NEVER behaved this way before and you were not going to stand for it. I knew better and you taught me too well to accept anything less but complete focus on you.

Jill asks how much trouble I am going to be in and you inform her is was not going to be good. She steps in as a best friend and asks if she can make things a little better and get her fun too. You are game for anything but want to be able to watch when it happens. Jill tells you to take off from work and get over to the shop and she was on her way and made arrangements with the manager to let you two in the back entrance so you will not be seen. She calls up the guy from her cell and asks him if he would like $500 cash for an hours worth of time while he is working. He said he was ready for anything especially when he heard I was going to be the toy.

You meet Jill in the back of the store and she tells you to follow her lead. The idea is that you won’t be seen by me and I am to be oblivious to you being there. That is until the last moments. You decide this is the best way to find out how loyal I am to my Master.

I am in the store and the only customer. Jill calls the guy to the back and you get introduced. You ask him if he knows me and he says unfortunately not but would like nothing more than a taste of me. You don’t tell him that I belong to you. You tell him this is his chance to do whatever he can to fuck me right in the store. If he does fuck me he makes an extra $1,000. Jill shows the guy the cash in her hand that she was on the way to deposit into her account. He says it is a deal. He is hot and his mind is spinning with the idea of fucking me on the counter in his favorite garter he wants me to try on.

You tell him you want the doors locked and for him to give me some believable excuse so that I trust his intentions and think nothing of it. He walks away and approaches me and informs me that the security system wants the doors locked for an hour so that they can upgrade the systems. At first I offer to leave but then see that he must be honest…sexy too. I didn’t want to stop ordu escort to come back later. I knew I was going to be in trouble anyways.

I start by putting on several different out fits…each making me more wet. The guy comes back to you and you tell him he is going to lose money if he doesn’t start getting my attention. He is leery about you two watching and Jill offers another $500 but he needs to get going now!

The guy walks up to me and says over the door …there is a teddy he thinks would look really hot on me. He says for me to try it on and tosses it over.

You and Jill can see everything on the monitors in the back. You can see me touching my body and every so often even my pussy. You want to slap me for not asking. I was already in trouble for that from before. My defiance excites you. Jill watching and being a part of it added to it. Jill reminds you that at this moment you are about to find out whether or not I am loyal to you. You ask what she is going to get out of it. She said to fuck the guy and have me and you watch. Jill had her own motives after all.

He was not the bait…I was. She asks for permission to touch me to make the temptation even harder on me. You agree. Jill tells you after this you will know if I truly am going to be worthy of you as my Master.

The guy tells me the ties in the back of the teddy can be hard so maybe he can help me out. I am fumbling the ties and almost give up and then decide that since no one is around I might as well try it on right. I walk out and the guy is standing with his mouth open. His mouth is amazing. You can see me staring at his lips…you know how I love to bite at yours. You see the expression on my face. It is not like you have not seen me with others before but that was at your wishes not with out your permission. You wonder if this was a bad idea as I turn around and his hands slide down my back and he begins to knot up the strings to the corset teddy on purpose. He is setting me up to get stuck in the garment! What a devious little bastard.

I ask what the problem is that is taking him so long to tie the strings up. He mumbles and then slides his hands down at the back of the corset that just rests at the top of my ass. I take in a breath and am paralyzed. I feel his hands slide over my butt and then he presses into me causing my to brace my hands against the mirror. You watch his mouth come against my shoulder and you see my eyes close. Your heart races…I am going to let him fuck me you think to yourself. You want to walk out and slap me for such humiliation. Jill puts her hand on your arm and pauses you from walking out and tells you to watch…her money is on me. He slides his hands up my waist to my tits. Your pulse is flying. What a nasty little cunt I am.

My eyes open in a flash and I spin around. I tell him I can’t and grab his wrists. I need to go. He tells me that I can’t and just to relax. It is at that point that Jill starts peeling off her clothes in front of you. Her lack of inhibition turns you on. Soon she is naked and nipples sticking straight out. She hands you the money and says to enjoy the show.

Jill comes out to the dressing rize escort room and I am shocked. I ask her what the hell she is doing there and ask where her clothes are. She winks and tells me that the salesman has a wicked way of helping out the customers. He tells Jill that I am being a little difficult about having a some fun. I look at them and the shock on my face leaves you smirking.

Jill walks up and tells the guy that he is going about it all wrong. I blink my eyes in surprise and Jill backs me up against the wall. She tells me to put my hands up over my head and he needs to hold them there and stare in my eyes. I back up thinking it is a joke but she tells me she will make one phone call and I know who it will be to if I don’t do as I am told.

Jill slides her fingers down between my legs and then comments on how my pussy doesn’t lie. I try to speak but she takes her hand without my juices and covers my mouth while the wet fingers she gingerly inserts into his mouth then pulls them out and kisses him deep as his eyes stay locked on mine. She asks how sweet I am and he says incredibly.

Jill starts rubbing my tits and asks if he likes them. He says he has since he watched me changing on the monitor in the back several weeks ago. She asked him if he was hard when he watched. He said he was. She asked if he pumped himself off with his hand while he watched me and he said he did. What did he like most of all, Jill asked. Hmmm…he thought for a moment then said it was when I touched my pussy then licked my own fingers. He said he exploded right there in the back room against the wall.

I am getting hot thinking about his hand over his cock and getting off watching me. You start thinking about how I love to watch you stroke your cock. You know between that and Jill’s hands rubbing my tits and them sharing my taste that I have to be really wanting it now. You still have yet to hear of me doing anything wrong. Except for touching my pussy. You already know how to discipline me for that. That was simple.

Jill slips her fingers back into my pussy and starts to wiggle them. She tells him to keep watching me and tell her when he thinks I am really hot. At the same time she starts working his cock. I love the feel of Jill’s fingers in my pussy and watching her stroke his hard cock is really starting to get me going.

Surprisingly, the guy tries to kiss me. I turn my face to the side and his mouth lands on my neck. He tells me to kiss him and Jill’s fingers stop abruptly inside me. I tell him not without permission. The guy asks permission from whom? Jill’s fingers restart and then she gets down on her knees and starts to suck his cock. I tell him my Master. He let’s go of my hands and gets ready to put his fingers near my pussy and Jill stops him and says it is off limits. He again is confused. He says he wants to fuck me hard. Jill tells him he needs permission. He says forget the Master and the money and let’s start to fuck. Jill says he needs to have permission to touch me.

At this point I am dripping wet and want to get off so bad…Jill’s fingers or the guys cock or my own hand. Who cares…I need to cum . Jill works her magic sakarya escort with her mouth. The guy starts moaning as he glides in and out of her lips. He keeps looking at me and then tells me how he really wants to fuck my pussy. He describes what a sweet tasting piece of ass I would be to ride. I am missing out on everything.

I am wet and insane as he pulls Jill back up and pushes her down on the display counter. He keeps his eyes locked on mine as he begins to lick the outside of her pussy like a cat. Jill squirms back and forth and starts fucking his face pulling his hair with her hands. His hand is still pumping his cock and it takes all that I have not to get down on my knees and suck him hard. I think of you and remember who I belong to. I wish you were here.

You watch Jill screaming as the guy eats her alive. I stand there pouting like a child in a nasty little corset. You decide I have proved my loyalty by denying myself any pleasure with out your permission. You walk out and Jill gets even more wild. She tells the guy to fuck her and he bends her over the table and starts sliding into her ass.

The guy watches as you enter the room and I drop right to my knees on the ground. I apologize for being disobedient and you tell me to shut my selfish little mouth. You yell at me and tell me how bad I was and needed punishment. I agree, Yes Master.

You instruct me to lay back on the counter as well and watch the guy fuck Jill. The guy watches me lay back on the table and spread my legs. My pink shaved pussy ripe for eating. You tell me I won’t get any cock but I can use Jill’s tongue if she wants to eat me. First I have to beg her to eat me. I start to feebly beg and you tell me what a whiny little bitch I am. Yes, Master, I agree.

I plead with Jill to eat my swollen pussy and she finally brings her mouth over the top of it. I grab her hair and her mouth devours my cunt as her teeth bang against my clit as the guy fucks her harder. He is telling you what a hot little pussy I have. You tell him it is OWNED by you. I love the way Jill’s tongue massages the inside of my pussy and start to feel myself cum. You twist my right nipple ring hard and I am gasping. The guy says he is going to explode and you tell him to pull out and spray my face…but don’t let my tongue touch his cock. I am being punished. With two tight strokes of his hand he sprays his load all over my face and hair. You spank Jill’s ass really hard in one swat them shove your fingers in her pussy grinding her to cum. Jill screams into my pussy and I explode all over her face.

The guy dresses and goes to clean up. I ask for permission to get up and you grant it. You tell me to get my things and you were going to take me home and let me suck your cock after I give you a bath. I thank you. Jill dresses and tells you she knew I would never disappoint you. You tell Jill that you taught me well. The guy wants to know if he gets the money and you two remind him of the deal…he never fucked me. He asks you what my problem is with the Master thing. Jill says that I am your pussy, your bitch and I can’t even pee without your permission which is why my not answering your call got me into trouble to begin with. He is surprised and says he can’t believe the control you have…I won’t even fuck unless you say so. You tell him that is because I am a good little cunt. I smile next to you in pride. My reward is sucking your cock when we get home.

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